it’s always better in boise

Danny and I went to Boise, Idaho (adding the state on for clarification because you will not believe how many people have asked me what/where Boise is) for six days to see our friends Chris, Emily, and Hendon.  Aside from spending time with our sweet and dearly loved friends, Boise had a lot to live up to.  Even before they moved last summer, Chris and Emily talked about Boise like it was the Promised Land/Disney World/insert other renowned locations that are often portrayed as the Happiest Place on Earth.

It’s safe to say that we had pretty high expectations.  Once we were there, Chris and Emily would tell us about the merits of different places and restaurants and so on and so forth, and at one point Danny said, “You know, it’s always better in Boise, isn’t it?”

Well, we’ve been back for a week now, and after the freezing temperatures and snow we’ve had the past couple days, I can finally confirm: It’s better in Boise.

A peek inside of our beautiful trip…


 ^^ Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  I don’t ever remember seeing them from above, and my goodness, aren’t they a sight to behold? ^^


^^ We walked out of the airport to temperatures in the 80’s and realized we had packed for Colorado and not Boise. No complaints though. ^^


^^ We walked into the kitchen to see Emily’s sweet sign.  They sure know how to make visitors feel welcomed and loved! ^^


^^ Glad to be reunited with ol’ Jebby! ^^


^^ Saturday morning at Boise’s amazing farmer’s market.  Seriously, I could go back every week and not grow weary of it. ^^


^^ Chris and Danny, BFFs of Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea ^^


^^ Idaho State Capitol ^^


^^ True love. ^^


^^ Hate to break it to you, Chris and Emily, but this right here is why we really came to Boise. ^^


^^ Snow cones and soft ice (see next picture for explanation) before trekking up Camel’s Back. ^^


^^ Soft ice.  In other words, dairy-free ice cream. ^^


^^ Camel’s Back. ^^


^^ Did I mention that they’ll be joined by baby Ellis in July?  So excited! ^^


^^ Sunday afternoon bike ride on the Boise green belt. ^^


^^ Nature center with these two hooligans. ^^


^^ A tour of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa, where Chris works.  This is the frame of the plane that Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, and their three companions flew in Ecuador when they were martyred. ^^


^^ The main focus here was the planes used for training MAF pilots, but I was mostly just looking at Hendon…a true fashionista and not even two years old. ^^


^^ Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.  Easily one of our favorite things in Boise. ^^


^^ I just couldn’t get enough of the green belt.  Monday afternoon stroll. ^^


^^ Trader Joe’s picnic in the shadow of the capitol. ^^


^^ Our third state capitol together. Only 47 to go! ^^


^^ Majestic. ^^


^^ So much fun exploring the different floors and rooms and even a little bit of pretending. ^^


^^ The Squirrel Debacle of 2014.  After watching the little guy question whether he’d ever see solid ground again, Danny finally convinced him to crawl back down the deck to safety. ^^


^^ Chris took us to Table Rock on Tuesday evening.  I took this picture and said, “I’ll photo shop Emily in!”  I think everyone knew there was no way I had those kind of skills, but they went along with it and didn’t say anything.  Thanks guys.  And by the way, isn’t Boise beautiful?! ^^


^^ Definitely one of those moments where I said, “It’s better in Boise.”

Thanks, Chris, Emily, and Hendon for showing us a great time and for letting us crash your life for a week.  We had a spectacular time and can’t wait to come back sometime and meet Ellis and ski Bogus and eat all your cookie butter (again)!  You’re the best.