santa fe: day 2

Friday, our first full day in Santa Fe, began a bit rainy and cool, so we started our day indoors at the Palace of the Governors.  We arrived a little after 10am, wandered around a bit, and caught the 10:30am guided tour.  In retrospect, I’m not sure we would take the tour again.  It was a bit dry, but it did give us a good overview of New Mexico, and more specifically, Santa Fe, history.

The Palace of the Governors is connected to the New Mexico History Museum, and even though we were a bit done with learning and museum stuff after our tour, we decided to give it a try.  And we were so glad!  The history museum is so good.  If you are in Santa Fe, you should go.  It’s new, it’s high quality, it’s well done, it’s interesting, and (best of all?) it’s not overwhelmingly big.  Seriously, give it a chance.  I’d recommend going to the history museum first, and giving it your full attention, and then breezing through the Palace of the Governors, if for no other reason than it’s a neat, old, historic building.

DSC01569^^ Danny in the history museum, looking into the semi-covered wagon because there’s a video projected onto the inside of the cover.  Told you it was cool.  ^^

After the museum(s), we walked back to our hotel and headed to lunch.  We both had veggie burgers and fries at the Tune-Up Cafe, an eclectic and cute place with decent vegan options, and then headed for the New Mexico State Capitol.  We wandered through the halls and into the rotunda and felt a little like we were breaking the rules at times (even though we weren’t) since we were the only visitors there.  Compared to some of the more traditional state capitols out there, New Mexico’s certainly isn’t as grand or eye-catching, but it does have some fun and unique features, and we enjoyed getting to check it out a bit.



^^ I know it’s not the best picture ever, but I have a picture of Mysteridge and I in front of this same buffalo from years ago, and just couldn’t resist.  It’s made of all sorts of random materials, and looks so cool both up close and far away. ^^


The weather was just so dicey all day on Friday, that even though there’s so much great hiking in the area, we just weren’t sure if we were willing to take a chance and actually get outside for any length of time.  However, late in the afternoon, around 3:00, we decided to give it a shot.  We drove outside of town about 15-20 minutes to the Rio en Medio Trail, and got hiking.


The trail follows a stream for about three miles to the base of a waterfall, and then continues up above the waterfall, to other (much smaller) waterfalls and pools.  I believe that the trail eventually leads to a good view of Santa Fe and the surrounding area, but going that far was never our intent.  We went to some of the upper waterfalls, but turned around so that we could have dinner at a reasonable hour.



^^ Some people and their selfies… ;) ^^




There were no other cars in the trailhead parking lot, and we saw no one but each other while hiking, which felt a little weird to me, especially since it’s such a great trail – it’s wooded, involves crossing the stream a few times (always fun), and is fairly flat the whole way.  I’d highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Santa Fe – I think we’d do it again if we went back.  I know it will look different depending on the season, and maybe next time we’d do the complete trail.  So peaceful and quiet and beautiful.

We made it back into town for a late dinner at Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe.  It’s won the Best of Santa Fe award for Best Vegetarian Restaurant many years in a row now, and I can see why.  The menu is EXTENSIVE, and has many options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, for those who like Indian food and those who do not (me).  I had a hunch that we would really like Annapurna’s, and planned to go there early on in our trip, so that we would have a chance to go back again if we wanted to.  The menu suggests dessert first, so we gladly partook and shared a piece of (vegan) pecan pie before our entrées arrived.  It was great, as were our meals – I had the shepherd’s pie which was very good and Danny had the falafel wrap (which included quite possibly the best falafel we’ve had since we ate lunch at Camden Market in London last September).

And that was Friday!  A good mix of history and indoor exploring, as well as being outside (weather permitting) and, of course, plenty of tasty vegan food.

Check out day 1 here.


march adventures

It’s the seventh of May today, but on the first of March, we went out to brunch at Overeasy with our friends Mark and Allison after church.  I went for my classic lemon blueberry pancakes, and Danny tried the new veggie burger.  Everything was great – Overeasy has quickly become one of our favorite places in Colorado Springs.

The following weekend, we checked a few more things off our Colorado Springs bucket list and went to the Pioneer Museum.  If you live in Colorado Springs, you should check out the Pioneer Museum – once.  If you don’t live here, well, I don’t necessarily recommend it.  The building itself is beautiful and historic, but the displays are dated and sometimes lengthy.  I’m glad that we went, but I probably wouldn’t take out-of-town visitors.



 After the museum, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, our first visit of 2015.  It was a bit snowy, but we were bundled up, and found that the animals were easier to spot against the backdrop of the snow.


The tiger was pacing along the fence, and kept slipping on the ice…we felt a little sad for him, but to be honest, it was kind of funny too.


 On a Tuesday evening, we went to a screening of “Trade of Innocents” at Colorado College that I had seen advertised at the library.  It was a very well done movie on human trafficking in Southeast Asia, and the Q&A panel that followed was eye-opening as well.

During the third weekend in March, we spent an afternoon hiking at Ute Valley Park.  A great park that is literally IN Colorado Springs, we enjoyed checking out one of the trails on a nicer-than-expected Saturday.


 On Sunday, we went to Danny’s parents’ house after church for a walk to Garden of the Gods, veggie burgers, and games – it was another beautiful day.  Right before the sun started to set, Danny and I headed up to Palmer Lake and played a game of frisbee golf as well.

In the evening, we capped off a busy Sunday by hearing Kevin Campbell, a vice president of The Exodus Road, speak at a small group we sometimes attend.  I read “The Exodus Road: A Wife’s Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue” by Laura Parker (who is a co-founder of The Exodus Road) in the fall, and was intrigued when I heard that Kevin would be speaking.  Hearing Kevin was very interesting and impactful, and I think we both left glad that we had taken the time to attend.

We spent the fourth weekend in March in Denver, which I recapped here.

The last weekend in March, we took advantage of spring finally coming and being outside both Friday night and Saturday.  Friday evening we rode our bikes along a trail we’ve had our eye on for a while.  We got on the trail off of Nevada Avenue, right behind Costco, and rode north for a while, before we turned around and went south for a bit and saw one of the best views of Pikes Peak I’ve seen in the Springs (not sure why I didn’t take any pictures).  A tasty dinner at Smashburger capped off a great evening.


On Saturday we played mini golf at Adventure Golf off of Woodmen Road and I-25, and checked out the Money Museum, which is located on the Colorado College Campus.  Where the Pioneer Museum was lacking, the Money Museum was not.  I think we were both pleasantly surprised by the Money Museum, and while I may not take visitors there (it’s not necessarily a museum that would appeal to wide range of people), I was really glad that we went.  The exhibits were attractive and engaging and the information educational and new (to us at least).  We even skimmed (as opposed to attentively reading each exhibit) the whole bottom floor because we were enjoying the museum so much but wanted to get hiking before the sun went down!




We intended to hike the Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Cañon Park, which I had seen pictures of online and had have on my Colorado Springs bucket list, but alas, it was not be found – at least not by us.  We started out hiking a trail we thought was leading us to Seven Bridges, and then we abandoned hope and decided to follow the trail to St. Mary’s Falls, until deciding it would be in our best interest to turn around before it got dark out (if I remember right, we didn’t start hiking until around 4:30).  For some reason, we came across a lot of…interesting?…people on the trail.  I don’t know…it was kind of strange.  We haven’t been on a trail with so many characters like this one.  Despite not finding the trail we wanted and feeling a little weirded out by some of our trail mates, we enjoyed being outside and being together and exploring a new area.  Colorado Springs has so much to offer!





And that about sums March up!  Now let’s see if I can do an April wrap-up before June starts! :)

september goals

September has really snuck up on me! But here it is…along with our big trip to London and Paris! I have so been looking forward to this month, probably since April (which was when we bought our plane tickets and made it official), and I am so excited that it’s finally here!

Time for a look back at my August goals…

1. Eat lunch six days a week.  I did pretty good with this one, primarily because Danny worked at home a lot during August, and he always eats lunch, and wants us to eat together too, so we did.

2. Find some good pairs of shoes for our trip and break them in.  I’m still working on this one.  I bought two pairs of flats (these in black and tan) in July that I finally found no-show socks for this past month and started wearing them to work, but I’ve realized that with the socks they’re too small.  So I think those are out.  But they will work for wearing to work, so that’s good at least.  I also bought these leopard print buddies and a new pair of Converse that just came in the mail, so I need to try them out this week.  I gave up on the boots.

3. Go on two dates with Danny.  Yes!  We did this!  We went to P.F. Chang’s one Saturday night after I got off work, and to La Casa Fiesta, a Mexican place in Monument with a great patio I’ve been wanting to try out.  And as could have been predicted, we had a lot of fun.

4. Buy stuff for trip.  This was a major success.  I’m not totally done, but I’m close and have decided to wait and buy some things in London/Paris (as opposed to doing so ahead of time), like our London Eye tickets.  I bought our train tickets to Paris, booked accommodations in London and Paris, bought Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral tickets, and a Paris Museum Pass.  I bought a black umbrella that won’t embarrass Danny, this practical and cute coat, and this scarf because I just couldn’t resist.

5.  Keep budgeting.  Keep reading.  Keep swimming.  Keep working out.  Keep hiking.  Keep getting together with friends.  Passed with flying colors on the budgeting but that’s about where the triumph ends.  I read only four books this month, only went swimming this past weekend when my parents and Mysteridge came to visit, and worked out sporadically but not nearly as much as I want to/should.  I went hiking at Red Rock Open Space three times, but I don’t know if that really counts since it was the same place over and over…but after seeing these pictures, I don’t think you could blame me for being a repeat visitor.




Overall, August’s goals were fairly successful.  Now for September…

1. Blog four times.  

I’ve already done so once this month (see July’s recap here) and even though we’ll be gone for half of the month, I think I can get two more posts done.  I enjoy writing and going through our photos, but even more, I enjoy looking back on old posts.  It’s sort of like my online journal/scrapbook/photo album, especially since I don’t have one in real life.  By that I don’t mean that this one isn’t real, but it’s virtual so it’s a little different.

2. Back up our pictures somehow

After having both of our computers crash and burn within a year – and neither time with our photos/documents backed up – I need to learn my lesson and dig out my external hard drive or store photos on one of those online things (like a website, maybe.  I think Dropbox is one of those sites?) which I obviously know very little about.  I just keep losing so many photos, and since my memory is really quite poor, I really need photos to help me remember my life!  I want to do this before our trip, so I can clear off my camera memory card and not have to worry about filling it up while we’re gone.

3. Reduce the number library books we I have checked out.

Most of y’all know that I work at the library, but most people probably don’t know the problems this causes for me.  Every day I check in/check out/shelve/handle SO MANY books that look good to me, so I check them out.  Which is why I have 92 things out on my card right now, and a few on Danny’s as well.  I know.  It is a serious problem, so I’m finally admitting it because maybe it will help me overcome it.  I’m not going to set a number of items, because I like to be realistic, but I’m thinking somewhere in the range of 60 – 70 because let’s take baby steps here.

4. Have an awesome trip.

We are so incredibly excited and blessed to be going to London next week, and Paris the week after that.  I don’t think it will take much for us to have an amazing time, but I want to focus on being easygoing and just enjoying our time together.  I’ve poured so many hours into researching and reading and preparing that I could see myself getting stressed when things don’t go as planned (because it will happen) or frustrated when I get things wrong, like directions or opening times or whatnot (because unfortunately I’m sure that will happen at least once too).  So I want to try my hardest to just remember I AM IN LONDON RIGHT NOW or I AM WALKING THE STREETS OF PARIS EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY, because it’s true.  The bottom line is these are both places we’ve been talking about going for a long time now and I want to savor our time there as much as possible.  You know, linger at street cafes, walk along the Seine later than we should, take 300 photos at Madame Tussaud’s, and go to Kensington Gardens over and over in hopes of spotting Prince George.  Okay, so maybe not the last one, but the idea of doing the things we really want to do and enjoying the sweet, simple moments even if it ‘messes up’ my plans is what I want to hold on to.

I think that’s all for this month, because hello, see #4.  Yeah, I want to read (that would certainly help with #3) and work out and see friends and budget and all that jazz but I want to focus on preparing for and enjoying ourselves on our big trip this month most of all.

Happy September and welcome to fall, y’all!

the days of july

It is September.  I started this post on August 6th and was pretty pumped about it…only a few days past July instead of halfway through the next month as usual.  And now look, it’s September, and I’m finally finishing it up.  Oh well.  I have so much fun recapping our month and remembering some of the little (and big) things we did, though, that it’s worth it.

On the first of July, I met Danny for lunch at his office.  Seems silly to mention (especially since there’s no photos!) but I used to meet him for lunch at T. Rowe all the time, and this was my first time to meet him at Compassion for lunch!  Let’s not dwell on the fact that he’d been there for seven months by the time I finally came…

Our friends Ian and Haley are back from spending three years in Bangladesh, and Haley came to spend a couple of days with me while our fellas were busy with Brandon and Kate’s wedding preparations.  It was such a treat to be with her and we had so much fun together.  We went to the zoo, we made dinner together, we walked on the nature path next to our apartment (and spotted a turtle and a deer!), and we marched in Monument’s 4th of July parade together!

Speaking of the 4th of July, I had my aunt, uncle, and cousins over for a picnic by the pool, which was really great, but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate and we didn’t get to swim at all.  Serious bummer.   We still had a good time together, though, and enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples back at our place while the rain was really coming down.    The evening of the 4th was Brandon and Kate’s rehearsal dinner, and the next day was, you guessed it, the wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding, and I’m so glad it rained on the 4th instead of the 5th, since it was outside.  I took very few pictures the whole weekend, but my friend Shannon snapped this of Danny (and our sweet friend Amanda) as they were walking down the field aisle…


And I did get one at the wedding reception…


Oh hey, Tasha and Jessie!  That’s my cute sister-in-law, Ali, plus some top-notch photo bombers.

On Sunday Danny and I went hiking in the morning since I had barely seen him for past three days and I had to work in the afternoon.  We hiked Mt. Cutler and Helen Hunt Falls.  I did Mt. Cutler with my parents and brother waaaay back when and didn’t remember it at all, and it was great.  A short hike (although very uphill) yet a great view.  Helen Hunt Falls, though, was sort of a let down.  In a word, it was lame.


^^ At the top of Mt. Cutler. ^^


^^ At Helen Hunt Falls, before ‘hiking Helen Hunt Falls.’  We didn’t realize this was as good as it was going to get. ^^


^^ The falls themselves. ^^

That evening, our friend Shannon (not me) came to visit!  She was in town for Brandon and Kate’s wedding, and took some time to come see us and spend the night!  We made pizza and ate on the patio and it was lovely.  I have been in love with our porch this summer.


And after dinner Shannon and I spent around three hours in the hot tub.  Well, we alternated between the pool and the hot tub since we kept getting so hot in the hot tub!  She really wanted to hike the Incline together the next day but I was finally honest and said no.  I’ve done it once and it’s just not my fav as far as hiking goes.  So thanks to Everett and Ella who went with her since I was being a bit selfish.

After Shannon left we had a game night with our friends Alex, Rachel, Amy, and Michael.  We played Cranium and I can’t remember who won (probably the girls) but I do know it was fun.  And this past weekend Amy and Michael got married!  So fun…and more on that in my August post!  ;)

The second weekend of July we went to Camp Timberline outside of Estes Park with my parents to visit my brother.  He worked there for half of the summer, so it was really fun to get to go and see what it was like.  I wrote all about our visit here.

We went to Greeley that evening and for the next four days as well.  It was the longest we’d been in Greeley since before we got married and moved to Colorado Springs, and it was the first time we were around during the summer, which was such a treat since my mom was off of work.  We ate outside (a lot), went for walks, and enjoyed being together.  I also got to see my friend Jan, and Danny and I had dessert with our friends David and Kaci.  Being in Greeley was definitely one of my favorite parts of the month.




My mom and I spent our days doing lots of fun things together while Danny worked.  One day we went to Loveland and walked around the sculpture park, ate at Panera, and went to the camper store.  Another day we went to Fort Collins and went for a walk on the Spring Creek Trail, ate at the Rainbow Cafe (lots of great vegan options!!), walked around Old Town, and checked out the beautiful flower garden at CSU…




Once we got back home to Colorado Springs, Danny’s grandparents were in town!  I had never met them, and Danny hadn’t seen them since his high school graduation, so we really enjoyed being able to spend time with them.  We had dinner with them a couple of times at his parents’  house and had fun playing games together as well.  On our last night together, we got a great picture together outside of our favorite Chinese place…


Also during the third weekend in July, we had our friends Mark & Allison and Andrew & Lisa over for dinner and swimming.  We are really loving the new pool area this year, and even though it hasn’t been a hot summer, we’ve gotten some good use out of it.

One Monday I went hiking with my friend Kara in Castle Rock, and afterwards we had breakfast downtown.  Which was even more delicious than it looks, believe it or not…!


Of course, I also worked my normal schedule, and then some.  Danny worked plenty, too.  I got my first smart phone, as seen here.  I read a lot, we went swimming as much as we could (it was chilly this July!), and planned our trip to London and Paris (one more week!).

And I think that about covers it.

Happy September, friends, and thanks, July, for being great!

august goals

Well hello there, August!  And happy anniversary to my parents, whose wedding was 27 years ago today!

First off, a recap of July’s goals…and results…

1. Become a better budgeter – this went quite well!  We added a household/miscellaneous line, which was good for things like batteries and blenders, and we managed to only use our debit card for online purchases.  August is off to a good start already!

2. Read 8 books – yep!  In fact, I read ten!  A few of my favorites: Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley, Dust of Eden by Mariko Nagai, and Lost Girl Found by Leah Bassoff and Laura DeLuca.

3. Go swimming at least once a week – sort of.  We went swimming four times, but it was within two weeks.  We really didn’t have great weather in July, and I’m not too motivated to go swimming when it’s hovering around 70…or 50.  80 or 90 degrees is more my style for being in/around the pool.  I am glad we made a priority when it was nice out, though…


4. Work out at least four times a week – no.  The first two weeks went great, but then we went to Greeley for five days (read: lots of sleeping in and relaxing), I got back on track the third week, and this past week hasn’t been too stellar.  We’ve just been staying up late reading (see #2) and sometimes after that I’d rather sleep until 6:30 or 7 than do yoga or go to the gym.

5. Make reservations in London and Paris – no.  So we’re now five weeks out from our trip (!!!!!) and we have selected somewhere to stay in London and now we’re just waiting for the money to transfer over from a savings account before we book it.  And Paris…well…working on that.  In fact, that is what I’ll be doing the rest of today, and if I don’t finish, tomorrow too.  We have purchased our London Pass, though, since it was 10% off through yesterday.

6. Find a pair of sunglasses I like: done!  While we were in Greeley, my mom convinced me to go through my closet, and lo and behold, my favorite pair of sunglasses (that I liked so much, I bought two of them!) were hiding in a box!  Pretty excited about that.

7. Go hiking twice: yes!  I went once with Danny and once with my friend Kara.  Danny and I did Mt. Cutler and Helen Hunt Falls, and Kara and I hiked to the Castle Rock.  Not the town (although it is in the town of Castle Rock) but the actual Castle Rock.  Proof:


^^ On our way up Mt. Cutler ^^


^^ Helen Hunt Falls ^^IMG_1218

^^ See?  That’s the Castle Rock behind us! ^^

8. Get together with friends: yep!  We got together with our friends from Danny’s high school days for a game night, we had our friends Mark & Allison and Lisa & Andrew over for dinner and swimming, and we met up with the Ridgepointe crew again.  Now hopefully it will heat up again so we can do some more pool parties and picnics and baseball games!

And now, for August.  This month I’m hoping to…

1. Eat lunch six days a week.  

I’m so embarrassed to even write this, but I feel like putting it out there will make me more accountable to do it.  On days that I only work a half day or don’t work at all, I rarely eat lunch.  I just get so caught up in doing things that I just get lazy and don’t eat until dinner.  I always, always, always eat breakfast, and dinner too, but I’m not so good with lunch.  For example, today it’s 2:50pm and I haven’t eaten lunch and now it feels like, well, it’s only two-ish hours till dinner, so what’s the point.  But I’m going to!  For the sake of this goal, I’m going to save this post and go eat lunch and read a magazine (because that will motivate me!).  (And I’m saying six days instead of seven because right now I’m probably hovering somewhere around three or four days a week, and I’m looking for progress, not perfection.)

2.  Find some good pairs of shoes for our trip and break them in.

Four years ago, when my mom and I went to England, I bought two pairs of shoes: a pair of Converse and a pair of flats from the girls section at Target.  I wore them every day as we walked around London, Cambridge, Bedford, airports, tube stations, etc. and they’re now the shoes I wear to work the most because, SO COMFY.  However, they’re a bit worse for the wear, and I’d like to find a pair of boots and a couple of pairs of flats.  This is a lofty goal (especially the boots because good boots = high price), but it’s really important to me because not only will it pay off on our trip, but for hopefully years afterwards.  Also, the breaking them in part is important because both the flats and the Converse I mentioned made my heels bleed the first day or two.  And that is no good, because they both still have small blood stains in the heel region.   But enough about that.  Goal number three…

3.  Go on two dates (with Danny).  

We have a place in our budget for dates, and in June we went on one date and still had money leftover, and in July we didn’t go on any, so now we have a good chunk set aside, and could probably go on like four dates, but I think we’ll stick to two, because I like to set achievable goals.

4.  Buy things for trip.

Lamest goal name ever right there.  But what I mean is, I want to purchase a lot of our tickets for attractions and such online before we go because 1) cheaper and 2) easier.  We still need tickets for the Eurostar to Paris, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Paris Pass.  Oh yeah, and our accommodations in London and Paris too.  And also, smaller things like an umbrella Danny isn’t ashamed of (apparently my plaid Gap one isn’t his style), shoes (see #2), and maybe a cute light jacket or two.  I have my work cut out for me.

5.  Keep budgeting.  Keep reading.  Keep swimming.  Keep working out.  Keep hiking.  Keep getting together with friends.

I was going to make most of those goals again this month, but decided to bunch the repeats into one mega goal.  These are things I want to do every month (weather permitting), so I didn’t want to leave them out, but I didn’t want to make six of the same goals again, so it’s just one big goal instead.

I already feel overwhelmed (but full because I ate lunch!) so I think I’ll just stop at five this month.  Which is really kind of like ten since number five is sort of large.

 Happy August!

loving lately

A few things I’ve been loving lately…

This lady (oh and that piece of vegan pie too)…


This shirt (I may even have it in three different colors)…


These kids playing…


This hike and this guy…


This book…


These sunrises…


This butterfly my mom and I spotted…


This blog…

Header 2

And this planner…


Happy Friday friends!!

the glory of june

Believe it or not, July is half over.  June was so fun – we made a trip to Chicago (here, here, and here), my parents and brother came to visit, Danny wrapped up his softball season, we went to the pool, and just enjoyed the warmer weather – our first month in 2014 so far without snow!  I guess you could say it was a pretty glorious month.

On the very first day of the month, we had dinner with our friends Joe and Anya and their kids.  We spent New Year’s with them, and hadn’t seen them since!  Waaay too long, I know.  A few days later, we went to a gender reveal party for some friends of ours who are expecting…a boy!…in October.  I guess we’re starting to move past the stage where we feel like we’re going to weddings all the time and into one that’s filled with babies!

Our dear friend Austin was in town that week as well, and she blessed us with some time with her one evening.  Austin is one of those people who we get to see about once a year, and while we wish she lived down the street, she lives such a super amazing adventurous life that I wouldn’t want her to, because I know she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.  If you want to see what she’s up to, look here.  In the past week she wove a basket out of coconut tree leaves and encountered a real live octopus…I told you she’s awesome.

Long before I worked at the library and long before I even knew I’d been living in Colorado Springs, this library has been in the works.  And finally, on June 21st, it opened.  A couple of weeks before, though, staff was invited for a sneak peek.  Danny and I had fun exploring the library while it was still quiet and not quite done, as well as seeing lots of people I’ve worked with both as a volunteer and as a staff member at different libraries in the district over the past year or so.  Oh and they had all these “Selfie Stations” sprinkled throughout…so that’s why we’re taking the picture below and why that silly little sign is behind us.  And in the picture below it, if you look hard, you can see me blending in with the carpet.


DSC08603^^ Can you see me down there? ^^

During the second week of June, Danny and I went to a Sky Sox game together, which was fun, but maybe a little cold and a tiny bit boring, so next time I think we’ll go with friends and blanket.  I posted a picture of that evening here.

We also met my parents, along with Mysteridge and his friend Peter at Adventure Golf & Raceway in the Denver area and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate too well.  We were able to play a round of mini golf and go around the go kart track once before the place shut down, but we didn’t let the weather win and finished the evening out with some frozen yogurt and a visit to my grandparents’ (now sold) house.  We had fun despite the rainy weather, and plan to try again in August, since we didn’t get as much time there as we had hoped.




We wrapped up the week with a game night with Danny’s parents (we love Buzz Word!) and a BBQ with Mark and Allison at Andrew and Lisa’s.  (Sidenote: Just found out today that Andrew and Lisa are going to be on House Hunters.  Yes, House Hunters as in the show on HGTV.  So excited for them!)  We played Mad Gab together after dinner and found out that Lisa is the best ever at Mad Gab and Allison and I are the worst ever.

And then, for Father’s Day weekend, my parents and Mysteridge came to visit!  We spent Sunday at church, the Sky Sox game, and in our pool, and Monday morning we snuck in some hiking in Palmer Lake before I had to work.  I love having family live close enough to visit for the weekend!











On the night of Danny’s last softball game, we went out to Hacienda Colorado for a date.  He’d been there twice within the past month and had such a good experience, that he thought we should go together.  He was right.  The food was the best I’ve had north of the U.S. – Mexico border.  Just remembering that food makes me think that maybe we need a date night this week too…



Aaaaaand in June we said, “See you next year!” to softball.  I know I talked about it last month, but what a fun six weeks it was!  I’m so proud of Danny for all he did to make the season a success.  And apparently his teammates were, too, because he ended up with a  cupcake in his face at the end of the game!




After we got back from Chicago, the last few days of June were all about the pool work.  We did squeeze in a Sunday afternoon at the pool and a dinner out at Duca’s, though.



I think it’s fair to say that June was a great month, and July has a lot to live up to. :)