london day 6

On Monday, the sixth day of our trip to London, we started out with a change of plans.  Our London Pass came with a handy little book that featured everything included in the pass, and one of those things was a tour of Wimbledon – the tennis courts, not the town.  Well, as soon as Danny saw that in there, it was evident that he wanted to go, and I’m not going to lie, I was not pumped.  I mean, go all the way to London and spend half a day looking at tennis courts?! On Sunday night, Danny decided that it was a ‘must-see’ for him, and after taking a hard look at what we still wanted to do and the time we had left, I decided that switching out Windsor Castle for Wimbledon would make the most sense.  So, Monday morning, instead of taking the train to Windsor, we took the train to Wimbledon (the town), then took a bus and walked through some pretty neighborhoods, and arrived in at the complex in time for the 10:30am tour.  The tour was 90 minutes long, and was very good….at least I think it was.  I wouldn’t be the one to ask about what exactly we saw or should have seen, but I know that we saw a grassy hill that people sit on, the room that players use to give interviews to the media, and a lot of tennis courts of varying levels of importance.  Last night, I asked Danny what he thought about the tour, and he said that he liked it and thought it was really interesting.  He also mentioned how it was neat seeing behind the scenes, and how he enjoyed the museum as well.  So there you go – the perspective of someone who paid a bit more attention than me ;) DSC09587 DSC09589 DSC09591 DSC09592 DSC09598 After the tour we Danny spent an hour looking around the museum.  It was really well done, but I just couldn’t appreciate it as much as someone who actually knows and watches tennis.  I mean, the most I’d seen of Wimbledon prior to our visit was the pictures of Kate and William that emerge every summer when they go to watch their favorite players battle it out.  Kate always wears white and makes a lot of funny faces.  But, I digress.  In the museum, there were tons of artifacts, like tennis rackets, tennis outfits, tennis balls, and a trophy, which seeing how it was in a big case in the middle of the room, I figured it was important and made Danny take a picture with it. DSC09599 Yes.  It is possible that the winners of Wimbledon get that trophy, but I can’t make any guarantees.  I do know that it says Gentleman’s Singles Trophy underneath, but that’s about all. After Danny had seen enough of the museum, we went to the restaurant, where we had the fanciest pasties of our whole trip.  They were served on real dishes with nice utensils (I thought pasties were a finger food until then), but the real highlight was that we ordered two scones with jam and cream and I got to eat both of them.  I guess Danny was feeling generous since I had just spent three hours looking at tennis courts and memorabilia on his account.  Either that or I guilted him into it.  ;) DSC09600 After our tasty lunch, we took a bus back to the train station and the train back to Waterloo Station where we took the tube to Madame Tussaud’s.  Sigh.  I thought going to the wax museum was a decent idea until Amanda, our friend who spent a semester in London, made sure I knew it definitely was not.  However, I never tried to talk Danny out of it because he was so so so excited about it from the minute we knew we were going on this trip, and I figured if he was going to go all the way to London with me for nine days, I could indulge him and go to Madame Tussaud’s.  It turns out I should have listened to Amanda after all, because $90 and less than an hour later, I was disgusted.  Robbery, I say, robbery!  Danny had a pretty good time, though, if the 297 Instagram photos he took while we were there are any indication.  I should note that if you don’t know who all of the people are in these pictures (besides Danny and me), you’re not alone – I’m not so sure about some of them either.  And the reason I didn’t post a photo of just me and Kate?  It does not look like her.  And that dress is not even a replica of something she’s worn before, so no.  Just no. DSC09605 DSC09606 DSC09610 DSC09612 DSC09613 DSC09614 DSC09616 DSC09624 DSC09629 DSC09622 DSC09633 DSC09635We left Madame Tussaud’s after I filled out a customer comment card telling them just what I thought about their little ‘museum,’ and walked around Regent’s Park a little bit.  It just didn’t feel like the other parks we had enjoyed so much – different crowd, not as well-kept up, and so on – so we took the tube to South Kensington and tried to go to the Victoria & Albert Museum again, but they were in the process of closing.  Next time we’re in London, we’ll have to make a conscious effort about getting to the Victoria & Albert first thing in the morning and staying as long as we want to since this time we seemed to spend a lot of time being shooed out by museum guards (remember day 2?). From there, we went on to Hyde Park.  We walked all around and all throughout that pretty park, and stopped near the Serpentine restaurant for some sweet treats – a berry coffee cake and a millionaire bar to share.  It was a beautiful, beautiful time of day, and we stayed till it was dark.  Is there a such thing as too much of Hyde Park?  I submit that there is not. DSC09645 DSC09647 DSC09649 DSC09651 DSC09659Once it was sufficiently dark, we walked along Oxford Street to Selfridge’s.  We wanted to check out another department store besides Harrod’s, and I’m glad we did.  Harrod’s just feels so…claustrophobic…to me, with its low ceilings and crowded rooms, so I was pleasantly surprised by Selfridge’s spacious, open floor plan.  We ate a late dinner after spending what felt like hours checking out the different dining options and settling on Selfridge’s Kitchen.  We both had big house salads with toppings like sweet corn, roasted red peppers, quinoa, avocado, and falafel.  I’m not really a salad girl, but these were good.  We wandered around the store until they closed at 9pm, and even picked out a London Christmas ornament for our tree which I found shattered when I opened my suitcase at home.  Seriously very sad about that.  If you’re going to London between now and Christmas (or anytime, really), I will pay you kindly to pick up another…  Anyways, the following two photos make me laugh every single time I see them.  I don’t know why, it was just one of the funniest, light-hearted moments of our trip. DSC09668 DSC09669 After we got politely shooed out of Selfridge’s (am I sensing a theme here?), we took the tube back to Waterloo, and walked along the Thames for just about 15 minutes before we called it a night. Day 6 wasn’t my favorite day, but what I did like about it was that we got to do a lot of things that Danny was really into.  And honestly, Wimbledon was interesting, even if I didn’t really ‘get’ most of it.   Of course, my highlight, if not the pictures we took with those goofy pillows at Selfridge’s, was walking around Hyde Park.  If Colorado Springs could make a Hyde Park replica right by our apartment, I would be more than okay with that. Check out day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5, too if you want!