everyone loves august

You know me and writing my monthly recap posts long after the month itself has past.  This month is (obviously) no different, but I have a bit of a good excuse – we were out of the country for two weeks seeing London and Paris and I stayed away from things like email and blogging during that time.  So here we go, August 2014.

On August 1st, my manager at work retired.  She was the best boss I’ve ever had and she will be dearly missed at PPLD.  We had a breakfast party for her in the morning before the library opened up…and I think all of us cried at least a little bit.

Over the first weekend in August, Danny and I enjoyed going to the Parade of Homes here in Colorado Springs.  We went last year after I won a pair of tickets and had so much fun, so this year we decided to go again, and we had a great time.  We love seeing the different homes but our favorite part is how the interiors are decorated.  Here’s a few of my favorite things that we saw…really loving, from top to bottom, the beetle kill wood wall, the window seat, and the wall paper, plus the cozy looking headboards and all the gray!  So many fun rooms and ideas.




My mom came to visit for a few fun days before she started school and it was the best.  She treated us to lunch at Hacienda Colorado (I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again, Hacienda Colorado is tops), we went for a walk on our nature path, and we hiked at Red Rock Open Space.






This was the first time either one of us had been to Red Rock Open Space, and I mean, how could you not want to go back?!  It is truly one of Colorado Springs’ hidden gems, if you ask me.

Also during the first full week of August we met my parents at Adventure Golf in the Denver area and spent the evening riding go-karts and playing mini golf.  It was a blast.



^^ Look at that feast my mom packed for us! ^^




^^ And there was even funnel cake! ^^




Over the second weekend in August, Danny had his big television debut as our friends Andrew and Lisa invited him to be a part of a scene in their House Hunters show.  We’ll let you know how it turns out when the episode premieres in December.  My friend and maid of honor, Andrea, came to visit as well.  We went to the zoo, ate at Seeds, checked out Poor Richard’s bookstore, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  It was fun to have her finally see where we live and be able to see her off before she headed to Amsterdam, where she’ll be for a few months (jealous!).


The third weekend of August we had dinner with Danny’s brother and his wife, as well as a high school friend of theirs, Ethan, on Friday night.  The sky was especially pretty that evening…


On Saturday we went to a few more stops on the Parade of Homes…we both loved that pretty kitchen, especially with all its natural light!  And the bottom picture, where Danny’s showing off the headboard?  That’s a rug, framed by painted wood.  Clever, huh?



In the afternoon we went to Park Meadows for some shopping – mostly looking for shoes and such for our trip.  We also had a delicious dinner at Lyfe Kitchen, a new restaurant just above Anthropologie.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s good, and has a great vegan menu too!  Danny had a burger and I had a wrap, and just look at that neat herb garden – in the middle of the restaurant!



We stopped at Starbucks for a little treat after more shopping.  (This might be a good time to say that I think we left the mall with only one pair of shoes – we did a lot of looking but not a lot of buying.)  It was the first time I’d been to Starbucks since college, so it was really fun to ‘splurge’ a little (with a gift card from my birthday – thanks Sarah!) and, besides, the outdoor part of Park Meadows is so pretty!  I want to go there just to read and drink more raspberry green tea (or whatever that tasty concoction was).  And after that Danny was in a particularly sweet mood and went to the American Girl store with me as I relived my childhood and gasped at how high their prices have gotten!  I mean, they’ve always been high, but over $100 for just a doll?!



During the third weekend of August, Danny and I went to a Sky Sox game where we both wore our winter jackets!  It sure has been a bizarre summer!  We spent Saturday at Red Rock Open Space (surprised?), the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and with our friends Andrew and Lisa, playing mini golf, eating frozen yogurt, and seeing their new house…







On Sunday, we went to church, for a bike ride around our neighborhood, and on a date to La Casa Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant in Monument I’ve been wanting to try because of their awesome looking patio.  The food was good and the patio was great, but it’s no Hacienda Colorado.


During the last week of August, I got to see my friend Jessica, who had just returned from spending three months in Jerusalem.  It was so fun to see her photos and hear about her experiences.  We also hosted our friend Chris (you know, who we went to see – along with his wife and daughter – in Boise back in May) all week long, which was a lot of fun.  He was pretty busy with seminary classes, but when he wasn’t, we enjoyed spending time together and catching up on the past couple of months.  Looking forward to when he might come back again in January!

And then it was Labor Day, which I wrote all about here!

August was really a fun month.  Overall we had good weather and enjoyed the opportunities we had to see family and friends.  This is where I’d normally say something about how I’m looking forward to September, but seeing how there’s only two days left, I guess I’ll just say this: September was great and y’all can look forward to some posts on our trip coming soon!


it’s always better in boise

Danny and I went to Boise, Idaho (adding the state on for clarification because you will not believe how many people have asked me what/where Boise is) for six days to see our friends Chris, Emily, and Hendon.  Aside from spending time with our sweet and dearly loved friends, Boise had a lot to live up to.  Even before they moved last summer, Chris and Emily talked about Boise like it was the Promised Land/Disney World/insert other renowned locations that are often portrayed as the Happiest Place on Earth.

It’s safe to say that we had pretty high expectations.  Once we were there, Chris and Emily would tell us about the merits of different places and restaurants and so on and so forth, and at one point Danny said, “You know, it’s always better in Boise, isn’t it?”

Well, we’ve been back for a week now, and after the freezing temperatures and snow we’ve had the past couple days, I can finally confirm: It’s better in Boise.

A peek inside of our beautiful trip…


 ^^ Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  I don’t ever remember seeing them from above, and my goodness, aren’t they a sight to behold? ^^


^^ We walked out of the airport to temperatures in the 80’s and realized we had packed for Colorado and not Boise. No complaints though. ^^


^^ We walked into the kitchen to see Emily’s sweet sign.  They sure know how to make visitors feel welcomed and loved! ^^


^^ Glad to be reunited with ol’ Jebby! ^^


^^ Saturday morning at Boise’s amazing farmer’s market.  Seriously, I could go back every week and not grow weary of it. ^^


^^ Chris and Danny, BFFs of Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea ^^


^^ Idaho State Capitol ^^


^^ True love. ^^


^^ Hate to break it to you, Chris and Emily, but this right here is why we really came to Boise. ^^


^^ Snow cones and soft ice (see next picture for explanation) before trekking up Camel’s Back. ^^


^^ Soft ice.  In other words, dairy-free ice cream. ^^


^^ Camel’s Back. ^^


^^ Did I mention that they’ll be joined by baby Ellis in July?  So excited! ^^


^^ Sunday afternoon bike ride on the Boise green belt. ^^


^^ Nature center with these two hooligans. ^^


^^ A tour of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa, where Chris works.  This is the frame of the plane that Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, and their three companions flew in Ecuador when they were martyred. ^^


^^ The main focus here was the planes used for training MAF pilots, but I was mostly just looking at Hendon…a true fashionista and not even two years old. ^^


^^ Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.  Easily one of our favorite things in Boise. ^^


^^ I just couldn’t get enough of the green belt.  Monday afternoon stroll. ^^


^^ Trader Joe’s picnic in the shadow of the capitol. ^^


^^ Our third state capitol together. Only 47 to go! ^^


^^ Majestic. ^^


^^ So much fun exploring the different floors and rooms and even a little bit of pretending. ^^


^^ The Squirrel Debacle of 2014.  After watching the little guy question whether he’d ever see solid ground again, Danny finally convinced him to crawl back down the deck to safety. ^^


^^ Chris took us to Table Rock on Tuesday evening.  I took this picture and said, “I’ll photo shop Emily in!”  I think everyone knew there was no way I had those kind of skills, but they went along with it and didn’t say anything.  Thanks guys.  And by the way, isn’t Boise beautiful?! ^^


^^ Definitely one of those moments where I said, “It’s better in Boise.”

Thanks, Chris, Emily, and Hendon for showing us a great time and for letting us crash your life for a week.  We had a spectacular time and can’t wait to come back sometime and meet Ellis and ski Bogus and eat all your cookie butter (again)!  You’re the best.

what i learned in february

I unintentionally took a hiatus from these “What I Learned” posts.  Turns out I’ve kind of missed them, and am ready for more.  Here’s what I can remember learning in February (and the first couple days of March)…

1. I’m not very good at saying no.  I made at least three big decisions in February that deep down, I wanted to say no to, but said yes instead.  Now I’m wading through the consequences of not being able to be up front and honest in the first place.

2. I ache and yearn to travel and see new things.  I guess this wasn’t really news to me, but I can’t stop surfing travel websites and picking up travel magazines.  I’ve been meaning to start a bucket list of places I want to go, and most nights before I go to sleep I make a mental list of destinations, starting with the west coast of the U.S. (San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon coast) and making my way all the way across the world (New York City, Iceland, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, just to name a few).  Going to Chihuahua with Sofi was a great way to see a new place and country for under $10 (!!!), not to mention really fun, and up next is Boise!  We finally bought our tickets this week…we’re (finally!) going to see Emily, Chris, Hendon, and Jeb this May!

3. I hope that rescued farm animals come visit me someday when I’m in a nursing home.  Just looking at these photos warms my little vegan heart.

4. Anthropologie is out of my league.  After Christmas they were having all manner of sales that made me feel like Anthropologie could be My Favorite Store Ever.  However, after a visit in mid-February, I realized that even their normal sale prices are a bit more than I’m willing to fork over.

5. I am not a big winter Olympics gal.  I enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies, but beyond that, I didn’t ever turn the Olympics on this year.  Maybe it’s because I’m bad at winter sports (or at least those that I’ve tried) or because there were more interesting things going on in Sochi like #sochiproblems, but they just didn’t capture my attention this year.

6. Keeping patio furniture in your guest room for a couple of weeks isn’t really as inconvenient as you might think.  This whole painting shenanigan is taking a lot longer than expected, so we still have our table, four chairs, and grill taking up all of the available floor space in the guest room, however, seeing how we haven’t had any guests in the past month, it hasn’t really been a big deal.


7. Tofu can be disguised really well.  We found a recipe for Native Foods’ peanut butter parfait that calls for a box of silken tofu, and I promise, you would never know.  I am not a big tofu fan, but these are ah-mazing.  So good, in fact, that I bought at 12 pack of silken tofu at Costco last week.

8. On that note, I also discovered how awesome Costco is.  My mother-in-law has a membership and she’s been kind enough to go with me twice this past month.  I honestly thought I would find one or two things I was interested in, but in reality, I’ve had to make lists and try not to buy everything at once because there is so much good stuff there!  Jumbo jars of coconut oil, veggie burgers, chocolate chips, and so much more.  Costco, you are glorious.

dear hendon

{Our sweet friends Chris + Emily, plus their little love, Hendon, are moving to Idaho.  This is a letter to their daughter about her parents and the impact they’ve had on our lives.}

Dear Hendon,

I can’t believe it’s here.  About a month ago, your mama excitedly called me, telling me of an application your dad submitted to Mission Aviation Fellowship in Boise, and how incredible it would be for y’all to move there (I feigned excitement and instead cried for a long while after we talked).  As you know now, the Lord moved things along quickly, and before we knew it, it was official.  Yesterday I said good-bye to your mama (and I wondered if I had ever embarrassed myself so much in my whole entire life).  Y’all are moving to Boise, and that is where you will grow up (at least for the foreseeable future).  You, sweet girl, will certainly never remember the days you spent in Colorado Springs, the first eight months of your life that you spent in this beautiful and fire-filled state.  But I will.


Knowing your parents has been the biggest gift of my married life.  You see, Danny (who you will know is my husband, if your parents have raised you well) and I got married this past January, and moved a couple blocks away from your family’s home in the Springs a few days later.  We knew very few people in the area, and were dreadfully lonely.  We met you and your parents a few weeks later, at a class for ‘young’ marrieds at the church we were both attending.  Danny went up to your parents as soon as the class was over and asked what type of birth control they were using when you were conceived.  I know without a doubt that you have been a blessing that words cannot describe to your parents, and that you will never fully know how much they love you, however, they did not plan your birth.  You were a sweet surprise, being born just ten-ish months after they married in December 2011.  All that being said, I’m so glad that your parents embraced us instead of being horrified at Danny’s rather forward question.


It was love at first sight.  When Danny suggested approaching y’all, I was so hesitant.  You see, your mama is GORGEOUS (sometimes she gets confused, so please remind her often) and the most stylish human I know (after Duchess Kate, of course, but I’m pretty sure she’s part robot).  And your papa is pretty good-looking and stylish himself, but we all know he must get it from his wifey.  Little did I know that the sooner we became besties, the better.


It wasn’t until a Super Bowl party with the aforementioned group at our church that we really had a solid conversation (i.e. your mama openly admitted her love for Beyonce) with your parents that didn’t involve getting pregnant.  Y’all were sitting all alone, so I decided to gather my shaking self and approach.  Turns out it was my best decision ever.  That group must’ve been full of crazies, because in my opinion, y’all were the coolest ones there.  I have to restrain myself from talking to your pretty mama 24/7.


Your mama and I exchanged emails for a couple of weeks before finally getting together for coffee/tea while you napped one afternoon.  That afternoon, my spirits lifted as I felt so surrounded by Jesus and His love in your home.  How blessed you are to grow up in such an amazing household.

It was then that our story really began.  We started to have dinner together almost weekly.  We played Wahoo together, we watched movies together, and we went on walks together (and watched as your dad tackled Jeb when he tried to annihilate another dog).  Needless to say, we very quickly became close friends.  At one point, you and your mama came over to help me redecorate my house, because as every reasonable person knows, I’m not good at such things.  We spent the afternoon hammering nails, rearranging furniture, repurposing old pieces, and bringing new, beautiful life into our home.  If you want, ask your mama if you can see the picture I took of y’all as she walked over to our house with you strapped to her, your toy(s) over her shoulder, and her bag on the other shoulder.  She thinks she looks homeless, but I think she looks cute.


The times we’ve spent with you and your parents have been so life giving.  Your mama and papa have loved Danny and I so very well, embracing us as family.  They are both excellent listeners and good at asking questions, making us feel cared about and known.  Y’all aren’t vegan (at least not at the time I’m writing this), but every meal we ate together was (demonstrating your parents’ tolerance for people with weird ideas).  With a southern twist, of course.  If southern hospitality is a real thing, then I like it.  Because every time I was in your home, I felt special and wanted and important.  Your mama always remembers the little details of my life.  She laughs with me, and while she hasn’t cried with me yet, she hasn’t harassed me for falling apart in front of her, so that’s something.


Sweet Hendon, I know very few people like your parents.  When people like them come into your life, you grab onto them and hold on so tight that they’ll never get away (or at least that’s what I do).  Apparently I need to work harder at the gym, because y’all have gotten away from me, leaving me asking the Lord to give Danny a job in Boise so that I can move into your basement (or trunk, because you don’t have a house yet).  I know that someday you’ll probably want to move out and away from your parents, so I’m telling you now: Girl, that is a CRAZY bad idea.  See if they’ll let you live with them forever.  If so, do it.  Because they’re the BEST EVER.  If they deny you, come live with me, because I know you’ll be just like them: unconditionally loving, hilarious, adventuresome (except when it comes to  snakes), drop dead gorgeous, and without a doubt, in love with Jesus.


I love you Hendon, and I love your mama and papa.  Just like you’ll never know how much they love you, they’ll never know how much they’ve meant to Danny and me.  They’ve helped us survive our first few months of being married and living in a new place and loved us with Christ’s sacrificial and unconditional and amazing love.  Best of all, though, they’ve taught me to say y’all whenever I get a chance.

With love, and so many hugs (and give your mama a couple for me, if you don’t mind),



Just like last month at this time, I have a bunch of different posts I am working on, but also so many life updates/random news I want to share, so here we go.  The second in what may possibly be a monthly thing…what’s going on with us lately…

  • We had two individuals who work for the circus stay with us on Monday and Tuesday.  Their lives are so very fascinating, and our time with them was outrageous.  Tonight we’re planning on going to the circus (EEEEE!) to see them perform, so more on that later.  MUCH MORE on that later, believe me.
  • My passport came in the mail two days ago!  Which means I can go to Alaska (in two weeks)!  And yes, I know that Alaska is in the United States, thank you Chris, but the cruise line told me if I didn’t have a passport I couldn’t go.  So there.
  • Organic blueberries…we ate five pints of them in the past five days.
  • Next Wednesday there is a special night for MEMBERS ONLY at the zoo.  Obviously we will be there.  And I am excited because I am hoping that fewer children than usual will be there since it will be at night.  Not that I don’t like children, it’s just that sometimes there are a lot of them, and because they are smaller and cuter than me, they always get precedence at things like demos and encounters and they always get to be closest to the animals.
  • I got to see these lovely, lovely ladies last Saturday!  They came over for breakfast and we got to spend three hours together (a record)!!  We took some crazy photos together, and had so much fun.  I am so blessed to know them and love them and be a small part of their lives.


  • Danny has to work this Saturday, so they gave him yesterday off.  We took advantage of the rare weekday off and headed to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, thanks to a great deal from Living Social (which is available for 7 more days!).  We had the time of our lives.  Even though I slept through the IMAX.
  • I have been doing crafts lately.  I know, WHAT?!  This is a lie, you’re probably thinking.  Well, if painting frames counts as a craft, then yes, it is true.  I have painted 8 frames and 1 mirror lately, thanks to my wonderful friend Em.
  • I got a free subscription to Real Simple (my best magazine ever), starting this month, and I already feel like life is looking up.
  • Danny cleaned out the closet in our guest room last weekend, and I don’t even recognize it now.  Maybe that’s because I can see the floor and walls and ceiling and close the door without rigging up something fancy for the first time in ages.
  • We had dinner with Chris and Emily this week and, as always, it was delicious.  Emily is a master chef.  I can’t post photos of her (I have hunch that she is in the Witness Protection Program), but I can show you this image of their child…


  • We’re leaving for San Diego in ONE WEEK.  So excited.  We have been counting the days for a while (okay, since we bought our tickets), and absolutely cannot wait to spend time with Danny’s family (and if I’m really honest, see the pandas and the ocean too).  
  • Danny fell the down the stairs while carrying his lunch pail and gym bag and his finger is still injured (a week later).  This is definitely sad for him, but slightly comical for me.
  • Some naughty birds have built a nest right outside our door, which means that I cannot leave our house without a sun shade over my head and a great deal of fear and trembling.  Not a good situation, especially since the eggs haven’t even hatched yet.  It’s going to be a long summer.
  • We watch HGTV every morning at the gym.  This is not a new development, I just thought you should know.
  • I’ve been going to Chris & Emily’s a fair amount lately, to work on my crafts and soak in all the time I can get with these people.  And also Jeb.  They are heading out of town next week for an extended period of time, so in between our trips to San Diego and Alaska, we get to watch Jebby!  Every time I see him, we talk about how we are BFFs and he gives me a tongue bath.


  • I’ve been going to acupuncture twice a week lately, which obviously I think is a good idea, since I love Dr. Eva.  She’s been trying some new things lately, such as cupping and other things that I don’t know how to succinctly describe.  If you don’t know what cupping is, ask Jennifer Aniston.  She created quite a stir recently when she wore a dress that showed off marks from her recent cupping session.  My back usually looks like hers these days, except I don’t use cover up…I just have red-ish, purple-ish marks on my back for a week till it’s time for my next session.    
  • Danny’s Kindle Fire (which he uses primarily for Facebook usage) has stopped working.  On the upside (in my mind, at least), he’s picked up reading!
  • My new favorite blog is Big Mama.  Check it out, and read her hysterical book, too.
  • My dad ran over an armadillo two days ago.  Not okay.  And then Mysteridge sent me a photo of the poor thing.  Also not okay AT ALL.  Because it made me cry.  (If you want to see it, I will forward it to you via my phone, but I will not post it here because it so upsetting).
  • Yesterday I found out that Danny likes dinosaurs.  When I responded in shock, he told me that all boys like dinosaurs.  News to me.



  • One more thing.  We are going to Boise sometime in the late summer/early fall.  More on that later.

life update

Just when I think I’m going to get back to blogging regularly, my computer decides it doesn’t want to charge anymore…sad day(s) for me. Thanks to some Amazon credit I had waiting for me after selling all my college textbooks back, I now have a sweet little charger (whose two days shipping cost more than it did) keeping me up and running.  Hallelujah!  Not only can I get back to blogging and pinning and Facebook-browsing, I can also resume applying for jobs.  Actually, the latter is my top priority right now, but it’s easy to get confused sometimes.

A week ago Thursday, we went to dinner with some new friends, Steve and Jamie.  They are super adventurous and made vegan falafel with all the fixings!  I made brownies and they were a hit, because they are awesome.  One of our favorite vegan recipes so far, I think.

On Thursday, some of my sweet new friends came over for the afternoon.  We ended up doing the worst puzzle in the world and got about halfway done!  {Why it is the Worst Puzzle in the World: Danny and I picked it up on a whim when we were in China last fall, and started it in January on National Puzzle Day.  After some valiant attempts on our part and some help from my love Kaci Rydgren, we gave in and started a new one.}

Look at those champions!  Taking on the puzzle whose pieces don't stay together and is almost all the same color!

Look at those champions! Taking on the puzzle whose pieces don’t stay together and are almost all the same color!

On Friday Tim came to visit!!  The guys stayed up late watching Journey 2 (I was lame and went to bed) and the next morning D and I made french toast while the snow began!

Look at those boys!  Just woke up and all ready for their French toast!

Look at those boys! Just woke up and all ready for their French toast!

We enjoyed a day of reading, cooking, playing Bananagrams, chatting, and just being together.  The guys decided to make homemade bread…

Did I mention it was sticky too?  Makes for yummy fingers though!

Did I mention it was sticky too? Makes for yummy fingers though!

…and it was awesome.  Despite taking like four (or possibly more) hours, it was delicious and well worth it.

So proud of their finished product!  Mmmmm.

So proud of their finished product! Mmmmm.

After the bread was finally done, we bundled up and headed outside, where the snow had accumulated and the temperatures were cold.  Aside from Tim thinking it’s funny to rub snow in Danny’s face (a lot), and not having any sleds, we had a splendid time.  It is so beautiful in the field next to our house, especially when it’s snowy.  Goodness gracious, I am so grateful for where we live.

I actually don't remember this happening, but if it's on the camera...it did.

I actually don’t remember this happening, but if it’s on the camera…it did.

Sweet boys.  Sidenote: Tim said it is impossible to get his beard dry (ever) after an experience like this.

Sweet boys. Sidenote: Tim said it is impossible to get his beard dry (ever) after an experience like this.

This is where we enter Narnia.

This is where we enter Narnia.

There's always a song to sing.  Like Taylor.

There’s always a song to sing. Like Taylor.

Look!  A fort!

Look! A fort!

Tim is in the tree.

Tim is in the tree.

As you can see, we had a bunch of fun and soaked it all in, as it could be our last snowstorm on this side of summer.  Today it’s close to seventy degrees, which means all the snow is gone but it is beautiful and sort of sunny out!

I can’t forget what happened Saturday night…we went to the hot tub.  That’s right, it was below freezing so we put on the least amount of clothing that is considered appropriate for our culture and got in an outdoor pool of warm water.

Kind of a weird picture, but at least you know I'm not making it up.

Kind of a weird picture, but at least you know I’m not making it up.

On Sunday, we went to church together and Tim was awesome and went to the Linx (code name for Young Marrieds group) with us.  We introduced him as our adopted son, I think.  Only kind of confusing since Tim and I are only four months apart.  His friend Hannah came over for lunch and a couple more games of Bananagrams before heading back to our old stomping grounds of good ol’ Greeley.

Monday took me to Greeley for an orthodontist appointment and sweet time with friends and family.  Super blessed to see Ginger Walcker, the leader of our campus ministry while at UNC in the morning and the crew from the Global Refugee Center in the afternoon. Plus my parents in the evening!  I headed back to the Springs after dinner, but the Lord had other plans with a sudden snowstorm that resulted in me turning around and heading back to my parents’ house for the night.  End result: I got to see Mysteridge (my super awesome ‘kid’ brother), watch YouTube videos of Dennis Rodman with him, and cut out coupons in bed so we can save money at the grocery store.

Wednesday – dinner with the super hip and awesome Chris, Emily, Jeb and Hendon/Hendorf/Henny.  Thursday – Steve and Jamie came over for dinner and vanilla cupcakes and a few rounds of Scattergories (Is “lackluster” a type of weather?  I don’t know, but I got points for it.  Shannon FTW).  Friday – lunch with the hubs outside on the gorgeous patio T.Rowe Price has.

He may not love his job, but I sure love him!

Lunch on the veranda.

Okay, seriously, I am not joking.  There are multiple water features, bridges, paths, and even a marshland that spills into a waterfall.  After eating last night’s yummy leftovers, we walked around the campus and even into the nearby neighborhood where we found Danny’s childhood home!

Pretty cool!  By the way, I don’t think we were trespassing at this point.  Just so you know.

D's place of residence from 8th grade till sophomore year of college.  Lookin' good.

D’s place of residence from 8th grade till sophomore year of college. Lookin’ good.

Yay for being unemployed and free to enjoy a pretty day during D’s lunch hour!

Love this.

Love this.

Oh and this happened this morning…

This is the panorama view outside from our porch that was waiting for us after our early morning workout.  WHAT?!  We are so stinkin' blessed.

This is the panorama view outside from our porch that was waiting for us after our early morning workout. WHAT?! We are so stinkin’ blessed.

blogging: take III

After a hiatus, I’m starting to blog again.

At the beginning of last year (2012), I started this blog, Pandas and Lemons.  I wrote anonymously, and was very vulnerable and open, since I believed that no one that knew me could find my blog and figure out it was me.  I stopped posting in May, when I got engaged and my then-fiance left for Bangladesh for the summer.  In August, I started Danny Loves Shannon, which was created to chronicle our engagement and give our friends and family information about our upcoming wedding.  Now that we’ve gotten married and are settling into our new life together, I’ve decided to give blogging another chance.  This time, however, I’m not writing anonymously, and while I couldn’t bring myself to delete all of my old posts, they are password protected (aka you can’t read them unless you’re me or know my secret password).  I hope to open them up as I become more comfortable with sharing what I once wanted to keep anonymous.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the good stuff.

I’m Shannon.  I live in Colorado Springs with my new husband and bestest friend, Danny.  He works at T.Rowe Price and I work (unpaid) at home.

The most exciting thing that’s happened recently?  Getting married.  Here’s evidence (the password is everett).

In more recent news, this weekend, our sink stopped working.  Boo.  Well, not really, but it stopped draining at a reasonable speed, and the disposal was making bad noises, so we decided to stop using it.  Good thing Emily and Chris invited us to have lunch with them or else things might have gotten a little messy and out of control (aka flooded).

We also did a lot of reading (Tim Tebow for Danny, Lost on Planet China for me.), some trekking in the nature area near our apartment, and Glow Golf at the mall.  And, as is usual for weekends, we ate leftovers, went to church, and slept in a little bit.  We also chatted with our families and hung out with Adam and Jen.  Danny had to work on Saturday morning, and I went to my cousin’s 12th birthday party (love having family in town!), complete with a penguin cake and homemade music videos.

I promise that I’ll try to be more exciting in the future, but for now, this is what I’ve got.

Until next time,

Shannon (+ Danny)