a sunday in pueblo

The day before my birthday, Danny and I drove about an hour south to Pueblo and spent the day.  We picked up sandwiches at Which Wich on the way, and upon arriving in Pueblo, found a bench and ate them along the river walk.  This is something I’m discovering about myself, but I love being along water, especially rivers, which may be part of why I loved the Boise green belt so much, as well as the San Antonio Riverwalk and why I’m considering staying along the Thames while we’re in London.  That being said, eating along a peaceful stretch of the river was lovely.

Anyways, from there we went to the zoo, which we loved.  I’ve been telling people that we went to the Pueblo Zoo and they’re usually like, “Ew why not the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?” or “The Denver Zoo is the best.”  Here’s the thing.  If we’re talking about “the best zoo,” let’s talk about San Diego or Omaha.  If we’re talking about the zoo I currently love the most and went to, on average, once every three weeks last year, let’s talk about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  But for a moment, can we just talk about a really nice, historic zoo and not have to compare it to others?  Okay, thanks.

The Pueblo Zoo was built during the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Public Works Administration, and almost all of the current buildings are original.  There are also signs all over that talk about the history of the zoo and how the different organizations that came out of the New Deal (thanks, FDR!) built the zoo.  It was fascinating, and really added to my enjoyment of the zoo (I started out as a history major in college, if that helps you understand me).  The zoo was green and wooded and felt like a beautiful park…with 420 wild animals in it!  We had a great time, and if I ever see another deal (we used a Groupon), we’ll go back again.


 ^^ If you don’t recall from Boise, Danny loooooves the statue pics. ^^


^^ You can’t see her in this picture, but this guy was going crazy for one of the lady peacocks.  She was very unimpressed with all of his showing off, however. ^^


^^ It was my birthday weekend, so it only seemed appropriate to pretend like I was being born all over again.  Or something like that. ^^

DSC08520^^ We caught this zoo keeper taking these pretty birds into their indoor inclosure due to the “chilly” weather (it was at least 80 degrees…) and ended up getting an impromptu bird talk which was fun!  ^^


^^ Oh you know, just riding on a dolphin’s back. ^^


^^ I loved getting so up close to this guy!  So fun! ^^

^^ I couldn’t let Danny have all the fun with the statues… ^^

We stayed at the zoo until they kicked us out (at closing time, not because we were being disruptive), and then we headed to the river walk.  Yes, it’s small (as far as river walks g0), but I loved it.  It’s peaceful, it’s pretty, and it’s really well done.  Major kudos to Pueblo for making their downtown area a place that people want to visit and hang out in.


In the evening, we watched “Girl Rising,” and while it wasn’t in Pueblo (it was at home on our couch), it is definitely worth mentioning.  “Girl Rising” is an excellent movie that both Danny and I very much enjoyed and now highly recommend.  Find it at your library, buy it, search for it on Netflix (or whatever the cool people use to watch movies these days).  I think you’ll be glad you did.


the month of may

Well.  Long time no see!  I have been working so much more than ever before, which is great, but it does keep me on my toes and force me to use my time a bit differently.  This summer promises to be excellent, though, so I hope to keep up with what we’re up to a bit better.

May kicked off with our trip to Boise which will no doubt go down as one of the best weeks ever.  I love me some Burgess family and now, Boise too.  The green belt, the trees, the pretty neighborhoods, the cookie butter…I just can’t stop.  It was good.

My parents and Mysteridge came to visit over Mother’s Day weekend.  We went to church, where Danny has been leading worship for the past five weeks, went to Red Robin for lunch, and ate an apple cranberry pie that Mysteridge, Danny, and I made together.  Mysteridge stayed another couple of days, and the weather was rain rain rainy, so we occupied ourselves with games and grocery shopping.  And Mysteridge will probably never want to visit again because it was so boring.  (I hope that’s not true.) (In reality we had fun, but we did stay inside about 98% of the time.)

Danny kicked off summer spring by organizing a softball team.  He has put so much time and effort into making this team a reality, and even though they may not have a winning record, it has been so much fun.  Tuesday evenings have the been the highlight of my week for the past couple months, because not only do I get to watch Danny play softball (and look really good in his uniform), but I get to sit in the stands with all the wives of his teammates.  Which means I have gained about seven new friends in the past six weeks.  Softball season = roaring success.

Over my birthday weekend, Danny and I went to Pueblo to check out their zoo and river walk.  I’ll share more pictures and details in another post, but here’s a preview…



On my actual birthday, Danny made a delicious blueberry coffee cake and decorated the table with puppies!  I know.  It was so precious.  He also gave me some really sweet gifts, including this book that I found at the library a couple of months ago and have known ever since that it’s one I want to own, the official DVD of William & Kate’s wedding which I plan on watching every April 29th for the rest of my life, and this precious tea set.  Isn’t it pretty?


I got to spend the rest of the day with my mom in Denver – she even took the day off to do it!  We enjoyed walking around Washington Park (our first time there, and let me tell you, we will be going back!  What a great place!), eating at Native Foods (and yes, we had peanut butter parfaits), and shopping at World Market.  My biggest regret: not taking any pictures.

Danny and I went to HuHot for dinner and I decided that eating there officially makes me feel sick.  Danny’s parents came over for dessert and brought a tasty lemon cake that covered over the damage that dinner did.  They also gifted me with a zoo membership (again!), which I have already put to good use.  We love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (last year I went 13 times!) and I can’t wait to make another 13 visits this year!


The following Saturday, after I got off work, my sweet, sweet friend Sarah came to visit.  We ate dinner and went to the new frozen yogurt place across the street from our apartment, and eventually we sent Danny to bed and sat on our couch and talked until it was Sunday morning.  Like really talk and listen and cry and realize that you’re both walking through similar hard, tough, confusing things.  I wish this lady was my next door neighbor.

DSC08542On Memorial Day weekend, Danny and I got really crazy and went to Canon City for a night.  Here’s our “we-are-so-spontaneous-and-leaving-town-on-a-couple-minutes-notice” picture…


More pictures to come, but we had a lot of fun.  One of my highlights of our 24 hours away was this trail…


Also in May: Danny became a bike commuter.  I know.  Be impressed.  Every day that he rides to and from work with his heavy backpack on, I am so proud.  Look at him!  Colorado Springs’ cutest bike commuter.

DSC08598And that, folks, is how we Everetts spent May.  Looking forward to June and all of its glory…I know it’ll be a good one.

happy birthday danny!

Yesterday my favorite fella turned 24!  Which, as he pointed out before he left for work yesterday, means that he’s now two years older than me.  Not quite technically true, but it’s his birthday, so if he wants to say that, I’m all for it.


If you know Danny, you know he’s good-looking, funny, and into talking.  Among other things.


As his wife, however, I know a few more things than just those basics.  As I’ve been drafting this post (in my head and on paper) for the past couple days, I often think of him in relation to us (i.e. he eats the food I make that isn’t all that good, he makes the bed in the morning), but in the end, I’ve decided that this should be a celebration of him, not a listing of the things he does to make me happy.  I can talk about all that other stuff in a post about good things he does.  But this will be about who he is as a person.

Danny is Jesus-loving, people-loving, sports-loving, superhero loving, and fun-loving.


Danny is loyal and faithful.


Danny is kind and compassionate.


Danny is steady and dependable and peaceable.


Danny pursues what he wants and isn’t afraid to work hard for it.


Danny is humorous, imaginative, and an incredible sleeper too.


Danny is innovative and oh so clever.


Danny is intelligent and thoughtful.


Danny is an excellent speaker with an impressive vocabulary and mastery of spelling/grammar/acronyms/words/phrases.


Danny is handsome and stylish and just downright intuitive about those kinds of things.


Danny is wonderful and cute and just the best.  There.  Sappy at last.  But it’s true.


Happy Birthday, Danny.

Here’s to many more years of all that you are and all that you will become.

I love you.

*** Photos taken during our engagement shoot in October 2012 and courtesy of beautiful and talented Caroline Leigh Photography.


It’s that time again.  Time for random life updates.  And this time there are SO many.

  • I HAVE A JOB!!  It has been a long time coming, but I am finally employed.  I started this past Monday at the East Library, and while it’s very different from I was expecting, I’ve been learning a lot and I love being with the books.  The only problem is that it makes me want to not work and just read all day long.  I probably won’t do that, though, don’t worry.  Because we know that if I have spare time at home, I end up on the floor with the computer, not curled up with a book on the couch.
  • I am still sleeping through the night.  Y’all.  This is the best news of not only the past month, but of my entire life.
  • Last weekend, among other things, we celebrated Danny’s birthday with my family at the Downtown Aquarium (in Denver).  More to come on that, but for now…



  • I might have mentioned this before but there is some construction going on on I-25 right now.  I-25 as in our main roadway to go anywhere aside from our local Loaf-n-Jug.  And until two days ago, the construction just so happened to have shut down our way onto and off of the highway.  Which is rather inconvenient if you are used to using it between one and thirty-two times a day.  I have been able to use the fine roadway in the past two days, and was finally able to see why they needed to shut down our access to the highway: they were putting in two roundabouts.  Roundabouts have their merits, but I personally think it is a very interesting choice for entering/exiting a major highway.  AKA I’m not a huge fan.
  • I feel like it’s important to give some kind of moving update since all of the kind people who read last month’s post have been asking me things like “WHEN?” and “WHERE?” and “WHY?”  Well, here’s the thing.  I don’t really have any news.  Except now it’s more like, maybe we’re not moving.  Potential false alarm.  So that’s something.
  • This past Sunday, D and I went to the zoo with our beloved zoo membership (thanks again, Keith + Susie!).  Except this time was extra awesome.  #1: The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold.  #2: There were some big cat demos going on.  For example, we got to see some keepers bribe a tiger to swim in his pond and jump on a barrel while in said pond.  Unusual, but cool.  #3: We bought, colored, and assembled animal masks from the dollar store and took (too many) photos with them throughout the zoo.  Evidence…

DSC07898^^ Esther with an elephant (statue). ^^


^^ Esther with an elephant (getting its feet cleaned). ^^


^^ Esther with some trees. ^^


^^ Esther and Lester together. ^^

  • A couple of weeks ago, we spent a weekend in Greeley because Danny was in the wedding of our friends Tom and Tasha.  I don’t know if you’ve used Pinterest before, but if you have, you will understand what I mean when I say that their wedding was Pinterest.  Everything about it leapt from the internet home of Pinterest and into the warehouse where their wedding was held.  So unreal.
  • I am getting excited for Thanksgiving because of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • September was especially soggy for us, and now October has just been bipolar (for example, last week we went swimming in our apartment complex’s outdoor pool, and two days later is snowed).  But back to September.  The rain was crazy.  So many people, families, and towns have just been devastated by the rain.  We weren’t hit as hard as other parts of Colorado, and we’re so thankful for that.  After the rains had died down, we took a walk on the nature path next to our house, and were surprised at what we found.  A preview…

DSC07846^^ This used to be a hill with a path going across it, but now it’s a hill with a valley carved in the middle of it.  ^^


^^ The land here was completely washed away, taking the water from the pond (which is located to the left) with it.  I think it goes without saying that now taking the path requires fording the stream or turning around and going back where you came from.

  • We discovered that Which Wich (a sandwich shop) is fantastic.  In fact, we can BOTH get full off of a 7″ sub, which is more than usually needed to fill me up, but definitely not for D.  So what I’m saying is that they really pack these guys full – enough to fill up a hungry guy.
  • Bass Pro Shops (conveniently located across the street from us) is opening on November 14.  That is one month and 2 days, y’all.  Now, some people can’t figure out why I’m excited about this, especially since I’m vegan, but this is just something I can’t explain.  Progress.  It signifies progress.  And that is why I’m pumped.  Also it will have bowling.  So that’s cool too.  And it just might be one of the reasons why I don’t want to move because BASS PRO SHOPS ACROSS THE STREET.
  • This past weekend was my grandparents’ 50th anniversary.  Wahoo!  We went on an AMAZING trip to Alaska this past summer to commemorate the occasion, but their actual anniversary was this past Saturday, so we gathered at The White Fence Farm with a collection of family members and ate food (okay, so some of us only ate corn fritters, but don’t judge.  They’re food too) and petted animals (primarily goats, sheep, and cows) and made speeches (only two people did that, but it’s worth mentioning because they were great).




  • Based on my history, any post of this type wouldn’t be complete without some mention of Kate Middleton.  So here is what you need to know for this month: Prince William + Kate + Prince George recently moved into their new apartment.  And by apartment I mean a palace with four floors, an elevator, two master bedrooms (although they are going to share one), and various other things, including a room especially for luggage.  If that is what apartments are like in England, then we’ll be on the next flight over because that sounds pretty good to me.
  • Danny’s 24th birthday is Monday so this weekend is going to be full of goodness of all kinds.  Get ready for more of my favorite fella coming soon to this space, as it is time to celebrate him and his life!

happy birthday pop!

Today is my dad’s birthday!  Yahoo!


If you know my family, you know a few things about my dad: he’s funny, he’s quiet, and he has amazing eyes.  You might know other things too, but those are the first three things that came to my mind (that other people might think of too).  However, today I’m going to touch on some of the not-so-commonly known facts.


My dad is a very hard worker.  He is industrious and always looking for something he can fix or repair or improve.  He keeps the house clean, the cars in tip-top shape, and the yard looking pretty.  I so respect the way he takes initiative and does things, both big and little, without being asked.  Clearing the table, cleaning the bathrooms, putting out the trash…and those are just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. If you get a chance to spend a few days at my parents’ house, you’ll understand.  And you’ll wish your husband/dad/brother/uncle/significant male in your life was as hard of a worker as he is.


^^ Walking up the aisle after our wedding.  I’m not sure who this intense game face was for (maybe Danny?), but I hope they got a kick out of it! ^^

I know I mentioned it earlier, but my dad is seriously hilarious.  I just talked to him on the phone, and he told me that the hotel they’re staying at tonight (my parents + Mysteridge are on their way to spend a week in Branson, or Las Vegas for families, as my mom calls it, and are somewhere in Kansas along I-70) is pretty sketchy and someone will probably get jumped soon.  He’s a funny guy, even when he’s telling the truth.  I am always laughing when I am around my dad, and I love it.


My dad cares for me deeply.  We may not talk on the phone often or email back and forth throughout the day (both things my mom and I do) or send each other text messages (did you really think he has a cell phone?!), but I know that he loves me very much.  He tells me that he is proud of me and that he loves me, and that means a lot to me.  Many people grow up never hearing their parents say either one of those things, but I have been blessed to hear those things often.  Another way I know he loves me a lot: he cried almost as much as me on our (and by our I mean Danny and me) wedding day.


My dad is married to my mom, and has been for 25, almost 26 years.  WHAT?!  If I knew my mom (and you can read about her here), but not my dad (and wasn’t their daughter), I would assume that he was amazing.  Because my mom is, and anyone married to her must be pretty great.  And I’m right.  I know that’s crazy weird logic, but it makes sense in my head.  Ask me if you need me to verbally explain it to you ;)


My dad is faithful.  He is dedicated to his family, both immediate and extended, he is (very, very) good at his job, and he is involved in his church.  He stewards what he has been given well.  He has so many admirable characteristics, and I want to be like him.  Whenever I am sluggish about washing the towels or the dishes or the sheets, I think about my dad.  Because he taught me to take initiative and just do it, whatever it is, and do it well.  I greatly respect him and who is and who he is becoming.


I am sad that I cannot be with my family at the sketchy hotel in Kansas tonight.  Sad that I didn’t get to eat the, in my dad’s own words, “miserable” food at Spangles and sing “Happy Birthday” to him in person.  Sad that I didn’t get to give him his birthday card (that instead is waiting for him at the post office) or his gift today.  However, I am loving him and praying for him from afar, and I am glad that he is with two people he loves very much.  And I am glad that Mysteridge is there to ward off scary fellas that may try to jump them.

*** All photos courtesy of Caroline Leigh Photography.  Check her out – she rocks.

a (birthday) weekend in greeley

Two weekends ago, for many reasons, we spent some time in Greeley.  I had an orthodontist appointment on Friday afternoon, and we had a wedding to go to on Saturday evening, and my birthday was Sunday.  I love an excuse to go to Greeley, as it means so much more than just ‘business’ since we have so many friends and family members in the area.

On Friday evening we went to James and Ali’s new apartment for dinner (James is Danny’s twin brother, in case you can’t tell from the photo).  They put together a taco salad with some tasty Doritos.  We don’t really eat chips, except for an occasional bag to dip in salsa, but these chips were good.  I can’t remember what variety it was, but I embarrassed myself (by the amount of chips I ate).  Aside from the chips, it was nice to see their place and hear about how their wedding plans are coming along.

DSC06279^^ Good looking group, am I right? ^^

On Saturday, my parents and Danny and I went to the annual UNC garage sale.  It’s always the weekend after graduation (in the spring), and features tons of things that students left behind – clothes, books, furniture, small appliances, and more.  We walked away with a horde of picture frames for a quarter a piece, a new polo for D, a new sweater for me, and some games, to name a few.

I had the opportunity to see some of my nearest and dearest for the rest of the day.  Andrea and I met early for coffee and muffins, and then Kristen and I met to walk on the Poudre River Trail (the same place D and I took our engagement photos!) and accidentally encountered a couple of snakes.  Ask Kristen about it if you want a good story.  Afterwards, I stopped by Kaci’s family’s garage sale and soaked up some time with her!  She also gifted me big time with close to a dozen vegan cookbooks, many beautiful old books, a lamp for our living room, and much more.  I love getting time with these ladies.

By the time all the visiting wrapped up, it was high time to get ready for the Big Event!  Our friends, Austin and Carlie, were getting married!  The ceremony was lovely (I think, as we couldn’t hear the majority of it due to the wind), the location was peaceful and pretty, and the bride was stunning.  I especially loved all the flowers and the prettiest bridesmaid of all, whose name also happens to be Shannon…


They had a buffet of Greek food under a big white tent and a dance floor that was hopping all night.  We very thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and may have looked a bit foolish at times, but we had so. much. fun.


^^ With my handsome date.  Also, ignore how atrocious my hair looks in all these photos.  It was really windy.   And please pardon my weird baggy sweater.  It was pretty chilly out too. ^^


^^ I. Love. This. Girl.  Is she gorgeous or what?! ^^


^^ Oh yes.  Not only was he my date, but he’s also my hubs.  Luckiest girl on the dance floor.  ^^


^^ A fancy move for the twins. ^^


^^ There were no cups to be found at this point in the evening.  Promise. ^^

I regret not having any photos of the guests of honor (Austin and Carlie).  After all, they were the reason for the party.  We took one of them cutting the cool cake and one of their first dance, but they are ridiculously terrible, and not worth sharing with anyone.  Their photographer was Kira Shupe from Kira Ellen Photography and I have no doubt that their photos from her will be amazing.  She’s already posted a few on her Facebook page and, boy oh boy, do Austin and Carlie have lots to look forward to!

Sunday was my 22nd birthday!  My mom made our favorite cinnamon rolls, accompanied by lots of fresh, delicious fruit.


^^ My man decorated the dining room like crazy before I woke up.  Look at the lei I’m wearing, just after waking up, not the mention the beach backdrop!  ^^

Danny and my mom spent the entire morning slaving away on the exorbitant cake I requested.  They are so very kind and thoughtful.


It was a treat to be back at our beloved Christ Community for church and be able to worship to songs we actually know…we miss that place bunches.  Afterwards we met my parents at Noodles & Company for lunch.  Next up: PARTY.

Danny invited some of the sweetest ladies ever to take pictures in front of the backdrop and sing the birthday song and stuff themselves with his tasty cake.


^^ The ladies. ^^


^^ Shannon and I went for a romantic pose. ^^


^^ Dog and I definitely love the Asian poses. ^^


^^ Kaci (spunky and sweet and so very loving) going for the best post known to man (and woman).  ^^


^^ So super blessed to have this man by my side for my birthday (and every day).  ^^


^^ Mysteridge and I going crazy on the beach. ^^


^^ Okay, are my parents super into the theme or what?!  They are amazing and so very kind and generous.  If I did hashtags, I would write “#blessed” and “#thankful” and “#mydadsshirtisthebest.”


^^ And the glorious cake!  It was almost as good as our wedding cake (the top layer that D and I ate, that is), which is a pretty huge deal.  Lemon cake with raspberry filling between the two layers, with lemon frosting…heavenly.  The recipe is here.  ^^

I was given some pretty great gifts, too.  My parents gave me this adorable (and also practical) picnic basket and clock, both of which are sitting pretty in our guest room right now.  Mysteridge gave me a glasses case and mirror.  I have been needing a glasses case for years now, as the inside of mine has fallen apart, and the mirror is now holding our keys and allowing Danny to admire himself before he goes to work in the mornings (I’m always in too much of a hurry to stop and look).  Danny gave me a J.Crew gift card, which I went crazy about in my post yesterday.  Kristen found an incredible “Oriental box,” as the sticker on the bottom says, and I’m pretty sure it’s genuine and straight from Asia (seriously).  It’s sitting right behind me on our pretty little shelf in the dining room.  Kaci blessed me with even more old books, every one of which has been strategically placed around our house (thanks to my sweet, sweet Emily) to maximize their beauty, as well as an old camera!!  Eek!

And finally, in honor of my 22nd birthday, and because this is what we listened to close to 22 times on my birthday, I present Taylor to you:

a few wishes – j.crew style

For my birthday last week, Danny gave me a J.Crew gift card.  I guess he read my blog and found out that I feel pretty strongly about that place.  It was so sweet, and perfect for a gal who hasn’t bought clothes in ages (this is a true statement).  I’ve been browsing the J.Crew site ever since to decide exactly what I’ll spend my precious dollars on.  It’s tough, because right now almost everything looks tempting.  Especially swimwear and cover ups, since we have a beautiful pool just steps away from our apartment.

jcrew swim wish list final

1)  Isn’t this pretty?  I love the buttons of this tunic and how loose and comfy it looks.  A perfect poolside cover up, I think.

2) This bag would be so great for toting magazines and books and sunscreen to the pool, or even hauling a few things home from the grocery store.

3) In my opinion, these are the best kind of flip-flops for the pool/beach.  They won’t be damaged by water, and they won’t get stained from sweaty feet (does this only happen to me?).  Plus gold will go with most any swimsuit or dress.

4) This suit is amazing looking.  I am seriously very tempted to buy it, especially since J.Crew has free shipping (and returns, too!) for swimwear.  Bonus: I think the strap can be removed.

5) I am confused as to why this dress is in the cover up section of J.Crew’s site, since it looks perfect for summer barbeques and afternoons at the zoo.  I think I would use this for whatever I wanted and not just covering up to and from the pool (although I think it would do a good job of that too).  

6) Ooh!  This suit is fantastic.  So simple yet so classic and cute.  Also at the top of my seriously-considering-buying list.  

Other favorites from good ol’ J.Crew…

I’ve also been eyeing dresses, since it’s summer and I want to wear them all day, every day, everywhere, all the time.  It would be a real shame to overlook J.Crew Factory, which has very similar styles to those found on the J.Crew website, but at much lower prices.  Sales are often much more common here as well.  I am absolutely loving the dresses they have right now, as well as some great tops and cardigans.

jcrew factory dress wish list final

1) I don’t know if I could realistically pull this dress off, but the colors are great and so very summery.

2) Classy 4th of July outfit anyone?  I’ll be in Alaska on the big day, where this dress may not be suitable for the weather.  It’s worth a try though.

3) This is my favorite dress on J.Crew Factory’s site right now.  The design, the colors, the cut.  So great.

4) We’re going to San Diego in just a few weeks, and this dress just screams “BEACH!  OCEAN!  BOARDWALK!” to me.  Call me crazy, but I think this dress is calling my name.

5) Yellow.  Dress.  Where were you last fall (when I needed bridesmaid dresses)?!  But since it’s here now, can someone invite me to a fancy party of some sort so I can justify buying this dress right now?

jcrew factory top wish list final

6) If you really know me well, you know that I am afraid of birds.  Like seriously scared of them.  However, there’s just something about this shirt that just keeps catching my eye and singing, “Look at me!  Look at me!  You know you love me…you know you love me…you know you love me…”

7) Doesn’t this cardigan look perfect for cool summer evenings…and fall and spring, too, so it would get a lot of use.  Right?  After all, it’s called the “always cardigan” on the website.

8) Under sweaters, over a swimsuit, by itself…this shirt would be well-loved  Plus it would go with black shorts, brown shorts, white shorts, khaki shorts, jean shorts…yep, pretty much everything.

9) Look at how bright and fun this cardigan is!  I love the way it cascades down the front.  Oh and the stripes too.  Also perfect for many seasons, as well as being spotted from far away.

10) This picture doesn’t do this tank justice, but it is amazing.  I saw it in the store recently, and fell in love.

11) I have another J.Crew Factory shirt with bikes on it, and this one is great also.  I like how large and striking the bike is.  Plus the color is so…wow!