march adventures

It’s the seventh of May today, but on the first of March, we went out to brunch at Overeasy with our friends Mark and Allison after church.  I went for my classic lemon blueberry pancakes, and Danny tried the new veggie burger.  Everything was great – Overeasy has quickly become one of our favorite places in Colorado Springs.

The following weekend, we checked a few more things off our Colorado Springs bucket list and went to the Pioneer Museum.  If you live in Colorado Springs, you should check out the Pioneer Museum – once.  If you don’t live here, well, I don’t necessarily recommend it.  The building itself is beautiful and historic, but the displays are dated and sometimes lengthy.  I’m glad that we went, but I probably wouldn’t take out-of-town visitors.



 After the museum, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, our first visit of 2015.  It was a bit snowy, but we were bundled up, and found that the animals were easier to spot against the backdrop of the snow.


The tiger was pacing along the fence, and kept slipping on the ice…we felt a little sad for him, but to be honest, it was kind of funny too.


 On a Tuesday evening, we went to a screening of “Trade of Innocents” at Colorado College that I had seen advertised at the library.  It was a very well done movie on human trafficking in Southeast Asia, and the Q&A panel that followed was eye-opening as well.

During the third weekend in March, we spent an afternoon hiking at Ute Valley Park.  A great park that is literally IN Colorado Springs, we enjoyed checking out one of the trails on a nicer-than-expected Saturday.


 On Sunday, we went to Danny’s parents’ house after church for a walk to Garden of the Gods, veggie burgers, and games – it was another beautiful day.  Right before the sun started to set, Danny and I headed up to Palmer Lake and played a game of frisbee golf as well.

In the evening, we capped off a busy Sunday by hearing Kevin Campbell, a vice president of The Exodus Road, speak at a small group we sometimes attend.  I read “The Exodus Road: A Wife’s Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue” by Laura Parker (who is a co-founder of The Exodus Road) in the fall, and was intrigued when I heard that Kevin would be speaking.  Hearing Kevin was very interesting and impactful, and I think we both left glad that we had taken the time to attend.

We spent the fourth weekend in March in Denver, which I recapped here.

The last weekend in March, we took advantage of spring finally coming and being outside both Friday night and Saturday.  Friday evening we rode our bikes along a trail we’ve had our eye on for a while.  We got on the trail off of Nevada Avenue, right behind Costco, and rode north for a while, before we turned around and went south for a bit and saw one of the best views of Pikes Peak I’ve seen in the Springs (not sure why I didn’t take any pictures).  A tasty dinner at Smashburger capped off a great evening.


On Saturday we played mini golf at Adventure Golf off of Woodmen Road and I-25, and checked out the Money Museum, which is located on the Colorado College Campus.  Where the Pioneer Museum was lacking, the Money Museum was not.  I think we were both pleasantly surprised by the Money Museum, and while I may not take visitors there (it’s not necessarily a museum that would appeal to wide range of people), I was really glad that we went.  The exhibits were attractive and engaging and the information educational and new (to us at least).  We even skimmed (as opposed to attentively reading each exhibit) the whole bottom floor because we were enjoying the museum so much but wanted to get hiking before the sun went down!




We intended to hike the Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Cañon Park, which I had seen pictures of online and had have on my Colorado Springs bucket list, but alas, it was not be found – at least not by us.  We started out hiking a trail we thought was leading us to Seven Bridges, and then we abandoned hope and decided to follow the trail to St. Mary’s Falls, until deciding it would be in our best interest to turn around before it got dark out (if I remember right, we didn’t start hiking until around 4:30).  For some reason, we came across a lot of…interesting?…people on the trail.  I don’t know…it was kind of strange.  We haven’t been on a trail with so many characters like this one.  Despite not finding the trail we wanted and feeling a little weirded out by some of our trail mates, we enjoyed being outside and being together and exploring a new area.  Colorado Springs has so much to offer!





And that about sums March up!  Now let’s see if I can do an April wrap-up before June starts! :)


february adventures

February… feels like a long time ago!  Maybe that’s because it’s almost May.  Regardless, I wanted to do a quick overview of some of February before I totally forget.

We watched the Super Bowl on the first day of February at home with our friends Mark and Allison and ate our weight in seven layer dip (and chips and guacamole and cupcakes).  It was nice and low-key…my favorite type of party.

February 5 – 9th we spent in San Antonio in a combo business trip/vacation (well, it was basically all vacation for me, and mostly all work for Danny, but it was great fun nonetheless).  I shared lots of photos and thoughts on San Antonio here.

Valentine’s Day this year fell on a Saturday, which was all kinds of fun.  We made cinnamon rolls (with PINK frosting) for breakfast, played a couple of games of Ticket to Ride, and went on a tour of Serenity Springs Wildlife Center in the afternoon.


I had bought an Amazon Local deal for Serenity Springs a few weeks prior, and the decent weather we had that day prompted us to use it.  We enjoyed our hour-long tour of the center, and saw lots of tigers and lions, as well as some more unusual animals like ligers, servals, leopards, coutimundis, and caracals.  Our tour group was very large, which was kind of too bad, but we still got plenty of chances to see the animals up close.  My favorite was probably definitely the baby tiger (only a few weeks old!), but we enjoyed all of the animals, really.






DSC01373We had a late lunch at Tokyo Joe’s (thanks to a great BOGO coupon) and then headed home and started dinner because I knew dinner was going to be a process but I didn’t know it was going to be a PROCESS.  I chose a homemade (vegan) ravioli recipe, thinking, “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day!  We should make something extra special together because that will be so fun and, of course, yummy!”  I overlooked the fact that our cinnamon rolls that morning had taken hours longer than anticipated, and we had spent the afternoon walking around a wildlife center and probably would’ve been quite happy to just eat pizza and park in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.  The ravioli, while quite labor intensive, was good, but the primary thing you should know is that Danny is a CHAMPION in the kitchen.  I have a twelve photos of the ravioli-making process and Danny is in every one of them, which I think is evidence that he really did all of the work.

DSC01385I think we might have watched “Maleficent” after we finished with our dinner, but I can’t quite remember. If it wasn’t that night, it was sometime around then.  I do remember making another questionable decision which involved us making lemon strawberry cakes that looked oh so cute for Valentine’s Day…when someone else is making them for you.  I don’t want to relive this poor choice more than I have to, so I’ll just say that they did not turn out well at all, and it was probably my fault and not the recipe’s.

We also took an extended trip to Greeley in the middle of February.  We drove up on a Wednesday night after work, and stayed until Sunday after lunch.  I got to see my friends Sarah and Kaci, we had lunch with Danny’s brother and his wife, I helped my mom in her class all day on Friday, we went bowling (and experienced bowling alley food for the first time), and had an overall very good time.




And that just about sums it up.  February 2015 in the Everett household!  A good month indeed.

all aboard! a trip on the pikes peak cog railway

Last week I came upon a coupon for the Pikes Peak Cog Railway by accident, and so this past Sunday, Danny and I made plans to take the cog railway from Manitou Springs to the top of Pikes Peak.  Well, birthday celebrations took an exciting turn when we started watching home videos of my mother-in-law and her giant belly when she was pregnant with Danny and his twin brother James, and before we knew it, it was too late to make the ride up the mountain.  So on Monday, Danny convinced me to try again, and after a tasty lunch at Seeds Community Cafe in downtown Colorado Springs, we drove up to Manitou and picked up our tickets.



We boarded the train and left at 2:40pm.  At first, I thought that we had awful seats, but in reality, I think they’re among the best seats available.  There are three seats next to the engineer on the way up and three next to him on the way down (the cog doesn’t turn around – the front of the train on the way up is the back of the train on the way down), and they face a huge window, not other people like every other seat aboard.  I ended up loving our seats – they really made for some amazing, unobstructed views.

The trip up the mountain…











About an hour and fifteen minutes later, we were at the top of Pikes Peak.  And it was cold.  Thirty-three degrees, to be exact, with a windchill of 24 degrees.  I was so thankful that Danny had been kind enough to run back to the car at the last minute before we got on the cog and grab my heavy jacket – I would have been miserable in just the light jacket I had on.  At the top, we went straight for the donuts.  You know, the famous ones that cost $5.25 for six and taste like the ones my parents make over the camp fire with Pillsbury rolls?  Well, maybe it was the cold or the hype, but they were delicious.  We walked around the summit and tried not to blow over.  It really was neat up there.  And Mom, I promise we weren’t as close to the edge as the pictures make it look. :)












DSC00589The whistle blew three times, and it was time to board the train for the ride back down.  It couldn’t have come at a better time – the 30 minutes we had at the top were just about right, as we were getting mighty cold.  The ride down was just as nice as the way up, but maybe even a bit nicer, because we didn’t feel the pressure to take pictures since we had gotten so many on the way up.  But, because I couldn’t resist completely (those fall colors…), here’s a few more…





We got back to Manitou around 6pm, and stopped by Danny’s parents’ house for some veggie burgers on our way home (thanks, Keith and Susie!).  It wasn’t the clearest of days for the cog, but we had a lot of fun, and I’m so glad that we ended up doing it after all.  The fact that it was/is fall really added a fun element to the trip, especially since for some reason or another, I didn’t expect to see any fall colors on our ride.  And many thanks to Danny and Susie for convincing me that it’d be worth it :)

everyone loves august

You know me and writing my monthly recap posts long after the month itself has past.  This month is (obviously) no different, but I have a bit of a good excuse – we were out of the country for two weeks seeing London and Paris and I stayed away from things like email and blogging during that time.  So here we go, August 2014.

On August 1st, my manager at work retired.  She was the best boss I’ve ever had and she will be dearly missed at PPLD.  We had a breakfast party for her in the morning before the library opened up…and I think all of us cried at least a little bit.

Over the first weekend in August, Danny and I enjoyed going to the Parade of Homes here in Colorado Springs.  We went last year after I won a pair of tickets and had so much fun, so this year we decided to go again, and we had a great time.  We love seeing the different homes but our favorite part is how the interiors are decorated.  Here’s a few of my favorite things that we saw…really loving, from top to bottom, the beetle kill wood wall, the window seat, and the wall paper, plus the cozy looking headboards and all the gray!  So many fun rooms and ideas.




My mom came to visit for a few fun days before she started school and it was the best.  She treated us to lunch at Hacienda Colorado (I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again, Hacienda Colorado is tops), we went for a walk on our nature path, and we hiked at Red Rock Open Space.






This was the first time either one of us had been to Red Rock Open Space, and I mean, how could you not want to go back?!  It is truly one of Colorado Springs’ hidden gems, if you ask me.

Also during the first full week of August we met my parents at Adventure Golf in the Denver area and spent the evening riding go-karts and playing mini golf.  It was a blast.



^^ Look at that feast my mom packed for us! ^^




^^ And there was even funnel cake! ^^




Over the second weekend in August, Danny had his big television debut as our friends Andrew and Lisa invited him to be a part of a scene in their House Hunters show.  We’ll let you know how it turns out when the episode premieres in December.  My friend and maid of honor, Andrea, came to visit as well.  We went to the zoo, ate at Seeds, checked out Poor Richard’s bookstore, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  It was fun to have her finally see where we live and be able to see her off before she headed to Amsterdam, where she’ll be for a few months (jealous!).


The third weekend of August we had dinner with Danny’s brother and his wife, as well as a high school friend of theirs, Ethan, on Friday night.  The sky was especially pretty that evening…


On Saturday we went to a few more stops on the Parade of Homes…we both loved that pretty kitchen, especially with all its natural light!  And the bottom picture, where Danny’s showing off the headboard?  That’s a rug, framed by painted wood.  Clever, huh?



In the afternoon we went to Park Meadows for some shopping – mostly looking for shoes and such for our trip.  We also had a delicious dinner at Lyfe Kitchen, a new restaurant just above Anthropologie.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s good, and has a great vegan menu too!  Danny had a burger and I had a wrap, and just look at that neat herb garden – in the middle of the restaurant!



We stopped at Starbucks for a little treat after more shopping.  (This might be a good time to say that I think we left the mall with only one pair of shoes – we did a lot of looking but not a lot of buying.)  It was the first time I’d been to Starbucks since college, so it was really fun to ‘splurge’ a little (with a gift card from my birthday – thanks Sarah!) and, besides, the outdoor part of Park Meadows is so pretty!  I want to go there just to read and drink more raspberry green tea (or whatever that tasty concoction was).  And after that Danny was in a particularly sweet mood and went to the American Girl store with me as I relived my childhood and gasped at how high their prices have gotten!  I mean, they’ve always been high, but over $100 for just a doll?!



During the third weekend of August, Danny and I went to a Sky Sox game where we both wore our winter jackets!  It sure has been a bizarre summer!  We spent Saturday at Red Rock Open Space (surprised?), the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and with our friends Andrew and Lisa, playing mini golf, eating frozen yogurt, and seeing their new house…







On Sunday, we went to church, for a bike ride around our neighborhood, and on a date to La Casa Fiesta, a Mexican restaurant in Monument I’ve been wanting to try because of their awesome looking patio.  The food was good and the patio was great, but it’s no Hacienda Colorado.


During the last week of August, I got to see my friend Jessica, who had just returned from spending three months in Jerusalem.  It was so fun to see her photos and hear about her experiences.  We also hosted our friend Chris (you know, who we went to see – along with his wife and daughter – in Boise back in May) all week long, which was a lot of fun.  He was pretty busy with seminary classes, but when he wasn’t, we enjoyed spending time together and catching up on the past couple of months.  Looking forward to when he might come back again in January!

And then it was Labor Day, which I wrote all about here!

August was really a fun month.  Overall we had good weather and enjoyed the opportunities we had to see family and friends.  This is where I’d normally say something about how I’m looking forward to September, but seeing how there’s only two days left, I guess I’ll just say this: September was great and y’all can look forward to some posts on our trip coming soon!

labor day weekend

There’s not much I love more than a good three-day weekend.  Especially the kind where we both have all three days off of work…which was the case this past Labor Day weekend!  In fact, we both had a half day on Friday, which made it all the better.

We spent Friday evening at H&M kind of on accident…Danny was casually looking for a suit so I took a look around, tried on more things than I can count, and went home with a bunch of stuff while D came away empty-handed!  My favorite find?  This pretty dress that I’ve already worn twice.  In fact, look for it later on in this post!

On Saturday we woke up early to go to the Colorado Balloon Classic.  Remember when we went to the hot air balloon festival in Canon City back in May?  And it was too windy for the balloons?  Well, we were not disappointed this time!  It was amazing!  A few pictures, if you’d like to see…






On our way out of the park, we came across some parachuters from the Air Force Academy jumping from planes and into the field we were in!  It was so fun to watch them leave the plane and slowly get closer and closer and then land in front of us.


It was definitely time for breakfast by the time we got back to the car, so we scoured my stash of coupons and decided to go somewhere nice: Waffle House.  I had never been there before (and felt like there was no need for that to change), but Danny had fond memories of going there in the olden days, back when he was in a band and blew all his money there after shows (his words, not mine).  Apparently we were a little ambitious in our ordering, though, as we both got two waffles and split three hash browns.  Next time, we’ll each have one waffle and split the hash browns.  See that?  Next time.  It wasn’t so bad after all.


We spent the afternoon doing a bit more shopping, as I was/am on the hunt for a cognac cross body bag to wear on our trip and Danny was looking for insoles for his shoes.  After the shopping Danny played football with some pals as well.

In the evening, we went to the wedding of our friends Michael and Amy in Manitou Springs.  Danny was friends with Amy in high school, and he currently works out with Michael most days, and now all four of us are friends!  It was a beautiful wedding, and no doubt the fanciest one we’ve ever been to.  We got to see lots of Danny’s friends from high school and had a lot of fun dancing together and eating wedding cake.  And oh, look, there’s my H&M dress…


We didn’t get home till the wee hours of the morning, where my parents and brother were waiting for us.  Well, my parents were asleep but Mysteridge was up reading.

On Sunday morning we all woke up and ate muffins…from Sprouts.  Since we had been up so late, baking something special for breakfast was the last thing I wanted to do, so I was thankful that my mom had thought ahead and picked up some tasty muffins from Sprouts. They even have fresh vegan muffins these days!

We went to church and walked across the street to Acacia Park afterwards because not only do they have a neat market there every Sunday, but my father-in-law was playing with his band, Gertrude Told Us So, there.  We listened to the great music, looked at some of the booths, and sampled some chocolate.  Afterwards, we went to my in-law’s house for a BBQ with some of the band’s groupies (friends and family).  It was a great time to see Danny’s siblings and their significant others, as well as some other family friends.  And so fun that my family was able to come too.

In the mid-afternoon, we made our way to Red Rock Open Space.  There’s no doubt that after discovering this neat place with my mom in August, it’s become one of my favorite Colorado Springs spots.




DSC02064We went back to our place for dinner and all five of us pitched in the make fajitas.  We spent most of the remainder of the evening in the hot tub, or pool, for those of us not interested in the strange people with a 12 pack of Coors Light and cigarettes sitting in the hot tub (both of which are expressly prohibited).

On Monday we had a lazy morning.  We made and ate donuts for breakfast, worked out (you know, to make up for the donuts), and figured out what we should do the rest of the day.  We decided to go to Fox Run Regional Park and play badminton and frisbee and velcro ball.  The park was crowded, but a good time was had by all.

We met my grandparents in Denver for an early dinner at Hacienda Colorado (do not even get my started on how much I love that place) to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my Grandma’s successful kidney transplant (my mom supplied the kidney, btw).  Lunch was so good.  And because my mom’s meal came out about three minutes after the rest of ours, we all got free dessert.  Told you I loved Hacienda Colorado.  Twelve sopaipillas and one pound of chocolate cake later, we were stuffed.

After we all parted ways, Danny and I went to Park Meadows quickly to look at a few things and then to Ikea for a couple of household items before realizing that there was a fantasy football draft happening in about forty-five minutes.  We didn’t have enough time to get through the store and check out and get home before it started, so we sat in the Ikea cafe until they closed and Danny ‘drafted’ players for the upcoming ‘season.’  It was awful awesome.

So there you have it.  Labor Day weekend 2014 in all it’s glory.

the glory of june

Believe it or not, July is half over.  June was so fun – we made a trip to Chicago (here, here, and here), my parents and brother came to visit, Danny wrapped up his softball season, we went to the pool, and just enjoyed the warmer weather – our first month in 2014 so far without snow!  I guess you could say it was a pretty glorious month.

On the very first day of the month, we had dinner with our friends Joe and Anya and their kids.  We spent New Year’s with them, and hadn’t seen them since!  Waaay too long, I know.  A few days later, we went to a gender reveal party for some friends of ours who are expecting…a boy!…in October.  I guess we’re starting to move past the stage where we feel like we’re going to weddings all the time and into one that’s filled with babies!

Our dear friend Austin was in town that week as well, and she blessed us with some time with her one evening.  Austin is one of those people who we get to see about once a year, and while we wish she lived down the street, she lives such a super amazing adventurous life that I wouldn’t want her to, because I know she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.  If you want to see what she’s up to, look here.  In the past week she wove a basket out of coconut tree leaves and encountered a real live octopus…I told you she’s awesome.

Long before I worked at the library and long before I even knew I’d been living in Colorado Springs, this library has been in the works.  And finally, on June 21st, it opened.  A couple of weeks before, though, staff was invited for a sneak peek.  Danny and I had fun exploring the library while it was still quiet and not quite done, as well as seeing lots of people I’ve worked with both as a volunteer and as a staff member at different libraries in the district over the past year or so.  Oh and they had all these “Selfie Stations” sprinkled throughout…so that’s why we’re taking the picture below and why that silly little sign is behind us.  And in the picture below it, if you look hard, you can see me blending in with the carpet.


DSC08603^^ Can you see me down there? ^^

During the second week of June, Danny and I went to a Sky Sox game together, which was fun, but maybe a little cold and a tiny bit boring, so next time I think we’ll go with friends and blanket.  I posted a picture of that evening here.

We also met my parents, along with Mysteridge and his friend Peter at Adventure Golf & Raceway in the Denver area and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate too well.  We were able to play a round of mini golf and go around the go kart track once before the place shut down, but we didn’t let the weather win and finished the evening out with some frozen yogurt and a visit to my grandparents’ (now sold) house.  We had fun despite the rainy weather, and plan to try again in August, since we didn’t get as much time there as we had hoped.




We wrapped up the week with a game night with Danny’s parents (we love Buzz Word!) and a BBQ with Mark and Allison at Andrew and Lisa’s.  (Sidenote: Just found out today that Andrew and Lisa are going to be on House Hunters.  Yes, House Hunters as in the show on HGTV.  So excited for them!)  We played Mad Gab together after dinner and found out that Lisa is the best ever at Mad Gab and Allison and I are the worst ever.

And then, for Father’s Day weekend, my parents and Mysteridge came to visit!  We spent Sunday at church, the Sky Sox game, and in our pool, and Monday morning we snuck in some hiking in Palmer Lake before I had to work.  I love having family live close enough to visit for the weekend!











On the night of Danny’s last softball game, we went out to Hacienda Colorado for a date.  He’d been there twice within the past month and had such a good experience, that he thought we should go together.  He was right.  The food was the best I’ve had north of the U.S. – Mexico border.  Just remembering that food makes me think that maybe we need a date night this week too…



Aaaaaand in June we said, “See you next year!” to softball.  I know I talked about it last month, but what a fun six weeks it was!  I’m so proud of Danny for all he did to make the season a success.  And apparently his teammates were, too, because he ended up with a  cupcake in his face at the end of the game!




After we got back from Chicago, the last few days of June were all about the pool work.  We did squeeze in a Sunday afternoon at the pool and a dinner out at Duca’s, though.



I think it’s fair to say that June was a great month, and July has a lot to live up to. :)


the month of may

Well.  Long time no see!  I have been working so much more than ever before, which is great, but it does keep me on my toes and force me to use my time a bit differently.  This summer promises to be excellent, though, so I hope to keep up with what we’re up to a bit better.

May kicked off with our trip to Boise which will no doubt go down as one of the best weeks ever.  I love me some Burgess family and now, Boise too.  The green belt, the trees, the pretty neighborhoods, the cookie butter…I just can’t stop.  It was good.

My parents and Mysteridge came to visit over Mother’s Day weekend.  We went to church, where Danny has been leading worship for the past five weeks, went to Red Robin for lunch, and ate an apple cranberry pie that Mysteridge, Danny, and I made together.  Mysteridge stayed another couple of days, and the weather was rain rain rainy, so we occupied ourselves with games and grocery shopping.  And Mysteridge will probably never want to visit again because it was so boring.  (I hope that’s not true.) (In reality we had fun, but we did stay inside about 98% of the time.)

Danny kicked off summer spring by organizing a softball team.  He has put so much time and effort into making this team a reality, and even though they may not have a winning record, it has been so much fun.  Tuesday evenings have the been the highlight of my week for the past couple months, because not only do I get to watch Danny play softball (and look really good in his uniform), but I get to sit in the stands with all the wives of his teammates.  Which means I have gained about seven new friends in the past six weeks.  Softball season = roaring success.

Over my birthday weekend, Danny and I went to Pueblo to check out their zoo and river walk.  I’ll share more pictures and details in another post, but here’s a preview…



On my actual birthday, Danny made a delicious blueberry coffee cake and decorated the table with puppies!  I know.  It was so precious.  He also gave me some really sweet gifts, including this book that I found at the library a couple of months ago and have known ever since that it’s one I want to own, the official DVD of William & Kate’s wedding which I plan on watching every April 29th for the rest of my life, and this precious tea set.  Isn’t it pretty?


I got to spend the rest of the day with my mom in Denver – she even took the day off to do it!  We enjoyed walking around Washington Park (our first time there, and let me tell you, we will be going back!  What a great place!), eating at Native Foods (and yes, we had peanut butter parfaits), and shopping at World Market.  My biggest regret: not taking any pictures.

Danny and I went to HuHot for dinner and I decided that eating there officially makes me feel sick.  Danny’s parents came over for dessert and brought a tasty lemon cake that covered over the damage that dinner did.  They also gifted me with a zoo membership (again!), which I have already put to good use.  We love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (last year I went 13 times!) and I can’t wait to make another 13 visits this year!


The following Saturday, after I got off work, my sweet, sweet friend Sarah came to visit.  We ate dinner and went to the new frozen yogurt place across the street from our apartment, and eventually we sent Danny to bed and sat on our couch and talked until it was Sunday morning.  Like really talk and listen and cry and realize that you’re both walking through similar hard, tough, confusing things.  I wish this lady was my next door neighbor.

DSC08542On Memorial Day weekend, Danny and I got really crazy and went to Canon City for a night.  Here’s our “we-are-so-spontaneous-and-leaving-town-on-a-couple-minutes-notice” picture…


More pictures to come, but we had a lot of fun.  One of my highlights of our 24 hours away was this trail…


Also in May: Danny became a bike commuter.  I know.  Be impressed.  Every day that he rides to and from work with his heavy backpack on, I am so proud.  Look at him!  Colorado Springs’ cutest bike commuter.

DSC08598And that, folks, is how we Everetts spent May.  Looking forward to June and all of its glory…I know it’ll be a good one.