This Is Me

I’m a newlywed.


A recent college graduate who recently started working at a nearby library.


A daughter.

at the beginning of the aisle

A sister.

mysteridge n me

A friend.

love these gals so much

 A vegan.

A Jesus-lover

A dreamer.

I love to read when I pull myself away from things that suck me in, like the internet and organizing.  I love having time to kill and going to library and walking through the aisles just because.

I love my husband.  We got married not too long ago (01.03.13) on the most beautiful and perfect day of our lives and absolutely love that we now get to live together and have sleepovers every night.  We hope to travel all over America and the world together while laughing and taking lots and lots of pictures.  Read more about our wedding here, here, here, here, and here.

I love magazines and also pandas.

I love my family (my dad, mom, and brother).  I used to live in the same town as my immediate family which was amazingly wonderful, but now my husband and I live a little less than two hours away, in the lovely town of Colorado Springs.  My aunt/uncle/cousins live in the same city as us, but we pretty much only see them on holidays and birthdays (aka not enough).  As far as all the others, they live many states away.  Once every year and half or so is far too long to go without being with family.

I love our apartment complex, the close proximity to the highway and the nice amenities all within steps of our home…gym, business center, pool and hot tub, and the nice ladies that work there.  We’re not really close to anything except a gas station, which is important because it has a Redbox.  I love that every window of our apartment looks out on the mountains and I get to watch the sunrise and sunset almost every day.  I love renting because when something goes wrong, we submit a maintenance request and it gets taken care of within twenty-four hours – at no cost to us.  Also because we don’t have to shovel snow (which we get a fair amount of here).  I also have a fabulous roommate who happens to also be my husband.  Oh, and we have two bedrooms, which means one for us and one for you, so come visit!

I love Jesus.  He loved me first, and it’s hard to resist someone who gave up His life for you and wants to bless you abundantly and allow you to live with Him forever and ever and ever.  In a beautiful, wonderful, unimaginable place.  He’s washed me and made me pure as snow, which is saying a lot, because I’ve done a lot of terrible things.  My true Father always listens, is always available, forgets all the times I’ve failed, and will never, ever leave me.  And He’s even written a Book for me.  A very Good Book.  His love changes me daily as I am humbled by His grace and mercy.  What a great God I serve!


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