march adventures

It’s the seventh of May today, but on the first of March, we went out to brunch at Overeasy with our friends Mark and Allison after church.  I went for my classic lemon blueberry pancakes, and Danny tried the new veggie burger.  Everything was great – Overeasy has quickly become one of our favorite places in Colorado Springs.

The following weekend, we checked a few more things off our Colorado Springs bucket list and went to the Pioneer Museum.  If you live in Colorado Springs, you should check out the Pioneer Museum – once.  If you don’t live here, well, I don’t necessarily recommend it.  The building itself is beautiful and historic, but the displays are dated and sometimes lengthy.  I’m glad that we went, but I probably wouldn’t take out-of-town visitors.



 After the museum, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, our first visit of 2015.  It was a bit snowy, but we were bundled up, and found that the animals were easier to spot against the backdrop of the snow.


The tiger was pacing along the fence, and kept slipping on the ice…we felt a little sad for him, but to be honest, it was kind of funny too.


 On a Tuesday evening, we went to a screening of “Trade of Innocents” at Colorado College that I had seen advertised at the library.  It was a very well done movie on human trafficking in Southeast Asia, and the Q&A panel that followed was eye-opening as well.

During the third weekend in March, we spent an afternoon hiking at Ute Valley Park.  A great park that is literally IN Colorado Springs, we enjoyed checking out one of the trails on a nicer-than-expected Saturday.


 On Sunday, we went to Danny’s parents’ house after church for a walk to Garden of the Gods, veggie burgers, and games – it was another beautiful day.  Right before the sun started to set, Danny and I headed up to Palmer Lake and played a game of frisbee golf as well.

In the evening, we capped off a busy Sunday by hearing Kevin Campbell, a vice president of The Exodus Road, speak at a small group we sometimes attend.  I read “The Exodus Road: A Wife’s Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue” by Laura Parker (who is a co-founder of The Exodus Road) in the fall, and was intrigued when I heard that Kevin would be speaking.  Hearing Kevin was very interesting and impactful, and I think we both left glad that we had taken the time to attend.

We spent the fourth weekend in March in Denver, which I recapped here.

The last weekend in March, we took advantage of spring finally coming and being outside both Friday night and Saturday.  Friday evening we rode our bikes along a trail we’ve had our eye on for a while.  We got on the trail off of Nevada Avenue, right behind Costco, and rode north for a while, before we turned around and went south for a bit and saw one of the best views of Pikes Peak I’ve seen in the Springs (not sure why I didn’t take any pictures).  A tasty dinner at Smashburger capped off a great evening.


On Saturday we played mini golf at Adventure Golf off of Woodmen Road and I-25, and checked out the Money Museum, which is located on the Colorado College Campus.  Where the Pioneer Museum was lacking, the Money Museum was not.  I think we were both pleasantly surprised by the Money Museum, and while I may not take visitors there (it’s not necessarily a museum that would appeal to wide range of people), I was really glad that we went.  The exhibits were attractive and engaging and the information educational and new (to us at least).  We even skimmed (as opposed to attentively reading each exhibit) the whole bottom floor because we were enjoying the museum so much but wanted to get hiking before the sun went down!




We intended to hike the Seven Bridges Trail in North Cheyenne Cañon Park, which I had seen pictures of online and had have on my Colorado Springs bucket list, but alas, it was not be found – at least not by us.  We started out hiking a trail we thought was leading us to Seven Bridges, and then we abandoned hope and decided to follow the trail to St. Mary’s Falls, until deciding it would be in our best interest to turn around before it got dark out (if I remember right, we didn’t start hiking until around 4:30).  For some reason, we came across a lot of…interesting?…people on the trail.  I don’t know…it was kind of strange.  We haven’t been on a trail with so many characters like this one.  Despite not finding the trail we wanted and feeling a little weirded out by some of our trail mates, we enjoyed being outside and being together and exploring a new area.  Colorado Springs has so much to offer!





And that about sums March up!  Now let’s see if I can do an April wrap-up before June starts! :)


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