a denver getaway

Over the third weekend in March, Danny and I headed up to Denver for a little getaway.  We’ve been trying to leave town for at least one night at least once a month in 2015 (trips to Greeley don’t count), and Denver was our destination of choice for March.  It’s close, has a lot to do, and is the home of some of our dear friends.

We broke our (very short, hour-long) drive up by stopping on our way up north for a hike at Dawson Butte.  It was a great hike, located not far off of I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock, and includes section through both woods and prairie.  Here we are in our (light) jackets, right after we started…


DSC01465^^ Danny was feeling like quite the Colorado hiker with his wool socks pulled up and his Merrells.  I can’t say for sure, but he may have gotten a little warm in those socks as we continued. ;) ^^


Our jackets were around our waists as we made our way out of the woods and around the plains.  We may have gotten a little pink on our faces as well…we weren’t expecting such nice weather in mid-March and didn’t bring the sunscreen!

After a picnic lunch at the trailhead, we drove to downtown Denver and toured the Byers-Evans house.  We really enjoyed our tour – it was just the two of us and our tour guide!  An beautiful (and deceivingly large) home with some interesting history.


From there we drove a few blocks to the Denver Firefighters Museum.  I’m not gonna lie…the museum wasn’t all we’d hoped it would be.  The highlight was probably dressing up in the coats and hats (made for children, if you’re wondering why they look a little…ill-fitting?…on us) and climbing into the (fake) fire truck.





The day was so beautiful, we knew we had to get out of museums and back outside.  I searched for parks in our GPS, and decided to head for Sloan’s Lake.  Neither of us had been there before, but it was a perfect choice.  A little longer of a walk than we were expecting (much to Danny’s and my TOMS-clad feet’s dismay), but a great way to enjoy a pretty spring day.  We also stopped halfway through to cross the street for some Chick-fil-a waffle fries and lemonade.  I’m not especially proud that this is my favorite guilty pleasure, but it’s true.


I did a bit of research on vegan friendly places in Denver before we left, and we decided on Sputnik for dinner.  We shared a cubano and mac-n-cheese, and while both were good, the cubano was amazing.  It was our first experience with jackfruit, and we can’t wait to get some more.

After dinner we checked into our hotel, but found a few things about it to be not quite as we had hoped and spent a while in the parking lot trying to get the room cancelled and refunded, and then deciding whether we’d just head home or find somewhere else to stay in the area.  We ended up at the Hampton Inn, just off of the last exit in Denver, and only thirty minutes from our apartment.  Oops.  It was a very nice place, though, and we thoroughly enjoyed its breakfast, fitness center, and pool.

We’d planned to go to church with our friends Amanda and Oliver on Sunday morning, and then out for lunch, but due to our more-hectic-than-expected evening the night before, we took a rain check on church and met for a delicious brunch/lunch at 11am at Watercourse Foods.  I had been hearing about Watercourse Foods for about a year and half, but had never gotten around to checking it out, and now I know that we’ve have been missing out.  Big time.  Everything on the menu is vegan, and as far as we can tell, tasty.  I foresee many more trips to Watercourse in our future.

After lunch Danny and I headed to Washington Park for a walk and some people/dog watching.  I went to Washington Park with my mom last year on my birthday, and knew I wanted to check it out again (and again).  It’s a great place for sports, walking, and checking out the gorgeous houses around its perimeter.  I wish we had something similar near us!  There’s also a pretty sweet ice cream place a couple of blocks away, Sweet Action, that we visited.  We split a vegan ice cream cookie sandwich and – wow – what a way to wrap up our weekend!


Thankful for beautiful weather, a chance to get away, dear friends to catch up with, and parks that remind me (just a smidge) of the glorious parks of London.  Until next time, Denver!


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