february adventures

February… feels like a long time ago!  Maybe that’s because it’s almost May.  Regardless, I wanted to do a quick overview of some of February before I totally forget.

We watched the Super Bowl on the first day of February at home with our friends Mark and Allison and ate our weight in seven layer dip (and chips and guacamole and cupcakes).  It was nice and low-key…my favorite type of party.

February 5 – 9th we spent in San Antonio in a combo business trip/vacation (well, it was basically all vacation for me, and mostly all work for Danny, but it was great fun nonetheless).  I shared lots of photos and thoughts on San Antonio here.

Valentine’s Day this year fell on a Saturday, which was all kinds of fun.  We made cinnamon rolls (with PINK frosting) for breakfast, played a couple of games of Ticket to Ride, and went on a tour of Serenity Springs Wildlife Center in the afternoon.


I had bought an Amazon Local deal for Serenity Springs a few weeks prior, and the decent weather we had that day prompted us to use it.  We enjoyed our hour-long tour of the center, and saw lots of tigers and lions, as well as some more unusual animals like ligers, servals, leopards, coutimundis, and caracals.  Our tour group was very large, which was kind of too bad, but we still got plenty of chances to see the animals up close.  My favorite was probably definitely the baby tiger (only a few weeks old!), but we enjoyed all of the animals, really.






DSC01373We had a late lunch at Tokyo Joe’s (thanks to a great BOGO coupon) and then headed home and started dinner because I knew dinner was going to be a process but I didn’t know it was going to be a PROCESS.  I chose a homemade (vegan) ravioli recipe, thinking, “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day!  We should make something extra special together because that will be so fun and, of course, yummy!”  I overlooked the fact that our cinnamon rolls that morning had taken hours longer than anticipated, and we had spent the afternoon walking around a wildlife center and probably would’ve been quite happy to just eat pizza and park in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.  The ravioli, while quite labor intensive, was good, but the primary thing you should know is that Danny is a CHAMPION in the kitchen.  I have a twelve photos of the ravioli-making process and Danny is in every one of them, which I think is evidence that he really did all of the work.

DSC01385I think we might have watched “Maleficent” after we finished with our dinner, but I can’t quite remember. If it wasn’t that night, it was sometime around then.  I do remember making another questionable decision which involved us making lemon strawberry cakes that looked oh so cute for Valentine’s Day…when someone else is making them for you.  I don’t want to relive this poor choice more than I have to, so I’ll just say that they did not turn out well at all, and it was probably my fault and not the recipe’s.

We also took an extended trip to Greeley in the middle of February.  We drove up on a Wednesday night after work, and stayed until Sunday after lunch.  I got to see my friends Sarah and Kaci, we had lunch with Danny’s brother and his wife, I helped my mom in her class all day on Friday, we went bowling (and experienced bowling alley food for the first time), and had an overall very good time.




And that just about sums it up.  February 2015 in the Everett household!  A good month indeed.