january adventures

During January, we spent most of our time that we weren’t working inside reading, watching movies, and staying warm.  We did have a few adventures worth noting, though.

Our friend Tim came to visit one weekend, arriving late Friday night (after I was in bed) and staying until Sunday early evening (while I was at work).  One of the highlights of the weekend was on Saturday afternoon when we ventured outside for a short hike in Palmer Lake.  We did the Spruce Mountain Trail, but didn’t last too long since the path was pretty snowy and icy.  It was great to get outside, though, and get some fresh air as well.






Another weekend we went up to south Denver and did a bit of shopping and exploring.  We started out at The Wildlife Experience in Parker, where we spent about an hour and a half looking at the exhibits and exploring the museum area, and then watched “Pandas: The Journey Home” in the theatre, which we really enjoyed.  I had a buy-one-get-one free coupon, which is primarily why we went (the combo ticket, which includes the museum and the theatre, is $14 per adult).  I think that the museum is geared towards children, but we certainly enjoyed ourselves and felt that there was plenty for us to see and do.  After The Wildlife Experience, we had lunch at Lyfe Kitchen at Park Meadows, and did some shopping/browsing at the mall afterwards.



Throughout January, we worked on a puzzle during the cold evenings and lazy Saturday mornings.  And because putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle of a dog is no easy task, we took a picture before putting it away the afternoon of the Super Bowl…


So far, February has been great: only one day of snow, a trip to San Antonio, and lots of pleasant (and by pleasant I mean it’s not below freezing during the day and no snow on the roads) weather, and more daylight – it’s already light by 6:30am now!


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