thanksgiving 2014

It may feel like it was years ago, but Thanksgiving 2014 was really only six weeks ago.  The Saturday before Thanksgiving we drove up to Greeley, and spent the next five nights at my parents’ house.  On Sunday, we went to church, and in the evening, Mysteridge was baptized.  It was really special to be there, and I’m so glad that the day he decided to be baptized corresponded with a time we were already planning to be in town!  A little group shot that was taken afterwards (both Danny and I missed the actual baptism shots – dead camera batteries and such to blame)…


On Monday I volunteered in my mom’s classroom and saw my friends Sarah and Jan while Danny worked. I love how our schedules have allowed us (me?) to do these kinds of fun things this past year.  So thankful for our jobs and their flexibility and for my parents letting us stay with them so much!

Tuesday I saw a few more friends (Kaci and Kate!!) and in the evening we drove to Denver because AMANDA AND OLIVER GOT ENGAGED!  Oliver not only planned an amazing day and proposal for his wife-to-be, but he also put together a great (surprise!) engagement party for them as well, and it was so very fun.  We love these two, and sharing in their joy was such a treat.

On Wednesday, my mom and dad were off of work and Mysteridge was off of school, so we volunteered at the Weld Food Bank in the morning, had lunch at Rumi’s with my parents, and put up the Christmas tree at night.  I love the day before Thanksgiving.




On Thanksgiving morning, Mysteridge and Danny ran the Turkey Trot.  As is usually the case, it was cold outside, but we weren’t there for long since our fellas are fast runners.  It was Danny’s first 5K, and I think he enjoyed it and did quite well, especially considering he decided the night before to run!


Once we got home after the race, things really swung into motion.  Mysteridge and Danny volunteered to carve the turkey (which I found slightly humorous since Danny and I are vegan and haven’t had turkey for many Thanksgivings now) and they did a great job.  My grandparents, Aunt Deanna & Uncle John and their three kids, and my mom’s friend Terri and her son joined us for a delicious Thanksgiving lunch…my mom does holidays well!


DSC02116 After lunch, we dove into my Aunt Deanna’s delicious pies pretty quickly, and then Danny and I took off.  We joined his siblings at his parents’ house in Colorado Springs for another delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and had a nice evening together.  We’re so thankful to have our families close enough to each other that we get to see everyone!  And now seems like a good time to give our families a well-deserved shout-out…they’re both so fantastic at making sure there’s plenty of vegan dishes for us to enjoy, and they’re always so delicious, too.  It’s extra work for them to put together special things for us, and we’re so thankful that they do.  Well, Thanksgiving 2014….you were a good one!


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