Currently, it’s one degree outside and the high for today is two degrees.  I’ve had the past couple of days off, and needless to say, I haven’t left the house in the past 48 hours.  I’d been seeing the forecasts for cold weather and perhaps even a touch of snow, so I took Monday morning as an opportunity to get some provisions and run some errands while it was still in the 60’s.  I figured it might be unnecessary since weather forecasts seem to change by the minute and are often unreliable, but now I’m oh so thankful that I did.

Last year I had some bad experiences driving in the snow and ice, and as a result, I’ve been dreading our first snow (and every one that will come after it) for months now.  In fact, I’ve gotten so serious about it that I’ve been talking about moving to Texas, which probably won’t happen, but somehow makes me feel better.  That, and the fact that I’ve convinced Danny to drive me to (and I guess, from) work for the foreseeable future.  The weather has me wishing for a good public transportation system (like, for example, London’s underground) so I can get around and not be at risk for spinning out in intersections and flying off the side of I-25’s on and off ramps (yes, I have experienced both of those to some degree).

The reality is, though, that we had a beautiful fall and the fact that we are just having our first real cold spell this week, the second week of November…well, I can’t really complain.  This is Colorado, after all, and our apartment sits at an elevation of around 7,100 feet, so what we’re experiencing is pretty normal.   Speaking of our beautiful fall, we tried our best to take advantage of our weekends and the pretty weather and spend time outside as much as we could.  A few highlights from the past month or so…

One Sunday after church we went to Castle Rock for a hike we went on last year over Danny’s birthday weekend.  The hike is an easy trail above Mitchell Creek Canyon and last year we caught it at a perfect time for fall colors.  This year we were a bit late for the best of the leaves, but we basically had the trail all to ourselves, and the weather was perfect, which made for a lovely afternoon.




One Saturday recently Danny figured out our bike rack and we drove up to Denver.  We met our friends Nick and Jessie for lunch at Hacienda Colorado, visited the Butterfly Pavilion (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!), and rode our bikes on the Dry Creek Trail.






This past weekend we (literally) walked across the street to the Western Museum of Mining and Industry for a guided tour and a look-see around the museum.  We really enjoyed learning about the history of mining in Colorado and other nearby states, and I’m glad that after living across the street from the museum for nearly two years, we’ve finally paid it a visit.  After we finished up at the museum, we drove up to Palmer Lake to play their disc golf course before the sun went down.  Danny’s played it quite a few times in the past couple of weeks with different friends, and finally convinced me to give it a try.  It’s a very nice course, but only 9 holes, so for us, it took as long to drive there and back as it did to play the course.








On Sunday we had lunch at Mark and Allison’s after church before going to the zoo together.  They’d never been before, and we hadn’t been in a couple of months, so combined with the beautiful weather, it was a great afternoon.  I love going to the zoo in the spring and fall, as it’s not too cold (winter, I’m looking at you) and not packed with strollers and wagons and day care groups (summer, obviously) either.  A few highlights of this trip were getting up close and personal with giraffes (take a look at Danny’s great giraffe selfie!), watching a mountain lion training session, and seeing the moose come right up to the fence (normally he stays far away from people, but this time he was so friendly!).







In the spirit of all that weekend fun, now seems as good a time as any to break the good news that before too long, I won’t be working on Saturdays anymore!  For eight months, I worked every Saturday, and for the past four months, I’ve been working every other Saturday, and if all goes as planned, sometime in December I’ll start a new schedule that includes NO Saturdays!  We couldn’t be more thankful and excited about this new development and Danny and I are looking forward to having more time off at the same time as each other as well as more chances to explore Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

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