paris day 5

We started our last day in Paris with peanut butter and jelly toast on the porch (of course) and then spent an hour or so packing up our suitcases – it’s amazing how easy it is to get so spread out in just a few days.  It was while packing that I made the fateful decision to pack our London Christmas tree ornament amongst my clothes, only to find it in a hundred little pieces once we got home later that night.  (Sidenote: if you’re headed to London anytime soon, I will pay you handsomely to pick up another at Selfridge’s for us.)

We popped down to a bakery/deli/cafe we discovered the day before that sells the most reasonably priced croissants and macaroons we’d seen in all of Paris and was (is) actually attached to our building and picked up some treats.  I savored (and did not share, in case you were wondering) my three pretty little macaroons and wondered why life was so cruel that it took us five days to discover we were just steps away from such glory.  Although in retrospect, perhaps it was good that we did not know about it or else we may have come home penniless.




We walked to the Passy Metro station, where we’d been getting on and off to see Paris for the past couple of days, and bought tickets to the airport.  We took the Metro for a while, then switched to a train for the rest of the way, and it couldn’t have been easier.  There’s a lot of things I love about America, but one of them is not the public transportation systems, at least not here in Colorado.  Although, in America’s defense, it is a whole lot bigger of a country than England or France which probably explains why, for the most part, cars are more practical/prevalent.



It took about an hour to get to the airport, and we spent our time while waiting to board looking for food since Icelandair does not provide (free) in-flight meals to peasants in coach like ourselves.  We found little success beyond some Pringles for Danny and packs of crackers to share, but were thankful that we had packed some PB & J’s from our remaining supplies before we left the apartment.  We had an uneventful three hour flight to Reykjavik, where we again tried in vain to find food and settled on a jar of peanuts.  Seven hours later we were in Denver.



We reclaimed our luggage, found our car, and stopped at Qdoba for dinner because if there’s one thing I learned on this trip it’s how much I love Mexican food (although Danny might question whether Qdoba qualifies, but that’s beside the point), and got home around 10pm.

We really had a fantastic trip.  I’m hoping to do another post with some thoughts and tips, highlights and lowlights, sort of a summary type thing, now that we’ve been back for a month, but until then I think it’s fair to say that macaroons and leaves were my favorite part of Paris.

Check out day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4 of our time in Paris, as well as our London adventures too, if you want.


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