a weekend in greeley and danny’s birthday

Last week Danny turned 25 (!!!), and we had a host of celebrations to mark the occasion.  We kicked things off the weekend prior, when Danny’s brother, James, and his wife, Ali, were in town for a wedding.  We all got together at his parents’ house for lunch, banana pound cake, old home videos, a game of Imaginiff, and, like any event involving males at this time of year, football.


The following weekend we went to Greeley on Saturday morning, as I had the day off.  Danny spent the day with James and I spent the day with my mom, and in the evening we reunited to go to the pumpkin patch with my parents and Mysteridge.  It was a lot of fun, and not only fulfilled one of my October goals but was also something I’ve been wanting to do since we last went a few years ago.







DSC00632We ate dinner at Noodles & Company afterwards and played Awkward Family Photos together back at my parents’ house, which made for a really fun evening.

On Sunday morning, Danny and I went to church at Christ Community with Mysteridge and got a tour of his house where he lives with some friends from Navigators at UNC.  We had soup for lunch with my parents, which hit the spot on a crisp, cool fall day and then went to James and Ali’s apartment for a little birthday party.   Our friends Ian and Haley, Brandon and Kate, and Tim came, and Ali made a delicious banana split cake, which was so good I tried to replicate it on Danny’s actual birthday.  We all played Truth be Told and Catchphrase together and had a grand time.

DSC00647After the party, we went to Olive Garden with my family, and then to Mysteridge’s flag football game, which was fun but COLD! Fall is definitely here.


On Monday, my mom and I went to Denver for the day as my grandpa was having heart surgery.  We spent the day with my grandma and my Uncle John, eating at the hospital cafeteria, and looking at pictures from our trip.  We also got to visit my grandpa a few times after he got out of surgery.  And – praise the Lord – he was able to go home on Friday, and is doing really well.  We made it home around dinnertime and Danny and I had leftovers and went to Target while my parents were at a birthday party for a friend.

On Tuesday, Danny’s actual birthday, we had James and Ali over to my parents’ house for breakfast burritos before we left Greeley to go home.


On our way through Denver, we stopped at Native Foods for lunch and a peanut butter parfait for dessert.  It’s starting to seem like a birthday can’t be properly celebrated in our house if it doesn’t include a trip to Native Foods, which is fine by me :)


Once we got home, Danny went to work, and I got busy making his birthday cake and cleaning the house.  We met our friends Mark and Allison at Danny’s favorite restaurant, Ivy’s Chinese Cafe, and had so much fun.  After dinner we went back home, where David and Kirsty joined us for cake and games.  A few days later I found a ton of (bizarre) photos on my camera that were taken at some point during the evening, but I can’t figure out when (or why).  Mark, Allison, and I must have been busy doing something else…




All in all, we had a really fun weekend in Greeley (our first time back since July!) and Danny’s birthday was a day full of tasty food and loved ones.  Here’s to a great year of being 25!


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