london day 3

We started day 3 with a 30-minute train ride to Hampton Court.  We spent the morning at Hampton Court Palace, and you can read all about our time at Hampton Court here.  I did a separate post on it because 1) it took up a good chunk of the day, 2) there are enough pictures that would make this post a beast to scroll through, and 3) it’s Hampton Court Palace!  Totally deserving of its own post.

We arrived back at Waterloo Station from Hampton Court around 1:30pm and took the tube to Warwick Avenue, and then walked to Little Venice, where we got in line for Jason’s Original Canal Boat tour.  When we were thinking about buying a London Pass, I looked through everything it included, and was especially interested in anything that included water.  I knew that if we bought the London Pass, I’d try as hard as possible to take advantage of the canal boat trip and the Thames river cruise.  In the end, we were able to do both, and they were definitely highlights of the trip for me.  A few pictures aboard the boat…




…and our trip through the canal…








We went through tunnels, floated by beautiful homes and houseboats, saw the London Zoo, passed under bridges, enjoyed some fall colors…it was really the best.  My apologizes for the excessive amount of photos, but it was just the best.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the couple in front of us who had lots of comments to make about our tour guide who was a little…funny.  I felt like we could definitely be friends with them and I got a lot of laughs while overhearing their commentary about our ride, the guide, and everything in between.

Forty-five minutes later, we arrived in Camden, and got off the boat.  We hadn’t eaten lunch at this point, and yes, it was past 3pm.  I know.  Bad choice.  BUT, it was okay because we found some amazing, delicious food immediately and sat down and ate it next to the canal.  Without a doubt, THE BEST falafel I have ever had.  It didn’t even remotely taste like the falafel I’ve been eating and ‘enjoying’ for so many years.  Where have you been my whole life, delicious falafel?!  At Camden Market, that’s where.



We then walked through the market – SO MUCH TO SEE – and came across some pretty paintings we liked.  The indecisive part of me was really on the fence about buying art on the second day of our trip, but the part of me that often misses out because of being indecisive said to go for it.  So we did.  We bought a beautiful painting of London that is in need of a frame but already has a spot on the living room wall reserved for it.  And, we cheated a little and bought a painting of Paris as well, because, well, if we were in a semi-decisive mood we figured we’d better take advantage of it.  The entire ‘shop’ was made up of artwork by art students at a nearby college, which we really loved being able to support.



We also stopped for some squeezed-on-the-spot orange juice on our way to the tube, which we took to the British Museum.


We visited the British Museum until they closed at 8pm, and we saw some neat things, but overall we weren’t impressed.  I know, tough crowd.  I can’t pinpoint what it was, but the next day we both overcame the guilt we felt and admitted it – we wouldn’t go back to the British Museum.  Maybe there’s just so much to see that it’s overwhelming, maybe it was because it was the end of the day and we were a bit tired, I don’t know.  But like I said, we did see some pretty cool things, like the Rosette Stone, an Easter Island head, Egyptian mummies, and various other things the British have stolen from less powerful countries around the world.








After seeing everything we wanted to see at the British Museum, we took the tube back to Waterloo, got some pasties for dinner at the station (we had really horrible eating schedules on this trip) and crashed in our room for about thirty minutes before we reminded ourselves, WE ARE ONLY IN LONDON FOR SIX MORE DAYS LET’S GET OUT AND ENJOY.  So we did.  We walked across Westminster Bridge to Big Ben, along the Thames, back across to ‘our side’ of the river, and along the Thames some more before we stopped at Giraffe for some dessert.  It was supposed to be appetizers and dessert (fourth meal, anyone?), but then we saw the dessert menu and it became just dessert.  We shared an apple and cherry crumble and a banana split, and it was one of the best decisions we made all trip.




So there you have it…day 3 of our time in London.  One of my very favorites.

Check out day 1 and day 2 of our trip to London if you missed them.


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