hampton court palace

We took the train from Waterloo Station in London and around 30 minutes later arrived at Hampton Court Palace just as it was opening at 10am.  We were some of the first ones through the gates, and really enjoyed being there during a quiet, relatively uncrowded part of the day.




We took an audio guide tour of Henry VIII’s kitchens and state rooms, as well as the Georgian rooms, all of which we really enjoyed.  I visited Hampton Court Palace four years ago with my mom and Aunt Becky, but was much more impressed this time.  I think that the audio guide may be new, and that the palace as a whole has really been improved for visitors.








We also went outside and walked through the gardens, made our way through the hedge maze (we found the center but we may not have found the legitimate exit…I’m still not sure if we ‘cheated’ or not), checked out the indoor tennis court that Henry VIII used, and enjoyed the pretty weather.







Around 1pm, we took the train back to Waterloo Station, and went on to Little Venice, Regent’s Canal, Camden Town and Market, and the British Museum, which you can read all about here.


We enjoyed Hampton Court Palace very much, much more than I was expecting.  Next time, I’d allow ourselves an entire day, so we don’t feel rushed, and so we can see some other parts of the palace that we had to pass due to time.  I’d also spend some time in the little town that surrounds Hampton Court, walking along the river and checking out the little shops.  I’d go early like we did this time, but stay late, and come back to London in the evening.

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