london day 1

Seeing how yesterday was the first day since we left Paris that I didn’t wake up at 4:00am, I figured it’d be a good time to start writing some posts on our trip, while it’s still fresh in my mind.  The more I peruse our photos and relive the past couple of weeks in my head, the more I realize that it was the best ever.  I mean, we just got back from nine days in London and five in Paris and we are in our early 20’s and we’re not rich…we are seriously blessed.  That being said, here’s a peek at the day we left and our first day in London…

We left Denver around 5:30pm and landed in Reykjavik, Iceland around 6:00am. The flight was about seven hours long, which is fairly short as far as international flights from the middle of the country go, but these overnight flights…they are not my thing.  I thought we’d just stay up the whole time and then go to sleep at a normal time once we got to London, but they turned down the cabin lights and I got really tired, and couldn’t keep my eyes open, but couldn’t fall asleep either.  Our flight home, which left at 3pm and got to Denver at 6pm was much more my style.

We had about an hour and a half in Iceland, so we picked out some breakfast treats and got on our next plane – for London!



We arrived at London Heathrow a little before noon, and easily found the tube and took the underground to Waterloo Station.  It took close to an hour, and was a little tough with our two large suitcases, but you can’t beat it for the price and convenience!


Once at Waterloo Station, we found some pasties and potato wedges for lunch and ate them while overlooking the busy station.

DSC09021After we felt more like real people again with some food in our bellies, we tried to contact, Irene, our host in London.  We couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi, and finally gave up and found a pay phone outside the station – but not until after we bought a few postcards in order to get some change for the call.

We finally found Irene and went to her apartment, and saw the room where we’d be staying for the next eight nights.  I forgot to take any pictures of our room, but you can check it out here.  It was really perfect for what we needed and if we went back to London tomorrow, I’d definitely stay there again.

We unpacked a few things and headed out.  We made a beeline for the London Pass ticket office, near Trafalgar Square, as we needed to pick up our London Passes before the office closed at 4:30pm.  Much to my relief, we made it just in the nick of time, as we needed the passes first thing the next morning for our visit to Kensington Palace.

From there, we went to the National Portrait Gallery and immediately came across their painting of Kate (and accidentally).  We saw some other paintings as well, but nothing as exciting as seeing Kate.  We then walked through Trafalgar Square to The Mall and down to Buckingham Palace and all around St. James Park, which after going to multiple London parks, I have decided is my favorite.









From there, we walked to Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament and took in the outside of these gorgeous buildings.  We also stepped into St. Margaret’s Church, which offered us a very welcome chance to sit down for a couple of minutes.







We walked along the Thames in hopes of finding somewhere to eat dinner, and ended up at an Italian restaurant right around the corner from our room.  We split a veggie pizza and potato gnocchi.  I remember it being yummy, but also our first taste of how expensive food would be on our trip!


After dinner we unpacked a bit more and went to bed around 9:30pm, which was no problem as we were exhausted after our day of travel and an evening of walking around London!


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