september goals

September has really snuck up on me! But here it is…along with our big trip to London and Paris! I have so been looking forward to this month, probably since April (which was when we bought our plane tickets and made it official), and I am so excited that it’s finally here!

Time for a look back at my August goals…

1. Eat lunch six days a week.  I did pretty good with this one, primarily because Danny worked at home a lot during August, and he always eats lunch, and wants us to eat together too, so we did.

2. Find some good pairs of shoes for our trip and break them in.  I’m still working on this one.  I bought two pairs of flats (these in black and tan) in July that I finally found no-show socks for this past month and started wearing them to work, but I’ve realized that with the socks they’re too small.  So I think those are out.  But they will work for wearing to work, so that’s good at least.  I also bought these leopard print buddies and a new pair of Converse that just came in the mail, so I need to try them out this week.  I gave up on the boots.

3. Go on two dates with Danny.  Yes!  We did this!  We went to P.F. Chang’s one Saturday night after I got off work, and to La Casa Fiesta, a Mexican place in Monument with a great patio I’ve been wanting to try out.  And as could have been predicted, we had a lot of fun.

4. Buy stuff for trip.  This was a major success.  I’m not totally done, but I’m close and have decided to wait and buy some things in London/Paris (as opposed to doing so ahead of time), like our London Eye tickets.  I bought our train tickets to Paris, booked accommodations in London and Paris, bought Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral tickets, and a Paris Museum Pass.  I bought a black umbrella that won’t embarrass Danny, this practical and cute coat, and this scarf because I just couldn’t resist.

5.  Keep budgeting.  Keep reading.  Keep swimming.  Keep working out.  Keep hiking.  Keep getting together with friends.  Passed with flying colors on the budgeting but that’s about where the triumph ends.  I read only four books this month, only went swimming this past weekend when my parents and Mysteridge came to visit, and worked out sporadically but not nearly as much as I want to/should.  I went hiking at Red Rock Open Space three times, but I don’t know if that really counts since it was the same place over and over…but after seeing these pictures, I don’t think you could blame me for being a repeat visitor.




Overall, August’s goals were fairly successful.  Now for September…

1. Blog four times.  

I’ve already done so once this month (see July’s recap here) and even though we’ll be gone for half of the month, I think I can get two more posts done.  I enjoy writing and going through our photos, but even more, I enjoy looking back on old posts.  It’s sort of like my online journal/scrapbook/photo album, especially since I don’t have one in real life.  By that I don’t mean that this one isn’t real, but it’s virtual so it’s a little different.

2. Back up our pictures somehow

After having both of our computers crash and burn within a year – and neither time with our photos/documents backed up – I need to learn my lesson and dig out my external hard drive or store photos on one of those online things (like a website, maybe.  I think Dropbox is one of those sites?) which I obviously know very little about.  I just keep losing so many photos, and since my memory is really quite poor, I really need photos to help me remember my life!  I want to do this before our trip, so I can clear off my camera memory card and not have to worry about filling it up while we’re gone.

3. Reduce the number library books we I have checked out.

Most of y’all know that I work at the library, but most people probably don’t know the problems this causes for me.  Every day I check in/check out/shelve/handle SO MANY books that look good to me, so I check them out.  Which is why I have 92 things out on my card right now, and a few on Danny’s as well.  I know.  It is a serious problem, so I’m finally admitting it because maybe it will help me overcome it.  I’m not going to set a number of items, because I like to be realistic, but I’m thinking somewhere in the range of 60 – 70 because let’s take baby steps here.

4. Have an awesome trip.

We are so incredibly excited and blessed to be going to London next week, and Paris the week after that.  I don’t think it will take much for us to have an amazing time, but I want to focus on being easygoing and just enjoying our time together.  I’ve poured so many hours into researching and reading and preparing that I could see myself getting stressed when things don’t go as planned (because it will happen) or frustrated when I get things wrong, like directions or opening times or whatnot (because unfortunately I’m sure that will happen at least once too).  So I want to try my hardest to just remember I AM IN LONDON RIGHT NOW or I AM WALKING THE STREETS OF PARIS EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY, because it’s true.  The bottom line is these are both places we’ve been talking about going for a long time now and I want to savor our time there as much as possible.  You know, linger at street cafes, walk along the Seine later than we should, take 300 photos at Madame Tussaud’s, and go to Kensington Gardens over and over in hopes of spotting Prince George.  Okay, so maybe not the last one, but the idea of doing the things we really want to do and enjoying the sweet, simple moments even if it ‘messes up’ my plans is what I want to hold on to.

I think that’s all for this month, because hello, see #4.  Yeah, I want to read (that would certainly help with #3) and work out and see friends and budget and all that jazz but I want to focus on preparing for and enjoying ourselves on our big trip this month most of all.

Happy September and welcome to fall, y’all!


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