august goals

Well hello there, August!  And happy anniversary to my parents, whose wedding was 27 years ago today!

First off, a recap of July’s goals…and results…

1. Become a better budgeter – this went quite well!  We added a household/miscellaneous line, which was good for things like batteries and blenders, and we managed to only use our debit card for online purchases.  August is off to a good start already!

2. Read 8 books – yep!  In fact, I read ten!  A few of my favorites: Don’t Call Me Baby by Gwendolyn Heasley, Dust of Eden by Mariko Nagai, and Lost Girl Found by Leah Bassoff and Laura DeLuca.

3. Go swimming at least once a week – sort of.  We went swimming four times, but it was within two weeks.  We really didn’t have great weather in July, and I’m not too motivated to go swimming when it’s hovering around 70…or 50.  80 or 90 degrees is more my style for being in/around the pool.  I am glad we made a priority when it was nice out, though…


4. Work out at least four times a week – no.  The first two weeks went great, but then we went to Greeley for five days (read: lots of sleeping in and relaxing), I got back on track the third week, and this past week hasn’t been too stellar.  We’ve just been staying up late reading (see #2) and sometimes after that I’d rather sleep until 6:30 or 7 than do yoga or go to the gym.

5. Make reservations in London and Paris – no.  So we’re now five weeks out from our trip (!!!!!) and we have selected somewhere to stay in London and now we’re just waiting for the money to transfer over from a savings account before we book it.  And Paris…well…working on that.  In fact, that is what I’ll be doing the rest of today, and if I don’t finish, tomorrow too.  We have purchased our London Pass, though, since it was 10% off through yesterday.

6. Find a pair of sunglasses I like: done!  While we were in Greeley, my mom convinced me to go through my closet, and lo and behold, my favorite pair of sunglasses (that I liked so much, I bought two of them!) were hiding in a box!  Pretty excited about that.

7. Go hiking twice: yes!  I went once with Danny and once with my friend Kara.  Danny and I did Mt. Cutler and Helen Hunt Falls, and Kara and I hiked to the Castle Rock.  Not the town (although it is in the town of Castle Rock) but the actual Castle Rock.  Proof:


^^ On our way up Mt. Cutler ^^


^^ Helen Hunt Falls ^^IMG_1218

^^ See?  That’s the Castle Rock behind us! ^^

8. Get together with friends: yep!  We got together with our friends from Danny’s high school days for a game night, we had our friends Mark & Allison and Lisa & Andrew over for dinner and swimming, and we met up with the Ridgepointe crew again.  Now hopefully it will heat up again so we can do some more pool parties and picnics and baseball games!

And now, for August.  This month I’m hoping to…

1. Eat lunch six days a week.  

I’m so embarrassed to even write this, but I feel like putting it out there will make me more accountable to do it.  On days that I only work a half day or don’t work at all, I rarely eat lunch.  I just get so caught up in doing things that I just get lazy and don’t eat until dinner.  I always, always, always eat breakfast, and dinner too, but I’m not so good with lunch.  For example, today it’s 2:50pm and I haven’t eaten lunch and now it feels like, well, it’s only two-ish hours till dinner, so what’s the point.  But I’m going to!  For the sake of this goal, I’m going to save this post and go eat lunch and read a magazine (because that will motivate me!).  (And I’m saying six days instead of seven because right now I’m probably hovering somewhere around three or four days a week, and I’m looking for progress, not perfection.)

2.  Find some good pairs of shoes for our trip and break them in.

Four years ago, when my mom and I went to England, I bought two pairs of shoes: a pair of Converse and a pair of flats from the girls section at Target.  I wore them every day as we walked around London, Cambridge, Bedford, airports, tube stations, etc. and they’re now the shoes I wear to work the most because, SO COMFY.  However, they’re a bit worse for the wear, and I’d like to find a pair of boots and a couple of pairs of flats.  This is a lofty goal (especially the boots because good boots = high price), but it’s really important to me because not only will it pay off on our trip, but for hopefully years afterwards.  Also, the breaking them in part is important because both the flats and the Converse I mentioned made my heels bleed the first day or two.  And that is no good, because they both still have small blood stains in the heel region.   But enough about that.  Goal number three…

3.  Go on two dates (with Danny).  

We have a place in our budget for dates, and in June we went on one date and still had money leftover, and in July we didn’t go on any, so now we have a good chunk set aside, and could probably go on like four dates, but I think we’ll stick to two, because I like to set achievable goals.

4.  Buy things for trip.

Lamest goal name ever right there.  But what I mean is, I want to purchase a lot of our tickets for attractions and such online before we go because 1) cheaper and 2) easier.  We still need tickets for the Eurostar to Paris, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Paris Pass.  Oh yeah, and our accommodations in London and Paris too.  And also, smaller things like an umbrella Danny isn’t ashamed of (apparently my plaid Gap one isn’t his style), shoes (see #2), and maybe a cute light jacket or two.  I have my work cut out for me.

5.  Keep budgeting.  Keep reading.  Keep swimming.  Keep working out.  Keep hiking.  Keep getting together with friends.

I was going to make most of those goals again this month, but decided to bunch the repeats into one mega goal.  These are things I want to do every month (weather permitting), so I didn’t want to leave them out, but I didn’t want to make six of the same goals again, so it’s just one big goal instead.

I already feel overwhelmed (but full because I ate lunch!) so I think I’ll just stop at five this month.  Which is really kind of like ten since number five is sort of large.

 Happy August!


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