a visit to camp timberline

Do you have something that you really wish you did?  At least once?  But now it’s almost certainly too late?  Well, me too.  And for me, one of those things is working at a summer camp.  I wish that I spent one of my summers during college working at a summer camp.  However, I didn’t, but now my brother is, so when they had a Friends & Family night a couple of Saturdays ago, I was so there.  I was able to get the afternoon off of work, and Danny and I met up with my parents and drove to Camp Timberline together for the evening.

Camp Timberline is outside of Estes Park and seems like a great place to go to camp.  Before we headed to camp, though, we spent some time walking through Estes Park and along the river.  I grew up camping at Rocky Mountain National Park and spending time in Estes Park every summer, so even though we probably won’t get a chance to camp there this summer, it’s always fun to go back.  Oh, and when I say we met my parents, I mean we left our car in Loveland and drove up in my parents car – and I left my purse in our car, because who needs a purse at camp? – but my camera was also in said purse, so all of the pictures are from Danny’s phone.  Many thanks to Danny for all the times I said, “Oh!  Can you take a picture of that?” and he did.  Just a warning, though, as I have never used cell phone pictures on here before.


After it started raining a bit, we headed back to the car and drove up to Camp Timberline.  And on the way up, Danny caught this…


Upon arrival, it wasn’t long until we found Mysteridge.  We got some dinner and found a great seat outside together.


^^ What us vegans ate. ^^


After dinner, Mysteridge gave a tour of camp.  We saw the tennis courts where he’ll be coaching all summer, the lake where he’ll be blobbing and zip lining, his BFF Peter, and of course, the beautiful mountains that are just RIGHT there.





We also saw my sweet, sweet friend Amanda, and her boyfriend, Oliver.  Amanda’s working at Camp Timberline this summer as well, and Oliver and Camp Timberline go waaaay back.  It was so fun to see them, and because I’m so bad at remembering to take pictures with my friends, I insisted that Danny get one.


We took a few more pictures, and then bid Mystseridge adieu and went back to Estes Park for a walk around Lake Estes.




A beautiful night at Lake Estes…


We had a great evening at Camp Timberline and it was fun to see Mysteridge and where he’s spending five weeks this summer.  Maybe we’ll even get to go back next year… hint hint :)

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