a visit to camp timberline

Do you have something that you really wish you did?  At least once?  But now it’s almost certainly too late?  Well, me too.  And for me, one of those things is working at a summer camp.  I wish that I spent one of my summers during college working at a summer camp.  However, I didn’t, but now my brother is, so when they had a Friends & Family night a couple of Saturdays ago, I was so there.  I was able to get the afternoon off of work, and Danny and I met up with my parents and drove to Camp Timberline together for the evening.

Camp Timberline is outside of Estes Park and seems like a great place to go to camp.  Before we headed to camp, though, we spent some time walking through Estes Park and along the river.  I grew up camping at Rocky Mountain National Park and spending time in Estes Park every summer, so even though we probably won’t get a chance to camp there this summer, it’s always fun to go back.  Oh, and when I say we met my parents, I mean we left our car in Loveland and drove up in my parents car – and I left my purse in our car, because who needs a purse at camp? – but my camera was also in said purse, so all of the pictures are from Danny’s phone.  Many thanks to Danny for all the times I said, “Oh!  Can you take a picture of that?” and he did.  Just a warning, though, as I have never used cell phone pictures on here before.


After it started raining a bit, we headed back to the car and drove up to Camp Timberline.  And on the way up, Danny caught this…


Upon arrival, it wasn’t long until we found Mysteridge.  We got some dinner and found a great seat outside together.


^^ What us vegans ate. ^^


After dinner, Mysteridge gave a tour of camp.  We saw the tennis courts where he’ll be coaching all summer, the lake where he’ll be blobbing and zip lining, his BFF Peter, and of course, the beautiful mountains that are just RIGHT there.





We also saw my sweet, sweet friend Amanda, and her boyfriend, Oliver.  Amanda’s working at Camp Timberline this summer as well, and Oliver and Camp Timberline go waaaay back.  It was so fun to see them, and because I’m so bad at remembering to take pictures with my friends, I insisted that Danny get one.


We took a few more pictures, and then bid Mystseridge adieu and went back to Estes Park for a walk around Lake Estes.




A beautiful night at Lake Estes…


We had a great evening at Camp Timberline and it was fun to see Mysteridge and where he’s spending five weeks this summer.  Maybe we’ll even get to go back next year… hint hint :)


loving lately

A few things I’ve been loving lately…

This lady (oh and that piece of vegan pie too)…


This shirt (I may even have it in three different colors)…


These kids playing…


This hike and this guy…


This book…


These sunrises…


This butterfly my mom and I spotted…


This blog…

Header 2

And this planner…


Happy Friday friends!!

the glory of june

Believe it or not, July is half over.  June was so fun – we made a trip to Chicago (here, here, and here), my parents and brother came to visit, Danny wrapped up his softball season, we went to the pool, and just enjoyed the warmer weather – our first month in 2014 so far without snow!  I guess you could say it was a pretty glorious month.

On the very first day of the month, we had dinner with our friends Joe and Anya and their kids.  We spent New Year’s with them, and hadn’t seen them since!  Waaay too long, I know.  A few days later, we went to a gender reveal party for some friends of ours who are expecting…a boy!…in October.  I guess we’re starting to move past the stage where we feel like we’re going to weddings all the time and into one that’s filled with babies!

Our dear friend Austin was in town that week as well, and she blessed us with some time with her one evening.  Austin is one of those people who we get to see about once a year, and while we wish she lived down the street, she lives such a super amazing adventurous life that I wouldn’t want her to, because I know she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.  If you want to see what she’s up to, look here.  In the past week she wove a basket out of coconut tree leaves and encountered a real live octopus…I told you she’s awesome.

Long before I worked at the library and long before I even knew I’d been living in Colorado Springs, this library has been in the works.  And finally, on June 21st, it opened.  A couple of weeks before, though, staff was invited for a sneak peek.  Danny and I had fun exploring the library while it was still quiet and not quite done, as well as seeing lots of people I’ve worked with both as a volunteer and as a staff member at different libraries in the district over the past year or so.  Oh and they had all these “Selfie Stations” sprinkled throughout…so that’s why we’re taking the picture below and why that silly little sign is behind us.  And in the picture below it, if you look hard, you can see me blending in with the carpet.


DSC08603^^ Can you see me down there? ^^

During the second week of June, Danny and I went to a Sky Sox game together, which was fun, but maybe a little cold and a tiny bit boring, so next time I think we’ll go with friends and blanket.  I posted a picture of that evening here.

We also met my parents, along with Mysteridge and his friend Peter at Adventure Golf & Raceway in the Denver area and unfortunately the weather did not cooperate too well.  We were able to play a round of mini golf and go around the go kart track once before the place shut down, but we didn’t let the weather win and finished the evening out with some frozen yogurt and a visit to my grandparents’ (now sold) house.  We had fun despite the rainy weather, and plan to try again in August, since we didn’t get as much time there as we had hoped.




We wrapped up the week with a game night with Danny’s parents (we love Buzz Word!) and a BBQ with Mark and Allison at Andrew and Lisa’s.  (Sidenote: Just found out today that Andrew and Lisa are going to be on House Hunters.  Yes, House Hunters as in the show on HGTV.  So excited for them!)  We played Mad Gab together after dinner and found out that Lisa is the best ever at Mad Gab and Allison and I are the worst ever.

And then, for Father’s Day weekend, my parents and Mysteridge came to visit!  We spent Sunday at church, the Sky Sox game, and in our pool, and Monday morning we snuck in some hiking in Palmer Lake before I had to work.  I love having family live close enough to visit for the weekend!











On the night of Danny’s last softball game, we went out to Hacienda Colorado for a date.  He’d been there twice within the past month and had such a good experience, that he thought we should go together.  He was right.  The food was the best I’ve had north of the U.S. – Mexico border.  Just remembering that food makes me think that maybe we need a date night this week too…



Aaaaaand in June we said, “See you next year!” to softball.  I know I talked about it last month, but what a fun six weeks it was!  I’m so proud of Danny for all he did to make the season a success.  And apparently his teammates were, too, because he ended up with a  cupcake in his face at the end of the game!




After we got back from Chicago, the last few days of June were all about the pool work.  We did squeeze in a Sunday afternoon at the pool and a dinner out at Duca’s, though.



I think it’s fair to say that June was a great month, and July has a lot to live up to. :)


july goals

I’ve never been one to set goals.  Maybe it’s because I don’t like losing (i.e. not accomplishing my goals) or maybe it’s because I don’t want to have anything to aim for (…uh oh) or I don’t know. It’s just never been anything I’ve done on a regular basis.  But after setting some goals at work last week and reading about some bloggers that it do it on a monthly basis, setting goals started to seem like a fun idea.  So, no commitments to how long this will last, but I’ve decided to try it.  For July.

(Maybe one of my goals should be to become more decisive.  Or goal oriented.  Or committed.)

So, ready or not, here they are…

1. Become a better budgeter.  

We’ve dabbled in having a budget while we’ve been married, but there’s never been any kind of commitment to it (am I sensing a theme here?).  However, after talking to our friends Emily and Chris and getting fed up with not knowing exactly where our money was going, I spent May planning for it (and reading Dave Ramsey – bet you thought that book would never get used, am I right Keith?), and in June we had our first full month on a budget.  And you know what?  We loved it.  However, with any big change (I’ve been living without a budget for 23 years now), there’s a learning curve.  There were times where we had expenses that didn’t fit in a category we had created (stamps?  curtain rods?  mini-golfing with friends?), so we shifted things or used our debit card.  This month I want to continue to learn and hone our skills in living with a budget.  I’ve spent a good portion of yesterday figuring things out for July and making deposits and withdrawals at the bank, so I think we’re set up for a solid July in the budget realm, but you know, it’s sometimes harder than it seems like it should be.  Especially when there’s two people involved…

2. Read 8 books.  

I don’t think this will be too tough, since I currently average 2-3 books a week, but sometimes I start a book and five days later realize I’m not that into it, and instead of returning it and starting a new one, I keep trudging through it.  No more.  (At least not in July…) And, I’m off to a good start because I’m already finished one book and am halfway through another!

3. Go swimming at least once a week.  

We have an awesome pool here at our apartment complex, and I have a husband who LOVES to swim.  Goggles, diving for rings, underwater handstands, he is fair game for all of it.  For most of the rest of our lives, we probably won’t have a pool just steps away that’s available to use everyday from May to October.  So I want to take advantage of it and enjoy it as much as possible.


^^ Last summer in San Diego. ^^

4. Work out at least four times a week.  

We’ve gotten into a habit of staying up later now that it’s summer time, but it makes it harder to wake up in the mornings to work out.  We both want staying fit to be a priority, but sometimes it’s just so tempting to sleep for another hour, especially now that we have put up curtains in our bedroom that allow us to sleep past 5am (only a year and a half after we moved in…) .  

5. Make reservations in London and Paris.  

So it’s not like it’s sneaking up on me or anything since we’ve had our airplane tickets since April, but goodness, we’re only about nine weeks away from our trip to England and France!  EEEE!  However, we don’t have anywhere to stay yet.  I need to buckle down this month and make some decisions (did I mention decision-making is not a strong suit of mine?) about where we’re going to stay for nine days in London and four in Paris.

6. Find a pair of sunglasses I like.  

A couple of years ago I found a pair of sunglasses I liked and bought two of them, but then I let Danny wear one while driving (and now they’re stretched out and won’t stay on my nose) and lost the other, so I am really on the hunt.  I bought a pair of aviators that were recommended on a blog I read, but they looked waaaaay too big for my face so I returned them, and now I’m back on the hunt.  Suggestions welcome.

7. Go hiking twice.

We live in Colorado.  We’re young, without kids, and Danny has a flexible work schedule.  Basically, we have no excuse to not be outside enjoying the beautiful area we live in.


^^ Last summer at Fox Run Regional Park, only a couple of minutes from our apartment. ^^

8. Get together with friends.

May and June were so busy, I can hardly remember them.  Danny was playing softball, leading worship at church, helping out with the youth group, we went on vacation, I was working a ton, and so on and so forth.  All that being said, we had to put a halt on our Tuesday night game nights we’d been having with Danny’s friends from high school, and weren’t able to initiate with some of the couples we got to know through softball, and our apartment complex game nights fell by the wayside (it’s our turn to host…and we have not gotten around to it).  So this month I want to make developing these relationships a priority.

So, before I get too crazy and make any more, there they are.  Hopefully I’ll check back in at the beginning of August and see how I did…but no guarantees. :)