chicago: the lake, the pier, the pool, and the ballpark

After four glorious days in the suburbs spending time with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, my parents flew home and Mysteridge, Danny, and I took the train into Chicago!  It was kind of a last minute thing – the week before we left on our trip, I hatched up the idea of tacking a couple of days onto our trip and spending them in downtown Chicago – and after checking out a couple guidebooks from the library and doing some research online, we changed our flights and made it happen – and I’m so glad we did.

We knew we needed to stay some place that would be flexible with us, since we wanted to drop off our luggage mid-afternoon on Tuesday and pick it up around dinnertime the next day on our way to the airport, so I searched Airbnb.  I thought looking for a place in London was hard (and expensive!) – but that’s because I hadn’t looked at downtown Chicago yet.  It was tough to find a place in the center of the city at a price I was willing to pay (that was still available only a week in advance…), but we eventually we found Ro’s place, and it was a great fit.  The location was definitely the best part – less than a five minute walk to the beach and only a couple of minutes more to Navy Pier, and Ro was very hospitable as well.

We spent Tuesday afternoon sticking close to the apartment – we walked to the beach and all around Navy Pier, but after realizing that the sticky weather had followed us to the city from the suburbs and we didn’t want to be outside for one more minute, we headed to the pool at Ro’s apartment.  In the evening, we went to the Cubs game (although it’s worth mentioning that we were born and raised White Sox fans).  The minute we got off the train at Wrigley Field, downpour.  Absolute downpour.  Rain in Colorado has nothing on the rainstorms of Chicago, it seems.  We stood in the shelter of the train tracks for a while, resisting the urge to buy outrageously priced ponchos, which was good, because eventually the rain subsided, and the game went on.  When we finally got back from to the apartment around 11pm, we crashed.  Which was fine because Wednesday was the best…but more on that later.


^^ Train ride to the city! ^^


^^ We felt like such tourists hauling our luggage through the city, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  And pack lighter in the future… ^^


^^ We walked through the tunnel under the highway, just steps from where we were staying, and BAM, Lake Michigan. ^^


^^ Navy Pier cutie. ^^


^^ The weather was so weird while we were in the city – low clouds all day both Tuesday and Wednesday. This was a brief moment where we could actually see the skyline from Navy Pier. ^^


^^ The fellas are sitting on an anchor that was actually used on the USS Chicago for years.  Can you say massive?! ^^


^^ In retrospect, we totally should have ridden the ferris wheel.  But it was so hot and all we could think about was getting out of our sticky clothes and into some kind of water. ^^


^^ We love Chicago! ^^


^^ I couldn’t get over how cool it was to be on the beach in the city.  Usually there’s either city or beach, but not both. ^^


^^ And finally, the pool.  Can you see the buildings through the windows in the roof?  So fun! ^^


^^ Awesome (and huge!) second floor patio at Ro’s apartment. ^^


^^ Rain delay sad faces. ^^


^^ So thankful our seats were under the overhang to keep us (and our seats!) nice and dry. ^^


^^ When vegan and when at Wrigley Field, get the Sloppy Jane.  It’s pricey, but it’s a ballpark, so what do you expect?  Plus, I think it may be one of the only vegan things available. ^^


^^ Such a fun evening at the game! ^^


^^ We left after the seventh inning since it was pushing 10:30pm and we still had a thirty minute train ride and twenty minute walk back to the apartment.  Couldn’t resist one last shot by the iconic sign, though. ^^

And that was Tuesday!  Coming soon: Wednesday, which was full of bikes, the bean, and bao.


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