four days with family

We returned home from Chicago around 2am today, and goodness, I don’t know if our bed has ever felt so good.  We spent four days in the suburbs visiting my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and two days in the city seeing some sights and riding some bikes.  More on the city segment of our trip later, but it was a great trip, and we can’t wait to go back!


^^ Riding the train at DIA with my most favorite brother and my most favorite shirt. ^^


^^ Yes, that’s my mom making bunny ears on me. ^^

DSC08658^^ Helping out at my grandma’s antique store. ^^

^^ Checking out the comic books. ^^

^^ Delicious lunch at Egg Harbor.  Or as I keep calling it, Egg Carver.  Whatever the name, it has a mean quinoa black bean burger. ^^

DSC08664^^ Checking out a piece of art along the Fox River before an evening walk. ^^


^^ Such a fun zip line we discovered at a park along the river! ^^


^^ Sweet parents along the Fox River. ^^


^^ Nothing like finishing the evening off with a kitchen sink at Colonial! ^^


^^ Ever since Danny got his first smart phone last week, this is all I see.  Just kidding.  Sort of… ^^

DSC08681^^ We did it!  (It’s really not that hard with five people…) ^^
DSC08682^^ Breakfast?  Yes please. ^^
DSC08683^^ What fun to celebrate this pretty lady’s 25th birthday with her! ^^
DSC08684^^ All the grandkids with Grandma & Grandpa. ^^
DSC08688^^ Shopping for Grandma’s storage unit. ^^
DSC08689^^ Rainy day bowling.  How did I go from being the oldest cousin (of this bunch) to the (almost) shortest?! ^^


^^ Hooligans. ^^


^^ Sweet Tomatoes! ^^
DSC08696^^ Goofy tomatoes. ^^

We miss you already, Chicago suburbs and all of your green-ness and family time.  Until next time!


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