a sunday in pueblo

The day before my birthday, Danny and I drove about an hour south to Pueblo and spent the day.  We picked up sandwiches at Which Wich on the way, and upon arriving in Pueblo, found a bench and ate them along the river walk.  This is something I’m discovering about myself, but I love being along water, especially rivers, which may be part of why I loved the Boise green belt so much, as well as the San Antonio Riverwalk and why I’m considering staying along the Thames while we’re in London.  That being said, eating along a peaceful stretch of the river was lovely.

Anyways, from there we went to the zoo, which we loved.  I’ve been telling people that we went to the Pueblo Zoo and they’re usually like, “Ew why not the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?” or “The Denver Zoo is the best.”  Here’s the thing.  If we’re talking about “the best zoo,” let’s talk about San Diego or Omaha.  If we’re talking about the zoo I currently love the most and went to, on average, once every three weeks last year, let’s talk about the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  But for a moment, can we just talk about a really nice, historic zoo and not have to compare it to others?  Okay, thanks.

The Pueblo Zoo was built during the Great Depression by the Works Progress Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Public Works Administration, and almost all of the current buildings are original.  There are also signs all over that talk about the history of the zoo and how the different organizations that came out of the New Deal (thanks, FDR!) built the zoo.  It was fascinating, and really added to my enjoyment of the zoo (I started out as a history major in college, if that helps you understand me).  The zoo was green and wooded and felt like a beautiful park…with 420 wild animals in it!  We had a great time, and if I ever see another deal (we used a Groupon), we’ll go back again.


 ^^ If you don’t recall from Boise, Danny loooooves the statue pics. ^^


^^ You can’t see her in this picture, but this guy was going crazy for one of the lady peacocks.  She was very unimpressed with all of his showing off, however. ^^


^^ It was my birthday weekend, so it only seemed appropriate to pretend like I was being born all over again.  Or something like that. ^^

DSC08520^^ We caught this zoo keeper taking these pretty birds into their indoor inclosure due to the “chilly” weather (it was at least 80 degrees…) and ended up getting an impromptu bird talk which was fun!  ^^


^^ Oh you know, just riding on a dolphin’s back. ^^


^^ I loved getting so up close to this guy!  So fun! ^^

^^ I couldn’t let Danny have all the fun with the statues… ^^

We stayed at the zoo until they kicked us out (at closing time, not because we were being disruptive), and then we headed to the river walk.  Yes, it’s small (as far as river walks g0), but I loved it.  It’s peaceful, it’s pretty, and it’s really well done.  Major kudos to Pueblo for making their downtown area a place that people want to visit and hang out in.


In the evening, we watched “Girl Rising,” and while it wasn’t in Pueblo (it was at home on our couch), it is definitely worth mentioning.  “Girl Rising” is an excellent movie that both Danny and I very much enjoyed and now highly recommend.  Find it at your library, buy it, search for it on Netflix (or whatever the cool people use to watch movies these days).  I think you’ll be glad you did.


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