the month of may

Well.  Long time no see!  I have been working so much more than ever before, which is great, but it does keep me on my toes and force me to use my time a bit differently.  This summer promises to be excellent, though, so I hope to keep up with what we’re up to a bit better.

May kicked off with our trip to Boise which will no doubt go down as one of the best weeks ever.  I love me some Burgess family and now, Boise too.  The green belt, the trees, the pretty neighborhoods, the cookie butter…I just can’t stop.  It was good.

My parents and Mysteridge came to visit over Mother’s Day weekend.  We went to church, where Danny has been leading worship for the past five weeks, went to Red Robin for lunch, and ate an apple cranberry pie that Mysteridge, Danny, and I made together.  Mysteridge stayed another couple of days, and the weather was rain rain rainy, so we occupied ourselves with games and grocery shopping.  And Mysteridge will probably never want to visit again because it was so boring.  (I hope that’s not true.) (In reality we had fun, but we did stay inside about 98% of the time.)

Danny kicked off summer spring by organizing a softball team.  He has put so much time and effort into making this team a reality, and even though they may not have a winning record, it has been so much fun.  Tuesday evenings have the been the highlight of my week for the past couple months, because not only do I get to watch Danny play softball (and look really good in his uniform), but I get to sit in the stands with all the wives of his teammates.  Which means I have gained about seven new friends in the past six weeks.  Softball season = roaring success.

Over my birthday weekend, Danny and I went to Pueblo to check out their zoo and river walk.  I’ll share more pictures and details in another post, but here’s a preview…



On my actual birthday, Danny made a delicious blueberry coffee cake and decorated the table with puppies!  I know.  It was so precious.  He also gave me some really sweet gifts, including this book that I found at the library a couple of months ago and have known ever since that it’s one I want to own, the official DVD of William & Kate’s wedding which I plan on watching every April 29th for the rest of my life, and this precious tea set.  Isn’t it pretty?


I got to spend the rest of the day with my mom in Denver – she even took the day off to do it!  We enjoyed walking around Washington Park (our first time there, and let me tell you, we will be going back!  What a great place!), eating at Native Foods (and yes, we had peanut butter parfaits), and shopping at World Market.  My biggest regret: not taking any pictures.

Danny and I went to HuHot for dinner and I decided that eating there officially makes me feel sick.  Danny’s parents came over for dessert and brought a tasty lemon cake that covered over the damage that dinner did.  They also gifted me with a zoo membership (again!), which I have already put to good use.  We love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (last year I went 13 times!) and I can’t wait to make another 13 visits this year!


The following Saturday, after I got off work, my sweet, sweet friend Sarah came to visit.  We ate dinner and went to the new frozen yogurt place across the street from our apartment, and eventually we sent Danny to bed and sat on our couch and talked until it was Sunday morning.  Like really talk and listen and cry and realize that you’re both walking through similar hard, tough, confusing things.  I wish this lady was my next door neighbor.

DSC08542On Memorial Day weekend, Danny and I got really crazy and went to Canon City for a night.  Here’s our “we-are-so-spontaneous-and-leaving-town-on-a-couple-minutes-notice” picture…


More pictures to come, but we had a lot of fun.  One of my highlights of our 24 hours away was this trail…


Also in May: Danny became a bike commuter.  I know.  Be impressed.  Every day that he rides to and from work with his heavy backpack on, I am so proud.  Look at him!  Colorado Springs’ cutest bike commuter.

DSC08598And that, folks, is how we Everetts spent May.  Looking forward to June and all of its glory…I know it’ll be a good one.


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