What I Learned in April

If you didn’t already see this coming, this list will obviously revolve around what I learned in April.  Just keep in mind that April this year can more accurately be labeled Kapril (remember?).

  • I learned a new word: podgy.  Kate called Prince George podgy during a walkabout (more on that later) in New Zealand, which I now know means pudgy.
  • Live feeds are the best when it comes to Royal Tours.  I haven’t really come out and said it yet, but I spent much of the Royal Tour watching live feeds…you know, William, Kate and George walking out of the plane, getting out of a car, feeding giraffes at the zoo, and so on and so forth.
  • Bilbies are a real thing, and in my mind, they’re sort of like a mix between a rat and a rabbit, with the ears of a hare.  They’re also marsupials and they’re endangered – only about 600 to 700 of them currently live in the wild in Australia.  Oh, and this is related to Kapril because Prince George met a bilby on his visit to the zoo on Easter.
  • I also figured out that a walkabout basically means walking around while waving and shaking hands with adoring fans.  This what the Royal Tour primarily consisted of.  I also watched live feeds of some walkabouts.
  • And in non-Royal Tour related news, the TSA is no longer checking up on liquids in carry-ons.  At least not in Denver.
  • Flying in the middle of June is ex.pen.sive.  We’re planning a trip to Chicago with my family, and the prices doubled (and then some) from the first weekend in June to the third weekend in June.
  • Almost everyone I know has been to London or Paris or both.  Now that it’s official, it seems like everywhere I go I find someone else who has tips/memories/advice from their time across the Pond.  Which I love.  The more information I can get, the better I can figure out how to best scale the walls of Kensington Palace make the most of our time.

Well, our hour-long flight delay is almost over.  Time to make a final bathroom run and get excited, because Boise (more like Chris, Emily, Hendon, and Jeb!), here we come!

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