Hello again!  I haven’t forgotten you.  We went to Greeley for Easter weekend and then I worked seven out of eight days in a row, and now we’re less than 24 hours away from going to Boise for six days!  Oh, and the Royal Tour.  I was essentially an unfriendly recluse for the three weeks of the Royal Tour: 2014 Edition as I honestly couldn’t think about anything other than Kate/George/Kate.

And now, without further ado, the top three exciting things from the past few weeks…

#1: It snowed this week and the night before I forgot to roll up the passenger seat window in my car.  In my defense, the day before it was nice enough to have the window open a couple of inches on my way home from the grocery store.  Thankfully it was a classic late spring snow (not too much of it) and there was only about an inch inside of the car.

#2: Speaking of my car, a cement truck poured concrete on it.  The pool area at our apartment complex is being redone – because who doesn’t want an eight foot long fire pit steps away from where they live? – and a part of the process involves cement.

Around the time I needed to leave for work on Monday, a cement truck was parked horizontally behind my car, so I convinced the workers to move it.  They did, but forgot to turn off the cement that was pouring out of the chute.  So as they backed the truck up, the back of my car received a cement covering, and the parking lot got its fair share as well.  The leader of the crew was distressed and rustled up a hose and gave my car a small bath.

I drove to work and, three days later, still haven’t looked at the back of my car to see if the cement truly got washed off.  Based on the fact that no one has noticed and my car still runs fine, I think we’re in the clear.

#3: Sometime last week I had a dream that I met Kate Middleton.  It was the best.  Sometimes I get confused and can’t remember if it actually happened or not, however, assuming that it didn’t, I do have a couple of plans to make said dream come true.

The first can/will be implemented during our trip to London this fall.  It involves spending 100% of our time in the gardens of Kensington Palace in hopes that she (Kate) will go for a walk at some point during the ten days we’ll be lurking around.

Another viable option involves Prince Harry.  Now that he and Cressida have called it quits (at least for now), one of my friends has volunteered to marry Harry.  She’s hoping that her time with Royal Harry will lead to Gorgeous Harry (from One Direction), and she’s committed to sticking it out at least until Kate and I are BFFs.  Now that is the definition of a true friend.

The final plan is an arranged marriage situation.  Our friends Emily and Chris have a daughter who is a few months older than Prince George.  She is going to marry him, Emily will invite me to wedding/reception/family holidays/everything, and I will (obviously) meet Kate in the process.

(By the way, If you have any other ideas for me, this would be a good time to let me know because I am always interested in keeping my options open.)

I really intended to write a nice post about Easter and our time in Greeley last week, but it turns out, big surprise, that I still can’t figure out how to move pictures from my camera to the computer (you know, due to the whole being new-ish to using a Mac situation).  I promise you I have tried, but some things are just too hard.

I promise promise promise to figure it out by the time I meet Kate, though.


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