It’s Kapril

Have you heard about Kapril?  It’s what Royal commentators/fans/addicts are calling April this year since the Royal Tour is taking up most of the month and is a big deal.  Prince George had his first official engagement, in which he made a little girl cry by taking her doll, and so far Kate has coached a rugby team, beat her husband in a sailing race, and almost fallen over while walking in heels.  And William, well, he’s been there too.  He’s just not quite as cute as George or as elegant/fun/awesome as Kate is.  For a week now there has been Kate news and pictures and the like every day and it has been oh so glorious.

But yesterday William and Kate had a day off.  A ‘rest day,’ if you will.  In other words, it was the boring-est day I have had in at least a week.

Our fridge decided, however, that it would just be wrong for us to have a boring day.  So it decided to stop working.  Because nothing says Eventful Evening like discovering your ice cream is slush.  We called our apartment’s office and left a message on the general maintenance line (which really means that your problem will not be dealt with until tomorrow after 9am) but then decided this was a problem in need of emergency maintenance.

I tried to talk Danny out of it, because the recording makes it very clear that it is only emergency maintenance if it is life threatening and/or property threatening.  However, he said that a broken fridge means that your property is threatened because all of your food (i.e. your property) is about to go bad, and subsequently, if you have no food, your life is threatened.  So we called the emergency line.

Good thing we weren’t actually in a life threatening situation because it took over 30 minutes for the guy to come.  He looked at the fridge, touched the food to check that it wasn’t cold, noticed that our ice drawer was full of water, and said he’d come back in the morning with his supervisor.

Right now, it’s somewhere around ten in the morning.  The supervisor came, tried a couple of things, swept my floor under the fridge (I knew there would be something good about this whole situation), replaced some parts, and decided he couldn’t fix it.  So now his supervisor is here.  He walked in and said, “That don’t smell good.”  And he is right.  It smells like I’ve been burning plastic in our fireplace all night.

And somewhere along the line I agreed to go in to work this afternoon for a co-worker who called in sick.  In other words, that fact combined with the reality that the entire contents of our freezer and fridge are headed for the trash in the near future, we will be following my example from this past weekend and eating either Papa John’s or waffle fries for dinner.  With lemonade, of course, because I have learned my lesson.

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