weird situations i have encountered lately

I started writing yesterday and just couldn’t figure out where to start.  I mean, it’s been like two weeks since I’ve been around these parts.

But then last night happened.  And now I at least know where to start.

A couple weeks ago we got together with some friends of Danny’s from high school.  Just a casual meet up at a casual restaurant.  I even knew one of the girls because – small world – we had a few classes together in college.

It went well and the powers that be decided that we should get together again – for a game night I believe? – but somehow it turned into a sit down restaurant, which would be followed by hanging out a coffee shop in a nearby mountain town.

Danny and I skipped out on dinner but went to the sit down restaurant’s parking lot to carpool to the coffee shop.  The friends were nowhere to be found…turns out Danny and I’s lack of Facebook-capable-phones meant we missed out on the latest memo: meet at Leah’s house -it was apparently too cold to leave town.

(And in case you haven’t guessed, Leah isn’t a real name.  I mean, it is, but it’s not the name of anyone involved in this story.  I care about privacy which is why I made up the name Leah.)

I wasn’t thrilled with this development, as Leah wasn’t a part of the first meet up (the casual one at the casual restaurant) and I felt weird going to the home of someone I had never met.  And as we drove I realized that unless Leah was incredibly wealthy for 23-year-old, we were going to her parents’ house.  Even more weird.

Anyways, we drove a short distance to get to Leah’s parents’ house.  The first thing I noticed was that we should have driven our sports car.  Our Camry just didn’t quite fit in with everything else that was parked on the street.

We knocked on the door that was at least twice my height and two girls from the first meet up answered the door.  The look in their eyes gave me a hint of what was to come.

We turned the corner out of the entryway into a haze.  It seemed we had unknowingly walked into some sort of hookah bar disguised as a home.  In my mind I pictured myself turning around, realizing we were at the wrong house, walking out, and having a good laugh.  But no.

For the next hour, we pretended like nothing weird was going on even though inside I was screaming, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!  THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR.”

At one point Leah’s mother walked in the front door.  I saw what was coming next: “WHAT IS GOING ON?  WHAT IS THAT (the whole hookah set up and everything else that was going on)?  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?”

Unfortunately that did not happen.  She just asked us to move so she could make herself dinner.  We (haze included) moved downstairs.

I honestly don’t know what else to say except that it was really awkward.  And, for my mother and grandmother and co-workers who may be reading, no I did not take part in the activities that were going on.  Danny and I, along with the two girls who were at the first meet up, stuck out like sore thumbs.  For more reasons than one.

In summary, it was really something.

Speaking of weird things we’ve done lately, let’s talk about vegan prom.

Apparently it’s an annual event that a vegan market in Denver puts on at the Mercury Cafe.  I found out about it a couple of days before it was held, and thought it sounded fun.  So, Danny and I made arrangements to attend and started getting excited.  I mean, it’s not very often that we get to go dancing together and eat tons of free vegan food!  Or at least that’s what the pictures told me would happen…

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was lacking gauges in my ears and/or an unusual hair color (pink, purple, blue, you name it) and/or an alternative lifestyle…and thus didn’t quite fit in with the average vegan prom attendee.

(Although now that I think about it, being vegan is sort of an alternative lifestyle, but whatever.  For the purposes of this event it was not alternative.)

The food was waaaaay lamer than the pictures had led us to believe, and we didn’t really fit in (we are just so clean-cut and mainstream, at least on the outside), and the music was a live band that played mostly 80’s music I didn’t know/care existed, but we ended up having fun anyways.


I mean, I had a hot date with SWEET dance moves and even wore heels the whole night…does it get any better?


I’d venture to say no.

I’ll be back soon with What I Learned in March, which I can assure you doesn’t involve anything weird.

Unless you count looking forward to the Royal Tour with the same excitement as counting down to your wedding day.  In that case…it may be weird.


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