how did you get here?

After figuring out a couple of weeks ago that at least one person has ended up on this blog because they were searching for an answer to a specific question or they wanted to learn something about a certain topic, I took a closer look.  Turns out this is a widespread issue.  Take a look at some of the search terms people have used to (unintentionally, I think) get to this blog…

The People That Probably Felt Really Deceived Once They Started Reading:

  • “I want to break my foot”
  • “Something cool”
  • “Pretty wife”
  • “Reception ladies”
  • “We had a praise night”

The People That Definitely Didn’t Find What They Were Looking for:

  • “Pinterest fall adult birthday party”
  • “Do panda bears play in freezing cold water?” …I wish I knew the answer to this.
  • “Groupon Glenwood Springs”
  • “Colorado cemetery waterfall”
  • “Brownies with Rolos in the middle”
  • “Wedding cakes at King Soopers”
  • “Vegan pumice stone”

And The People I Will Never Be Able to Help:

  • “A friend said no to being a bridesmaid”
  • “Where can I watch the long weekend beginning”
  • “Can skunk marijuana smell up the entire neighborhood?” …my personal favorite. Now I have to Google skunk marijuana, because what?!
  • “Used bucking chutes” …I’m sorry, what are these again?

So there you go.  If you are one of the people that ended up here and didn’t find what you were looking for, I hope you at least find solace in knowing that you’re not the only one.  You are clearly in good company.  And I am going to take this opportunity to highly recommend Wikipedia to you as well.

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