scroll bars and the past couple of weeks

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to the past couple of weeks.

It involved a combination of traveling, hosting, babysitting, and working.  For 25 days in a row I have been doing one or more of those things and so yesterday I put my foot down and declared it a weekend.  A one-day weekend, but a weekend nonetheless, and a weekend in which I would not leave the house unless I really had to.  I promised myself that I would stay in bed as much as possible too.

I slept in a little bit, finished a book and started another one, made a luxurious breakfast of cranberry scones, read in bed, worked out, read some more, ate leftovers for lunch, read a magazine, talked to a friend on the phone, finished my book, went to the store for a few ingredients for dinner, watched a movie, started a new book, and went to bed.  Throughout the day I kept thinking, “This is the best day ever.  This is really the best ever.”

And if you’re still awake after reading about my riveting day yesterday, I’ll go ahead and recap some of the highlights of the past couple weeks as well…

It kicked off with a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico with my co-worker Sofi, which I have thoroughly covered here.  Along the way I contracted some sort of Mexican illness that is a lot like a cold and was very much unwelcome, but made itself at home nonetheless.  My travels to Mexico were followed by a trip to Greeley, which, as always, was fantastic.

A few days later, I took on a babysitting gig for three days which went surprisingly well considering the children outnumbered us babysitters by a good margin.  Our sweet friend Jean, a doctoral student at UNC from Taiwan, also came to visit from a few days last week, and I got to play tour guide as we checked out the Olympic Training Center, the Air Force Academy, and Manitou Springs.

It’s worth mentioning that Jean is also any hostess’ dream guest: she brought all the ingredients for dinner and then made it with very little help from me, she packed her own bath towel, and she made the bed so perfectly before leaving that I don’t even know which bed she used!  (Jean, if you’re reading this, was it the one with the light blue comforter or the dark blue comforter?)

Somewhere along the way, Danny’s computer, which I had been using since mine bit the dust last summer, decided to operate sans screen.  Which is a nice way of saying that within the span of a couple of hours, the screen went from normal to very dark to completely dark.  Sometime during the whole ‘very dark’ stage we thought that closing all the blinds and going into a dark closet would help to see the screen, but it didn’t.

You would think that I would have learned my lesson about backing up my pictures (since that’s all I really care about on the computer anyways) after dealing with a similar situation last summer, but alas, I did not.  I am now using a Mac, which is a SERIOUS learning curve for this born and raised PC girl.  Earlier today I opened iTunes and couldn’t figure out how to get out of it.  I was literally trapped and stuck listening to the same ten songs over and over.  I also can’t seem to get the hang of opening web pages in a new tab.  And please somebody tell me, where are the scroll-bars?  (Or whatever they’re called.  You know those things on the side of the page that let you go up and down.)  Sometimes they’re there, but most of the time they’re not, which is really confusing for me.  Why sometimes and not others?

At first I felt really cool using a Mac, almost like I reached some kind of big milestone in my life (first word, first step, first time to use a Mac) but now that a few days have passed, I just feel like a fool.

It has really been damaging for my self-esteem to realize that I may need to sign up for some kind of Mac class or else I may be in danger of throwing the computer at a wall, which would be really upsetting to Danny, since as he likes to remind me, this computer is his.  (I also cannot grasp why the ‘delete’ key does what a ‘backspace’ button should do.  And also, COPYING AND PASTING.  Help.  I am wandering in the wilderness here, friends.)

Hello, my name is Shannon, I am 22 years old, and I cannot figure out how to use a computer.  It has recently come to my attention that I am the most computer illiterate 20-something known to mankind.

This is also why I couldn’t insert any pictures into this post.  No right click, no left click, just a click.  No “My Pictures” folder.  Nothing makes sense anymore.

Now, if you’ll excuse me please, I need to figure out how to scroll up in this post so I can proof read it.

Oh wait.  There’s no scroll-bar.

Instead of proof-reading, maybe I’ll tell you some things that are coming up that I am very excited about.  Danny and I were shocked by a tax return that was somewhere around 4,000 times what we were expecting to receive, and so right now we are dreaming.  Dreaming big.  We have our eyes set on a few adventures we’d like to take this year, and ooooh I want to tell you all about them, but for now I think I’ll wait until tickets are bought/reservations are made/time is requested off at work so I don’t get too ahead of myself.  But because you’re probably dying right now, I’ll drop just a few hints: Kate Middleton may be involved.  I may need to buy a swimsuit.  My passport may have its most exciting year yet.  And VEGAN PROM.


2 thoughts on “scroll bars and the past couple of weeks

  1. YAY welcome to the mac family. Ok, here are some tips. Copy and pasting is very simple. Command x -cuts, command -copies and command v -pastes. As for the scroll bars, you really don’t need to look for them because since you mouse pad is so sensitive moving you pointer finger and middle finger up and down the pad with scroll the pages.
    Don’t throw the computer at the wall, Sarah and I are mac experts we can show you all you need to know to become a successful mac user!!

    Trip in the future….could it possibly be London?!?!? (however, swimsuits aren’t often worn there considering it’s too cold)…hmmm, maybe somewhere where Kate went during her two month honeymoon!?!?
    Can’t wait till the secret is revealed!


    • Well, you are the sweetest! Thank you! Sounds like I need to come see y’all soon so I can get briefed on everything :)

      And goodness you are a good guesser…there are multiple locations so you’re (hopefully) right on one of them!!

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