an ode to the selfie

First of all, I need to apologize to the person who ended up on this blog by typing “how many people go to the cathedral of chihuahua” into Google.  I am not an authority on anything, especially not statistics on a cathedral in another country.  The only thing you’ll find around these parts is pictures of my mildly exciting life and anecdotes about family, travelling, and working at a library.

However, speaking of cathedrals, I have one more thing to say about them.  Remember when we passed the Chapel of the San Dunes on our way through Mexico?  Well, after reading my post, Sofi let me know that it is in fact the Chapel of St. Jude.  That certainly explains why my Google search for “Chapel of the Sand Dunes” was so unsuccessful.  Also, I wrote down the correct name at work (or so I thought) so I could get it right once and for all and wrote down “Cathedral of San Pedro.”  I told you I am not an authority on anything.

Another random tidbit…I finally understand why I feel like driving around Colorado Springs is my worst nightmare: it ranks highest in the nation for traffic increase in the past year.  Traffic has increased by 58% in the past year and the roads are simply not ready for that kind of influx, the article says.  Obviously.  I live in one of the least-traffic-prone parts of town and yet I could have told you that the roads are not up to par.

In other news, we went to Greeley this week.  If you’re new around here (i.e. you found this blog by looking for something factual, like statistics on a cathedral or something and ended up here), you may not know that going to Greeley is my favorite thing to do.  Like, if I was listing my hobbies, going to Greeley would be at the top.

On Sunday we got a taste of spring, which is nice since Spring Break is next week.  (Although since we are not students anymore we don’t get any time off for said occasion, but I still observe it in my heart and mourn the fact that I did not take my mom’s advice and become a teacher.)  We took advantage of the nice weather and played some mini golf.  At one point we decided to celebrate 2014: The Year of the Selfie by each taking a selfie, which turned out to be a good encapsulation of our personalities as well.  Unfortunately my parents made many statements such as “DO NOT PUT THIS ON FACEBOOK” and “I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THAT” and so I will not be including their pictures.  (I’m guessing you can make assumptions about their personalities anyways, based on that.)



DSC08373I also took a posed photo of Mysteridge and Danny, which ended up looking not all that different from their selfies…

DSC08377And, so that my mom has something nice she can put in the photo album and not feel weird about (selfies can do that to you), we held our clubs in the air and managed to take one picture (out of six attempts) with all of our eyes open.

DSC08367The rest of the weekend we spent with my family, all the while eating delicious food, which included, but was not limited to, four different desserts in three days.  It is possible that one reason I like to go to Greeley is I like being spoiled.

We also watched Mysteridge play soccer which may not seem strange if you know Mysteridge is a beast in the realm of athletics, however, he has not played soccer since he was shorter than me.  Which was probably around 15 years ago.  He did not disappoint, although the pictures I took at the game are confusing since Danny appears to be looking at an empty field.  I think it may have been halftime at that point.


DSC08385On Monday and Tuesday I got to see some of Greeley’s Greatest Gems: Jan, Amanda, Kaci, Sarah, Ginger, and Shawna.  (I saw my dentist too but since I was there for over an hour, that is what I would call Greeley’s Greatest Grief.)  For some reason, time was not on my side though, and I only got to see each person for around an hour.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful that I got to see each and every one of my fine lady friends, especially since I had not seen some of them for about six months, but only having an hour together was sort of a travesty.  

Last month I saw some of the same people and came away thinking and feeling “life.”  This time I came away thinking “brave.”  These friends are so precious to me and I always glean so much from them.  These days they are living bravely and walking courageously and I left inspired.  Thanks, friends, for allowing me to look into your lives and learn and appreciate who you are and what you do.

Another highlight was Monday night.  Mysteridge came over with his girlfriend Becca and we filled the evening with peanut butter parfaits and Scattergories and plenty of laughs.  To commemorate the good times, we lined up from tallest to shortest for a picture.

DSC08387Yesterday we left Greeley in the midst of cold but clear weather and came home to all manner of wind and snow and unfavorable conditions for driving and/or carrying bookshelves and laundry detergent and leftovers and all of the loot we acquired up three flights of stairs.  And I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t wishing that we stayed in Greeley an extra day or two.


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