what i learned in february

I unintentionally took a hiatus from these “What I Learned” posts.  Turns out I’ve kind of missed them, and am ready for more.  Here’s what I can remember learning in February (and the first couple days of March)…

1. I’m not very good at saying no.  I made at least three big decisions in February that deep down, I wanted to say no to, but said yes instead.  Now I’m wading through the consequences of not being able to be up front and honest in the first place.

2. I ache and yearn to travel and see new things.  I guess this wasn’t really news to me, but I can’t stop surfing travel websites and picking up travel magazines.  I’ve been meaning to start a bucket list of places I want to go, and most nights before I go to sleep I make a mental list of destinations, starting with the west coast of the U.S. (San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon coast) and making my way all the way across the world (New York City, Iceland, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, just to name a few).  Going to Chihuahua with Sofi was a great way to see a new place and country for under $10 (!!!), not to mention really fun, and up next is Boise!  We finally bought our tickets this week…we’re (finally!) going to see Emily, Chris, Hendon, and Jeb this May!

3. I hope that rescued farm animals come visit me someday when I’m in a nursing home.  Just looking at these photos warms my little vegan heart.

4. Anthropologie is out of my league.  After Christmas they were having all manner of sales that made me feel like Anthropologie could be My Favorite Store Ever.  However, after a visit in mid-February, I realized that even their normal sale prices are a bit more than I’m willing to fork over.

5. I am not a big winter Olympics gal.  I enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies, but beyond that, I didn’t ever turn the Olympics on this year.  Maybe it’s because I’m bad at winter sports (or at least those that I’ve tried) or because there were more interesting things going on in Sochi like #sochiproblems, but they just didn’t capture my attention this year.

6. Keeping patio furniture in your guest room for a couple of weeks isn’t really as inconvenient as you might think.  This whole painting shenanigan is taking a lot longer than expected, so we still have our table, four chairs, and grill taking up all of the available floor space in the guest room, however, seeing how we haven’t had any guests in the past month, it hasn’t really been a big deal.


7. Tofu can be disguised really well.  We found a recipe for Native Foods’ peanut butter parfait that calls for a box of silken tofu, and I promise, you would never know.  I am not a big tofu fan, but these are ah-mazing.  So good, in fact, that I bought at 12 pack of silken tofu at Costco last week.

8. On that note, I also discovered how awesome Costco is.  My mother-in-law has a membership and she’s been kind enough to go with me twice this past month.  I honestly thought I would find one or two things I was interested in, but in reality, I’ve had to make lists and try not to buy everything at once because there is so much good stuff there!  Jumbo jars of coconut oil, veggie burgers, chocolate chips, and so much more.  Costco, you are glorious.

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