chihuahua bound

My schedule has been a tad bit wacky this week because I am gearing up for my big trip this weekend.  Not to mention I was thrown off a bit by an episode with the fire alarm on Tuesday.

We got a notice about the impending fire alarm test a couple of weeks ago, but one thing the note failed to mention was needing to either leave the premises or obtain extreme ear protection or else go at least partially deaf.  I am fairly sure I am now in the latter category.

For 25 minutes straight the industrial strength fire alarms (as opposed to the standard one we also have in our apartment) went off and – no joke – it was the loudest thing I have ever heard.  They went off right before I got in the shower and didn’t stop until I wondered if I would live to see another day (25 minutes).  I got so desperate I Googled our apartment complex’s office phone number so I could call them.  The office manager answered, at which point I held the phone to the alarm and said, “I KNOW THERE’S A TEST OF THE FIRE ALARMS TODAY BUT THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 25 MINUTES.”  (That was in capitals because I was yelling.  So she could hear me.  And also possibly understand that I was upset.  And going deaf and couldn’t hear how loud I was talking.)

As soon as I finished yelling, the fire alarm went off.  If only I had known in the first place that it was voice activated.

I alluded to it earlier this week, but wanted to keep y’all in the dark in case things fell through (i.e. the weather turned sour, my co-worker changed her mind, etc.).

However, seeing how it is Thursday afternoon, and we are less than 48 hours from our departure, I think we’re going.  To Chihuahua, Mexico.  Not just the state of Chihuahua, but the city of Chihuahua, which is in fact the capital of the state of Chihuahua.  It is some 14 hours from Colorado Springs, the 12th largest city in Mexico, and currently boasts a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.   (Thanks to Google Maps, Wikipedia, and for that information.)

chihuahua map^^ See, not too far over the border. ^^

It is also where one of my co-workers used to live, and more importantly, where her husband currently lives while he is waiting for his green card.

My co-worker and her husband have two young children, who go to day care all day while their mother works full-time at the library.  This is expensive.  Also, they miss their dad.  That is the main thing.  And said situation has been going on since September.  All those things considered, we’re going to Chihuahua to bring the children to stay with their dad for four weeks.

We’re leaving at 4:30am, a time I haven’t seen in…well, I can’t remember the last time I saw 4:30am.  That’s possibly because I never have.  At least not on purpose.  So, if for some reason you wake up at 4:30am this upcoming Saturday, I think it’s because you’re supposed to think about and/or pray for us.  And if all goes as planned, we’ll be in New Mexico by 8am.  And Chihuahua by 8pm.  Monday morning, we’ll repeat Saturday, except we’ll be leaving Chihuahua instead of going there.

To help 28 hours in the car go by as quickly as possible, here’s what I’m bringing:

DSC08320^^ I have been saving that issue of Hello for over a week now.  Saturday, come quickly! ^^

Plus two changes of clothes, but I think we have already covered that I will only be wearing sweatshirts and baggy pants on this trip, so I didn’t think I needed to show y’all how unfashionable I will be while in Chihuahua.

Some people have voiced concerns about the trip, like aren’t I sad to be missing the Oscars on Sunday?  Or could I be putting myself in danger due to the drug cartels that have caused the U.S. government to advise against going to Chihuahua (both the city and the state)?  However, one thing I do know is that if I survived The Fire Alarm Fiasco of 2014, I can take on Mexico.


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