we are not taking any chances

On Saturday, as we worked at the front desk together, my boss said, “You have a good life, don’t you.”   I hesitated and said, “Yes…yes I suppose I do.”

She caught me off guard – I had been thinking of how I want to travel more and not work Saturdays.  While I was looking at how I want my life to be different and better and exciting, a sort of “My life will be good when ________” way of thinking, she was looking at my life as an outsider, and thinking, “She has it good!”

It really made me stop and think, will my life really be better when I don’t have to work on Saturdays?  And will I feel like life is ‘good’ if I get to travel as much as I really want to?

I don’t know, but in the meantime, I know my boss is right: my life is good.  Very good, in fact.  Sometimes when you’re in it and living it, it’s easy to get caught up in the “could-be” and “would-be” game and forget to enjoy where you are right now.

It reminds me, in a small way, of when we went to Alaska last summer and I woke up at 4am one morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was so frustrated, and on a whim, opened up the door to our balcony.  I stepped out into the frigid morning air and couldn’t believe it.  For the next hour, I stood on the balcony in my pajama pants and hoodie, camera in hand, breathing deep, drenched in gratefulness.  My discontentment in waking up (way, way) before I wanted to was answered in beauty.


In other news from my good life, the painters have returned.  One painter in particular is standing on the second to the top rung on a ladder that is easily 30 feet off the ground.  He is singing and trying to put some kind of cover over our windows so they don’t become cream-colored and impossible to see through.  I think right now I am more scared than he is.  My heart is pounding and palms sweating as he takes both hands off the ladder and balances on one foot as he tries to spread plastic over the window.  Oh my word.  This cannot end well.

And oh goodness…the wind just came and blew one corner of the plastic off…now he has repositioned the ladder so it is in the inside corner, one ‘leg’ of the ladder touching one wall, the other touching another wall.  I don’t know a lot about 30 foot ladders, but I know this is not a safe situation.

It seems that all has gone well since now I cannot see out either window.  Probably a good thing because I was starting to get nauseous picturing him falling backwards and me pressing my face to the window, trying to grab him, but not being to do anything from this side of the glass.

And for this week’s weekend recap, I only need a few words: work, food, church, and shopping.  My personal favorite part was the food portion, in particular when we went to Ivy’s Chinese Cafe on Saturday night, thanks to $20 my grandparents gave Danny for helping them move.

It was our first time there, and their vegetarian offerings were impressive (at least on paper), but they didn’t have what I was really looking for.  I asked about eggplant, the waitress said she’d see what could be done, and sure enough, I ended up with an excellent plate full of eggplant and various other vegetables, but mostly eggplant.  It was the first time a restaurant has prepared something special just for me, which is going above and beyond in my book, but not only that, the food was delicious and the portions oh so generous.  And Danny went crazy over their sesame tofu.  So crazy, in fact, that Danny asked yesterday if we could factor into our budget weekly visits to Ivy’s for him.  Needless to say, it was a much better experience than when I was mistaken for a male at the last Chinese restaurant we went to.

One more thing: I am going to Chihuahua, Mexico this weekend.  More details on that to come, but if I’m not around much this week, it’s because I’m figuring out what to pack.  Last night as I tried on a shirt I got at H&M yesterday (as a gift for watching Danny try on clothes for three hours on a Sunday afternoon) and told Danny I planned to wear it, along with leggings, for my drive from Greeley to Chihuahua, because not only will it be comfy, but also appropriate for the weather since it is in the 80’s in Chihuahua this week, he said NO WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES NOTHING CUTE ONLY YOUR MOST MODEST CLOTHES WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.

Yeah.  So even though the outfit I suggested consisted of a long-sleeved shirt that would fully cover my arms and my bottom and leggings that would fully cover my legs, it looks like I’ll be wearing sweatpants and baggy hoodies and possibly passing out from heat stroke because WE ARE NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.


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