this week

What is going on around here?  I got so good at posting there for, like, two weeks, and then, bam!  Life happens and I don’t think I have anything cool to write about, and so I don’t.

But really, I write this so I can remember our everyday life, both the big, exciting, crazy things and the little, funny, not-so-important-in-the-long-run things.

Like how I knew our building was about to get painted.


(We live on the third floor.)

As I was taking this picture, I was thinking two things: one, what if he turns my way and sees me taking this picture.  That will be so weird.  And now he knows where I live!  And two, that is a long ways off the ground, and he is acting like it’s no big deal.  I hope I do not scare him and he falls to his death.  Thankfully, neither of those things happened, at least as far as I know.

This happened on Tuesday and then yesterday it snowed and the painting operations came to a halt.  They probably figured their ladders couldn’t get a good grip in the inch of snow we got.  Seeing how the snow is basically all gone by now, I think they may resume today.

Also on Tuesday, I texted Danny and asked how his trip to Goodwill was.  (I had just checked our Wells Fargo account and saw that $9.67 had just been given to Goodwill.)  He said, “Good!  I got 2 pairs of shoes for under $10!)  I replied, “Will they last for more than 2 days?”  Seemed like a valid question.

Turns out the shoes are actually pretty nice, although one is covered in massive stain.  Based on how huge it is, though, it almost seems like part of the shoe.

Speaking of Danny, he cut his hair on Sunday.  After we watched the One Direction movie, he said, “I want to cut my hair like One Direction.”  And not as in, “I want to go get my hair cut like One Direction, but “I am going to cut my own hair.”

So he did.


At first it seemed like it was going to be a disaster, but things really worked out for him.  He cut his own hair and it looks great.  He has gotten way more compliments on it than when I cut his hair.

And now it’s almost the weekend.  We’re excited to have dinner with some new friends from church tonight and maybe even go to Breckenridge on Sunday…which means it looks like it will be a great weekend.  Hope yours is too!


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