one direction + valentine’s day + target = some sort of trifecta

It seems that time has gotten away from me again.

(That happens when you watch a One Direction movie and/or go to Target.)

Well, as all of America knows, Friday was Valentine’s Day.  Danny upped the ante and started the celebrations a day early by picking up flowers and having them waiting for me when I got home from work at lunchtime.  We decided not to exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, so Danny bought flowers, put together our wedding video (kind of a big deal), and buy my favorite chocolate.  Oh and MAKING a card.  Which left me looking like a fool for just getting a card at Natural Grocers the day before.

Once the glory of Valentine’s Day had passed, we carried on with life and on Saturday we did normal things like go to work.  Thankfully Danny’s parents had invited us for spaghetti that evening, so Danny didn’t have to worry about cooking two nights in a row.  We also got to watch the Olympics with them, which made me realize that I am missing out by forgetting to watch the Olympics after the opening ceremony.

Sunday found us going to church, eating burrito bowls for lunch, and then fulfilling a long-awaited dream: we watched the One Direction movie, “This is Us.”  Now, I have watched various concert-type movies, including but not limited to: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.  (Obviously neither of those are recent.)  But this one beat all.  For instance, the cameras went home with the fellas.  So you can see their bedrooms and where they worked their first jobs (spoiler alert: Louis worked at Toys R Us and Harry at a bakery).  In case you were looking for a movie review, I’m giving it to you.  The film is heartwarming and funny and just so good.  I mean, it’s not often that I ask to watch the same movie every day until we have to return it to the library.  (Just so that no one stages an intervention, we aren’t going to do that because I returned the movie yesterday.  I knew how hard it was to wait three months on the holds list for it, so I felt like it was only right to keep it for as short a time as possible.  So I bought it instead.)  (Just kidding.)  (Or am I?)

Predictably, the rest of the afternoon all I wanted to do was convince others to watch it.  So I texted my friend Dog things like, “HARRY IS IN IT” and “MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.”  Obviously, she took my advice, because yesterday she wrote this.  After reading her post, I knew that I was really doing my part to make the world a better place.

Speaking of yesterday, I celebrated the presidents of our nation by going to a library-wide training day.  And by training I mean eating snacks, watching YouTube videos, and wondering why we don’t have trainings more often.  By mid-afternoon, all of us library workers were released and I went straight to Ikea, because, PRESIDENT’S DAY SALE.  Unfortunately, it was like they knew I was coming and posted a sign at the entrance that said SOLD OUT.  As in, the pillows that were on an incredible sale for $4.99 and were the whole reason I wanted to go to Ikea were sold out.  I let out a deep breath and remembered that Ikea is good for other things like frames and house plants too.

The real highlight, though, was that my friend Kara was with me, so I couldn’t possibly stay sad for too long. She is really fun and always laughing, and she also likes One Direction, so that means we have a lot in common.  She is a teacher and thus had yesterday off, so I found it so sweet that she wanted to spend three hours on her day off with me!

I asked Kara if we could go to Anthropologie, and she said yes.  (She is a really good friend.)  While there, I realized that half-store-wide sales are not standard for them (that’s what was going on when I first fell in love), as there was just a little room in the back relegated to sale items.  Not impressed.  Our time there was quick once I decided that I wasn’t up for spending $88 on a shirt or $908 on a headband.

We also did what all the cool kids in Denver are doing these days: check out Trader Joe’s.

(If you are a TJ’s fanatic, please do not hurt me.  The following is just my opinion.)

Trader Joe’s opened their first three Colorado locations last Friday and it has been a BIG DEAL.  I was prepared to be impressed and start petitioning for a TJ’s to come to Colorado Springs, however, neither happened.  It was a standard, if not small, grocery store that charges standard prices for standard foods.  It leans more towards Sprouts than King Soopers and has a cult following that your average King Soopers or Safeway definitely does not (and will never) have.  I don’t know, maybe it was the hordes of people or the fact that to get there I had to drive through Denver (never a plus), but I left wondering what all the hype was about.

After the TJ’s letdown, Kara and I said good-bye and I headed home, but not before stopping at Target for a few essentials.  I was looking for contact solution and a loofah, but ended up with a few other things and the very clear conclusion that I should not be allowed to go to Target unattended.  I may or may not have come home with a door mat, two pillows, two heart-shaped dishes, a Valentine’s banner, a heart-shaped wreath, and five jumbo-sized cans of pumpkin.  And contact solution and a loofah, of course.  I texted Danny about the Valentine’s clearance sale (70% OFF!) that was going on at Target in an attempt to gain approval for the purchases I was hoping to make.  He replied that maybe we did not need all the things I mentioned.  (I think that when I read maybe, I heard yes.  That is the only way to explain all of the Valentine’s paraphernalia we now possess.)  And in my defense, I did leave the lanterns and One Direction valentines in the shelf for another lucky customer.

After all that shopping, it sound like it is high time I go back to work.  Which is just what I am going to do.


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