a surplus of animals

Yesterday while I was at work, someone asked me about the puppy that was abandoned at the library.  I told them the rest of the story, and remembered that I had never given an update here.  So.  For all of you who have been wondering whatever happened to that sweet puppy, I’ll tell you.

I believe I left off at the part where the man called the vet’s office and yelled, “THAT LADY STOLE OUR DOG!”  Right.  And that was not true.

While at the vet, the puppy was found in good health.  It was also discovered that he had a microchip.  Meaning, we could figure out who he belonged to.

He was ‘chipped’ to a  fellow in Oklahoma, who happened to be a breeder.  The puppy’s breeder, in fact.  The breeder told us that he had shipped the puppy to Denver earlier in the week, and the new owner didn’t pick him up, so the puppy got sent back to Oklahoma.  On Friday (the day before the episode at the library) the puppy was shipped to Denver again, and this time he was picked up.  The new owner gave him a new kennel, and the next morning around 6am (thank you, security cameras) the puppy was left at the library.  A couple hours later we library workers came to work and discovered him.  After all that went on and we discovered the microchip, the breeder contacted the new owner, who confirmed that he really didn’t want the puppy.  Obviously.

So, this whole microchip business meant that the puppy couldn’t be given to the first person on the list of potential owners we had created at the library.  He had to go to the person he was ‘chipped’ to.  The lady who took him to the vet refused to ship him back to the breeder, saying he had gone through too much to have to go on another airplane, so the breeder drove to Monument, Colorado, picked up the puppy, and found him a new home with a retired police officer (in Oklahoma).

Oh, and we also found out that the puppy’s name is Asko Von Wyzall.  What a mouthful.

And now onto other (alarming) animal news.

I logged onto Facebook this morning and on the sidebar I read this: “COPENHAGEN ZOO: Danish Zoo kills giraffe deemed ‘surplus’ and feeds him to the lions.”

First off, Danny is 50% Danish.  Thus, upon reading the title, I felt he was somehow responsible for this situation.  He tried to tell me that it’s the circle of life, that giraffes are usually eaten by lions.  Well I feel like the circle of life is somehow not in effect in the zoo.  Animals are supposed to be safe in zoos.  Isn’t that the whole point?

After Danny left for work, I followed the link and found a whole host of articles on the situation.  The first one I read was just too much.  Get this: the giraffe, named Marius, was shot with a pistol, then skinned and butchered in front of the public, and fed to the lions for all to see.

I just keep thinking, “Is this real life?!”

It really is, and I know because of these pictures.

I just keep thinking of the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo here in Colorado Springs.  They may be a bit greedy when it comes to food, but hey, sometimes I can be too.  I mean, just look at their sweet faces (and long nasty tongues)…


In other news, we had a fairly nice weekend.  On Friday night we ate spaghetti and watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. Which, I’m not going to lie, may end up being my favorite part of the Sochi Olympics.  Aside from all of the #sochiproblems, that is.  I’m just not a huge winter sports gal.

Saturday, like all others, found me working from 9am – 6pm and wanting to do nothing but eat dinner and sit on the couch for the rest of the evening.  Which is pretty much what we did.  Danny put together a nice meal of veggie burgers, fries, and frozen vegetables and we watched a movie that I found at the library  called “Animal Odd Couples”.  It was a really sweet movie that featured friendships between a tortoise and a goose, a deer and a dog, and a coyote and a lion, among others.  Admittedly, this is more believable than the giraffe situation, but there are still pictures to prove it.  And these are far less disturbing.

On Sunday we made french toast for breakfast, went to church, and a newcomer’s lunch that followed it.  From there I went to work for the afternoon.  We pieced together some dinner and went to a small group that was actually quite nice.

And then this morning happened and I wondered if I would ever feel okay about Danny’s association with the Danish again.


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