christmas eve and day 2013

I was going to take down our Christmas tree today – and I still might – but it is a real winter wonderland outside, and I can’t help but think that leaving up the tree is a good idea.  Or maybe I’m just procrastinating.

Regardless of whether or not our tree gets to take up residence in our living room for another day or not, I figured it would be a good time to finish up my Christmas posts with our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day happenings.  And I would like to deliver a warning, too: I was dealing with a serious hair crisis around Christmas time, and it is evident in the pictures.  It is getting better each day, but on Christmas, I was still in the thick of it.  So bear with me while I wallow in regret for only going halfway with my bangs experiment.

Christmas Eve was Danny’s last day at T.Rowe Price, and as he had hoped, they let him go early.  We were able to enjoy a walk with my family at Fox Run Park as well as a game of Awkward Family Photos before we went to Danny’s parents’ house for Christmas Eve festivities, where we had dinner and opened presents.  And yes, a mustache pillow was involved in the gift-giving.






Christmas morning began with a Christmas miracle: my dad was spotted reading a One Direction book.  After he realized that One Direction is truly the best band ever, we opened stockings, ate blueberry coffee cake for breakfast, read the Christmas story straight out of the Bible, and opened presents.  And if it looks to you like Danny and I got to open two stockings each, you’re right.  It was so glorious.  I love stockings.  And the perks of being married.











After all of the wrapping paper had been stuffed in the trash and the bows put away for next year, we got ready to go to my aunt and uncle’s house.  They live in south Colorado Springs, and we were also joined by my grandparents.  We ate a hearty lunch and spent the afternoon playing Reverse Charades and opening gifts.



On our way back to our apartment, we stopped by some nice Christmas light displays and wondered how long until we too could buy a house and go all out with our decorations.  Not.  My parents went back home to Greeley, but Mysteridge stayed so that he could watch “Duck Dynasty” with us all night long.  It only seemed fitting, since Danny got seasons 1-3 from my parents, although some of you may have deduced that from the Duck Nasty bandanna he was wearing in a few of the pics.


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