operation christmas child 2013

Every year for quite a few years now, my family has spent a couple of hours in December volunteering at the Operation Christmas Child processing center in Denver.  If you don’t know much about Operation Christmas Child or Samaritan’s Purse, check it out here.  We think it’s a pretty great group.

Our time always starts out with a brief training and is followed by being assigned to a work station.  I’ve been the pre-inspector the last couple of years, which involves looking through the boxes for money, typically in the form of a check, which helps pay for the boxes to be shipped to their destination.  Next, someone inspects the boxes for banned items and adds things like small toys or candy if the box seems a bit empty.  This year my parents both worked as inspectors.  After the boxes are full and looking good, they need to be taped up and secured.  This was Danny’s job this year.  Finally, the boxes are put into larger boxes with a bunch of other boxes, taped shut, and put on a conveyor belt, which leads to a pallet, which leads to a truck, which will take them to a plane, and on to their destination.  Mysteridge was in charge of this step (not the truck or plane part, but all the rest), and this year the boxes we worked on were headed to Mexico.

We love being able to serve with such an awesome ministry in such a tangible way, and being able to do so as a family is an added bonus.  Here’s some photos from our time helping out this year…










Until next year, Operation Christmas Child!


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