the long weekend

I’m not going to lie: I love a three-day weekend.  Especially when I have to work two of the three days, that third day is especially sweet.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’ll start with Friday.  We both worked all day, and then we had dinner with our new friends Andrew and Lisa.  Hi Andrew!  Hi Lisa!

(Andrew, that was your shout out.  You are now officially in a blog!!)

They are really sweet and fun and southern and normal.  (They went to Bob Jones University, and, well, the more we hear about it, the more remarkable it is they are so well-adjusted.)  We are so glad we went to that weird group for 20-somethings one Thursday night back in November, because that was where we met Andrew and Lisa.  And I can tell that we are going to be friends.

On Saturday I worked from 9am – 6pm and when I got home, our friend Brandon was there!  Brandon and Danny made dinner, which was great, except apparently the recipe I gave them is meant for one person, not three, so we ordered pizza afterwards.  Our evening also included watching “Duck Dynasty,” because what better way to show your friends that you love them than to sit them in front of a TV and make them watch your favorite show?

Sunday included going to church, eating pizza for lunch, and Danny and I going our separate ways.  By some stroke of luck, I had to work, which meant I didn’t have to watch the Patriots vs. Broncos game.  Football has been going on since the Stone Age, also known as August, and I have had my fair share of feigning interest and wishing Sunday would never roll around again.  So Danny got to watch the game in peace, free of my protests and complaints, and I got to be with the books (I work at the library, for those who didn’t know), which is really a win-win for everyone.

After work I ate peanut butter toast while waiting for Danny to finish grieving the Patriots’ loss.  We then went to a football watching party, which had been cleverly disguised as a small group at church that morning, and I wondered if anyone would notice if I walked home.

On Monday I woke up ready to accomplish big things such as making lasagna in under two hours and baking chocolate chip cookies for our guests and washing the towels.  Unfortunately neither one got accomplished but after 3.5 hours of effort, our lasagna tasted pretty decent.  As it should for taking up almost a fourth of our day.  While our lasagna was still in the oven, Mysteridge and his girlfriend, Becca, came over.  They were patient with the disaster the lasagna had created not only in our kitchen but also in our hearts and hungry stomachs and Becca even helped me make the cookies I had planned to have ready before their arrival.

In what turned out to the be the best news all day, I found out that Becca loves Kate Middleton.  At first I figured she was just saying it to make me like her, but it didn’t take long to figure out that she is just like me in her Kate-Love.  As in, she woke up in the middle of the night to watch the royal wedding and eat scones.  ME TOO.  She watched the doors of the Lido Wing last summer, waiting for Kate and William to emerge with George.  ME TOO.  She wants to go to London ASAP and encounter Kate.  ME TOO.

After finding out all the aforementioned facts, I got really giddy and excited and possibly freaked Becca out, but I had to ask her one final thing before we moved on and ate cookies: “Don’t tell me you like One Direction too…?”  AND SHE SAID YES.


I told you I love three-day weekends.

After they left we went for a walk on our long-lost nature path and found out that the construction that is going on near our nature path is Serious.  For example, part of the nature path now backs up to backyards.  I know.  It’s the worst.  For the sake of a nice photo (something this blog has been missing lately), we made the best of it and forced smiles for a moment.


The rest of the evening  consisted of eating leftover lasagna and watching “Miss Potter,” which is actually a really good movie except for the part where Miss Potter’s fiance died.

Oh and one more thing: on Friday, someone at my place of work was wearing their pants backwards.  Just when I think working on the weekends is bad, something like that happens and makes me realize that things aren’t so bad after all.


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