multiple interventions may be needed

Today our roof is being redone.  We thought it had been completed late last week while we were both at work, but as my head pounds along with the beat of the hammer, I realize that we were wrong.  Without a shadow of a doubt, today is the day of the new roof.

In an attempt to distract myself from said awfulness, I’ve done various things today.  Like read my friend Dog’s blog.  In her most recent post, she said this, “I once had an Anthropology class…” and I thought, “Oh my goodness she misspelled that!!  She will be so embarrassed when she realizes it!!!”  And then.  And then I looked at it again, and realized that she spelled it the correct way; Anthropologie the store is just doing its own thing and helping people like me misspell things for the rest of their lives.

So I decided to Google “Anthropology” just to make sure, and “” came up as my first option, so instead I just went there.  To see if they had any good sales going on or new products or something along those lines.

Before I knew it, I found myself going through all manner of rationalizations: “I know that New Year’s Eve won’t roll around for another 290ish days, but that New Year’s banner…it is so awesome…and only $39.95…and oh! Those measuring spoons!  Made out of wood! SO cute.  Oh look!  Moccasins!  Mysteridge has moccasins!  Scarves!  Slippers!  That shirt I wanted to buy when we went to the mall with Dog a couple of weeks ago!  It’s still available!”

And then the internet stopped loading the page, which is what you might call a Saving Grace since things were really getting out of control.

In other news, while trying to not think about the roof, I finished “Kate: The Future Queen” by Katie Nicholl today, and I have to say, it is quite good.  If you appreciate all things Kate, this is an excellent read.  On a related note, I have been told that Kate and William are looking for a nanny to accompany them to New Zealand and Australia this spring.  If you get hired for this position, will you please tell me?  I would really like to be your friend.

Speaking of books, are you aware that there is a book called “What Does the Fox Say?”  It’s a picture book, and the illustrations are fabulous.  And yes, it is made by the same people who made that stellar YouTube hit.  I got it from the library and really like it.

Once I finished my books and blog reading, and in a kind attempt to distract me from the roof clatter, Danny came home for lunch.  As we ate our leftover Tokyo Joe’s, he said, out of the blue, “I’m going to walk across Colorado.”  My hearty laugh that followed must have been an indication that clarification was needed.  “It’s with a team from my work,” he continued, “so I only have to walk 95 miles.”

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that 95 miles is a long ways.  Especially when you’re doing it by foot.  He mentioned that playing football and soccer count as well.  Well then.  If you see a group of four people walking and playing football/soccer across Colorado, I know them.

If it wasn’t already clear from the title of this post, multiple interventions may be in our near future.  I need an intervention in my head over heels love affair with Anthropologie, and Danny needs someone to talk him out of this walking-across-Colorado extravaganza.  

One more thing.  Over our cereal this morning, Danny told me that the more milk we drink, the more good karma we’ll have.

I think it’s clear that I am never ever going to live this Good Karma flax milk debacle down and we need someone to put this ridiculousness to an end.

Intervention #3.


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