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Remember yesterday when I said I ate leftover take out for brunch because I didn’t have milk for breakfast?  Well, when I was at Sprouts later in the day, I picked up their coupon packet and saw one for flax milk.  I was intrigued, so I checked it out and saw it was also on sale, which meant that buying the flax milk instead of our standard almond milk would be cheaper.  I was excited to try a new type of milk, and picked up a couple cartons, paying no attention to the package aside from the expiration date.

This morning, as I got out the milk for our cereal, Danny was looking it over and pointed out that the brand of the flax milk is Good Karma.  For the rest of the morning he went on about how it said “good karma” all over our milk carton, perhaps making a reference to the fact that we are not Buddhist or Hindu and do not really believe in karma and so our milk shouldn’t say karma on it.  Or something like that.

(In an attempt to get my facts straight, I just typed, “Who believes in” into Google and the fourth thing it suggested to me was “Who believes in karma.”  Who knew it was such a common thing to Google?!)

Anyways, after the level of harassment I received over the Good Karma flax milk this morning, I want to say this: Danny has not brought any good karma upon himself by doing so.  He will be lucky if the remainder of the milk in the carton is not used to wake him up tomorrow morning.

I also wanted to share a couple of things I’ve been looking at lately.  Including this article.  As I read it, every ten seconds I wanted to say things like, “AMEN!” and “YOU ARE SO RIGHT.”  Not because I don’t like being married, but simply because she’s right.

The day after Christmas, Danny and Dog (our friend from Alaska) and I went to Park Meadows Mall.  That was a mistake.  Until Dog told me that there was an Anthropologie in the mall and so I hyperventilated a bit and mentally prepared myself not to dump all my Christmas money on one pretty plate.  We went inside and three hours later emerged exhausted but happy.  I think Anthropologie is kind of like Whole Foods in that I feel so good inside when I’m there.  Except at the cash register.

Anyways, I bought this pretty little book/journal and oh gosh, I love it.  Everyday I get five lines to write about my day.  Sometimes it says “Worked 9am – 6pm, ate Domino’s for dinner, and watched ‘The President’s Book of Secrets'” and other times it says, “Went to church at Fox Meadow and then sledding.  Shannon had a ‘severe’ crash on her first run which is why I am writing – she hurt her right hand badly :(”  Obviously I did not write the latter post because I would have written SEVERE and not ‘severe’ as though severe was not something to be taken seriously.

I also need to confess something.  Somehow, someway, we unintentionally stole from Anthropologie.  Danny was carrying around an ornament that we wanted to get and then he ended up carrying around our bags and parcels around as well (he is a true champion, I know) .  While standing in line, I was mentally totaling up the cost of my purchases and realized I didn’t know what happened to the ornament and neither did Danny.  Dog was at Nordstrom getting coffee because sometimes Anthropologie is just overwhelming and you have to take a break so obviously she didn’t know about it either.  We figured the ornament had been set down while I was trying on stuff and inadvertently got left in the dressing room.

Until Dog texted me that night and said something along the lines of, “DANNY IS TRYING TO FRAME ME.  THE ORNAMENT IS IN MY BAG.”  That’s right.  Danny (or Dog or someone else) planted the ornament in Dog’s shopping bag and we walked right out of the store with it.  We promise to return it as soon as Dog comes back from Alaska.

All that being said, I have developed a deep love for Anthropologie, especially when they have a sale, and as long as Danny and I haven’t been banned from their stores for theft.

And in case you’re wondering, we really like the Good Karma flax milk.  The flavor is great.  And because every post needs a picture or two, here’s a guy who had some seriously good karma while crossing this crazy Chinese intersection….



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