things worth noting today

After yesterday’s excitement which involved Danny watching the Broncos win (in person from The Fifth Row) and me sitting on the couch reading all day, today has been rather ordinary.

We didn’t have any milk this morning around breakfast time so I planned to wait to eat until after I went to the store and got some but then it took so long for me to get around to going to the store that I ended up just eating leftover Japanese pan noodles from last night’s take out.

By the time I made it to the store, I realized a couple of things.  The first being that whenever I have to take Academy Boulevard for more than 2 seconds I wonder if life is still worth living.

And then, as I was contemplating where to go grocery shopping, I realized that whenever I shop at Whole Foods I feel like a good person.  Shopping there makes me feel happy.  Except, of course, when I get to the register and realize how much I owe them for the four things in my cart.  This made me think that Whole Foods probably creates their stores to make you feel good about yourself and happy about shopping there so that in turn you’ll throw obscene amounts of money at them.

That epiphany made me feel perturbed so I kept driving and went to Sprouts instead.  I typically feel stressed when I go to Sprouts because there always so many people and so many carts and everyone seems to be bad at driving said carts, combined with the fact that Sprouts always seems to be out of organic cucumbers, BUT it is about 57% cheaper than Whole Foods, so sometimes when you need to buy 35 things, you have to make the economical choice and just take deep breaths and think about the candy you have from Christmas waiting for you at home.

I survived the trip and did a really good job at not buying too many bread products which can be difficult at places like Sprouts because I get sucked into the thinking that everything there is healthy so I can buy anything I want and feel good about it, when the truth is that actually nothing there is inherently healthy except for the straight up fruits and vegetables.

I digress.

I made my way to Great Harvest Bread Company afterwards, where Danny was meeting with his brother, James, and his wife, Ali (James’ wife, not Danny’s.  I am Danny’s wife.) because tomorrow they (James and Ali, not Danny) are going to Bangladesh.  I can tell that Great Harvest Bread Company, or GHBC, is going to be dangerous because it is right across the street from Danny’s workplace and they offer samples.  Every five minutes Danny asked if I wanted to get a free sample and I kept saying “Not now, maybe later” because I was trying to talk and enjoy the company, not stuff myself with GHBC bread.  Although if he had been at Sprouts watching me try to avoid the tantalizing bread products, he may have thought otherwise.

We had a nice time with James and Ali at GHBC and before leaving I tried to buy a loaf of sandwich bread but then found out they wash the bread in eggs.  I don’t know.  I just looked at the ingredients list and the last one was “egg wash.”  So I told them we were vegan and wouldn’t be able to buy our bread there due to the egg wash.  The nice lady referred me to the sourdough and rye, saying they are not washed in eggs, but I am not interested in eating peanut butter toast on sourdough or rye.  She also suggested that I place a special order.  I feigned interest, but really, if I have enough time to place a special order of sandwich bread before we are actually out of bread, I should probably be making my own bread.  Then she suddenly remembered that the honey harvest blend doesn’t receive an egg washing, and handed me a loaf and said it was free.  I was really confused by this, since we hadn’t made a scene or been upset by how their bread is washed in eggs and that was in fact the bread I wanted in the first place, but she decided it was from Saturday, and thus “old,” so it should be free.  Well then.  That is what I call great news.

Our free bread in hand, we went across the street to Compassion, where James and Ali and I took a tour of Danny’s half-cubicle.  Then we all said good-bye.  (James and Ali will be in Bangladesh for five months, which is the reason behind the meet-up and the good-byes.)

One more piece of news, which is either good or bad, depending on how you look at it: Danny is borrowing James’ Play Station 2 while they are in Bangladesh.  I’ll let you know if we’re still married by the time they come back in June.

And here is a cute picture of James and Ali on Christmas Eve, so we can remember them while they are far, far away, and also so we can blame them when things go sour with the Play Station…


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