oh christmas tree

This year, we have had the distinct pleasure of decorating three Christmas trees.  I know that may sound sarcastic, but it really isn’t.  We love the Christmas season around here, and getting to decorate not one tree but three has been super fun for us.  Last Monday (yes, it was before Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving was late this year!), we started out with our own tree…



DSC08108^^ Still on the hunt for a tree skirt and topper, but we’re off to a good start! Oh, and this was pre-ornaments and garland. We’re not done with all that good stuff yet. ^^

And then two days later, we got to help my parents put up and decorate their tree…




DSC08086This past Sunday, we went over to Keith & Susie’s (Danny’s parents) to decorate their tree/house…


Danny had the pleasure of hanging the mistletoe, and then luring me under it later on…





Merry Christmas!


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