Today is a very good day at our house.  It is Christmas time and our tree is more beautiful than ever before (Danny spent a good portion of his two sick days this week making popcorn and cranberry garlands).  Our stockings came in the mail today and we couldn’t be happier with them.  We’re getting ready to spend the weekend in Denver with my parents and Mysteridge.  Even more significantly, though, today Danny got a new job.  Which means I finally got to update our Christmas cards with “After Christmas Danny will start a new job…” and press ‘Order.’  So, in light of all that goodness, combined with the fact that I haven’t written a ‘lately’ post in quite some time, here’s a lil’ life update from us Everetts…

  • Danny will be starting a job at Compassion International in a couple weeks!  He has wanted to work for Compassion for as long as I can remember, so saying that this job is something we’ve prayed for and longed for and hoped for is an understatement.  Sooooo thankful for this huge, massive, exciting blessing.
  • In slightly related news, I still love my job at the Monument Library.  The staff is amazing and kind and I have been so loved by them since day one.  For example, today, when I got The Email from Danny (“I GOT THE JOB!!!!”), I went straight into my boss’ office and told her everything.  Months upon months of yearning for something else, for something new had come to an end and as tears welled up in my eyes, she rejoiced with me.  She celebrated Danny and his new job and for what it means for the two of us.  It was a sweet moment we shared together and I am so grateful I was led to this job.
  • We no longer have snowflakes on just our sliding glass door.  They now hang on our wall as well.  Because apparently I am married to one of the craftiest guys on the planet.  I already mentioned the cranberry and popcorn strands, and there was also the cinnamon ornaments we (and by we I mostly mean Danny) made and now there’s the snowflakes which are honestly incredible.  Like probably more intricate and impressible than real live snowflakes.

DSC08132^^ Action shot.  Also featuring the crazy snowy football game from last Sunday. ^^

  • Danny and I have been reading picture books together most evenings.  I love the illustrations, the simple stories that always have happy endings, and how it’s an easy way to spend time together.  Lately we’ve been reading books with a Christmas theme (try not to be surprised) but I’ve also been a panda kick recently, so if you need any recommendations in either one of those areas, I’m your girl.
  • Speaking of books, I have developed a serious problem.  Called “Since-I-Work-At-The-Library-And-Come-Across-Awesome-Looking-Books-Every-Five-Minutes-I-Take-Them-All-Home.”  This issue has resulted in us having 50+ books (from the library) in our possession right now.  Which in and of itself is not a bad thing, except that I read an average of 3 books in two weeks and books only check out for three weeks and you still have to follow all the rules and pay all the fines when you are a library employee…so I am going to run into some trouble before too long.  I either need to pick up the pace of my reading, or quit my job, read all the books, and then start working again once I’ve caught up.  Considering how much I love my job, it seems that the former option will probably be my only choice.  Either that or just give up altogether.
  • Do any of you remember how (weirdly) stoked I was for the opening of Bass Pro Shops?  The one that’s located across the street from our apartment?  I’m trying not to remember it because here is the truth: I was sorely disappointed.  I couldn’t believe I had let myself be so excited especially since as we drove up, even Danny said, “It’s like a beacon of hope.”  I know he was mostly referring to the impressive lights and strobes they had going on that night, but still.  He said it and I realized that was kind of what I had been thinking deep down.  It was only about 3% as awesome as I was hoping.

DSC08042^^ Danny’s highlight of our visit to Bass Pro Shops on its opening night ^^


^^ My favorite part was the Christmas tree. I guess I’m becoming too vegan for my own good. ^^

  • After a week of frigid temperatures and snow and ice and treacherous roads, the sun is out in full force.  Now if it could just stay out until Christmas Eve and hideaway until the 26th…I am certainly a sucker for a white Christmas.
  • Today I learned two things about the library while attending my first all-staff meeting, which was composed of around 400 library employees: one, library work is a female dominated field, and two, it is not a field of work that the young flock to.  I am undoubtedly the youngest person on staff in my whole library district, but no matter.  If you haven’t already gathered as much from how much I talk about it, I love my job.

Hopefully you haven’t been so bored by reading this post that you’re now considering a trip to Bass Pro Shops.  I’m telling you friends, now matter how much I may ramble on about my job or books or Christmas, it is better than Bass Pro.  Merry Christmas!


days of thanks: 26 – 30

26. I’m thankful for traditions, like making gingerbread houses at Christmas time and going to the pumpkin patch in the fall.  I so treasure my family’s traditions that have been a part of my life for so long, and am now enjoying creating new ones with Danny, while incorporating and joining in on some old beloved ones.  Having something to look forward to, while years of tradition to look back on, is so fun.  And of course right now I’m getting excited for Christmas ones as it seems there are just so many!

27. I love taking pictures and being in pictures (sometimes) and hanging up pictures.  There’s something about photography that I love, and I’m so thankful for the photos I have of things as big as our wedding and as small as making snowflakes out of coffee filters…


28. Christmas.  I’m thankful for the day itself and what it means (JESUS!), but also for the season and the joy and wonder it brings.  You know I love Christmas trees based on yesterday’s post, but I also love the lights and music and snow and panda ornaments

29. After stepping into my new position at work a month ago, I found out that one of the ‘perks’ of the job is that I can’t take unpaid time off.  Ever.  This is rather frustrating to me, because I’d rather not get paid and be able to take off the occasional Saturday than have a very limited amount of time I can take off and get paid while doing it.  All my whining aside, it is nice to get paid when I’m not at work, like on holidays or this upcoming Saturday afternoon when we’ll join my family to volunteer at the Operation Christmas Child processing center and I’ll get paid for not working.  It’s a luxury many people don’t have, and it truly is a gift…so I’m thankful for benefits like paid time off.

30. Yesterday, December 3rd, Danny and I marked 11 months of marriage.  I’m thankful to have him as my partner and BFF and for the gift that marriage has been to us both.  And times like these…

DSC07722^^ This is from September, but I think any picture of Santa is appropriate at this time of year. ^^

oh christmas tree

This year, we have had the distinct pleasure of decorating three Christmas trees.  I know that may sound sarcastic, but it really isn’t.  We love the Christmas season around here, and getting to decorate not one tree but three has been super fun for us.  Last Monday (yes, it was before Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving was late this year!), we started out with our own tree…



DSC08108^^ Still on the hunt for a tree skirt and topper, but we’re off to a good start! Oh, and this was pre-ornaments and garland. We’re not done with all that good stuff yet. ^^

And then two days later, we got to help my parents put up and decorate their tree…




DSC08086This past Sunday, we went over to Keith & Susie’s (Danny’s parents) to decorate their tree/house…


Danny had the pleasure of hanging the mistletoe, and then luring me under it later on…





Merry Christmas!