days of thanks: 20 – 25

20. J.Crew has opened a location across the street from Danny’s office.  Need I say more?  Except maybe that I still have that J.Crew gift card Danny gave me from my birthday six months ago…and right now I am really loving this sweater.

21. I love snow and its beauty.  It has snowed five days in a row here, and I am so thankful for it.  I especially love snow that doesn’t stick to the roads, but covers everything in a beautiful coat of white.  Last Thursday it took an hour and a half (instead of 15 minutes) for Danny to get to work, so I’m also grateful for safety in the snow.

22. Now don’t laugh at me, but I’m thankful for easy dinner recipes.  You know, the kind with simple, fresh ingredients that don’t take long to make but are somehow still really delicious.  Yeah.  Finding those always invokes thankfulness in me.

23. Danny’s parents moved back to Colorado Springs last Wednesday, and already we’ve had fun celebrating his mom’s birthday together and watching the Patriots and the Broncos last night.  Although San Diego was a fabulous place to have family, I’m thankful to have them so close!


24. I’ve talked a lot about our apartment around here, but that’s because I love it…its location, its spaciousness, its amenities, its price, etc.  However, one thing that is at the very top of my list of why I love our apartment is the view.  We can see the mountains from every window in our home, and oh, what a gift it is!  Whenever we drive by other apartment complexes in the Springs, I always analyze what kind of view I think they have, and after living here for almost a year, I can say that I think our view is tops.  So I’m pretty thankful for that.

25. Today we bought our very first Christmas tree!  I’m so excited to decorate the tree and bask in the glow of its light and beauty for the next month.  We love love love Christmas around here!  Grateful for the lady who sold it to us for a real steal and that I only had to drive two minutes to pick it up!


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