days of thanks: days 1-6

Recently, a blogger I really like and respect did a 21-day series on thankfulness.  And I’ve seen a couple ‘friends’ on Facebook listing something they’re thankful for each day in November.  So I’ve started thinking that I’d like to do something similar.  However, I know I won’t post everyday so I’m just going to post every couple of days or however it ends of up working out.  I know this blog is public and is read by a variety of people, but the real purpose of these posts is myself.  Life has been really hard lately and I feel this is a good way to focus on the good (and believe me, there is SO much of it) in my life.  So here it goes: the first six days of thankfulness…

1.  There are some blogs out there that I really enjoy reading and I get excited every time they’re updated.  And then there are blogs that I just can’t get enough of.  For example, my heart skyrockets when I see new posts on these blogs.  Lately, my dear friend Kristen’s blog has been making me crazy.  She is, hands down, the funniest person I know and I just can’t get enough of her (and her posts, since she no longer lives in the lower 48).  She recently drove from Colorado to Alaska.  That’s right, she (and her brave father) DROVE to Alaska and although a lot of their experiences were scary and bad and unbelievable, her recap of them is hysterical…I have been reading them over and over.  I’m grateful that she’s my friend and that she’s funny and that she’s willing to share herself and her adventures with me (and the entire internet, too, for that matter).

2.  I’m thankful for a brother who is thoughtful and kind and intentional.  He stayed with us this past weekend while he and a herd of pals were in town and even though they were doing all sorts of things together and meeting the parents of a lady he likes, he communicated well with us and made sure to spend quality time with us.  We’re not nearly as cool or fun as his college friends, but I felt good because he planned things out so that in the midst of the weekend’s festivities, we were a priority.  Also, he planned the weekend TWO MONTHS in advance and I would like to say that not many people do that, especially not college students, so major kudos to him.

3.  When I became vegan, I thought I was saying good-bye to dessert.  Or at least tasty desserts.  Those who know me well (or even read this blog) know this has not been the case.  Fortunately.  In fact, my dessert creating and consuming has probably increased (and this is not necessarily a good thing, but it’s the truth) since becoming vegan.  I made a hot fudge pudding cake while Mysteridge (the brother I mentioned previously) was here and aside from wanting to eat the entire thing in one sitting, which should tell you enough about it, it couldn’t be easier to make (and eat, apparently).  It calls for such ordinary ingredients that any non-vegan could (and should) make it.  All that being said, I am thankful for delicious vegan desserts.

4.  The internet at our apartment works again.  So weird that it was completely out of commission for a weeks, and now, all of a sudden, it’s working better than ever, but I am really really really thankful for this.  Now I can find recipes for dinner on my own time and get directions to new destinations.  And also, let’s be real, play Facebook whenever I want.

5.  On Tuesday, I had an interview and an hour later, a job offer.  I know.  If you can’t keep up with all of my work related news and changes lately, it’s okay.  Even I’m having a hard time keeping it all straight.  I am so blessed and honored to get to work in the Pikes Peak Library District, and even more blessed to get to work at the Monument branch.  After volunteering at the library for seven months, I was starting to feel like I’d never get a job at the library, but four weeks ago, I started my first paid position at the library and now that I’ve had four different jobs in four weeks, I can hardly believe it.  I’ve already been promoted and am working at what seems to be one of the top libraries around and WOW, I just feel so very grateful.

6.  Today the Christmas lights are being hung at our apartment complex.  I had totally forgotten how much I loved them until I saw men climbing trees and ladders and roofs this morning and the beauty of last January and February (they leave them up for a LONG time around here!) came rushing back.  The twinkling white lights make the long, dark nights of winter so much more enjoyable and I’m so grateful for the effort our apartment complex puts into making them classy and beautiful.


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