what i learned in october

I can hardly believe it is that time again.  Another month is coming to a close and so is fall.  It seems to me that fall was especially short this year, seeing how we were still swimming (outdoors) at the beginning of October, and now we are wearing winter coats and wool socks and turning up the heat at an alarming rate.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Regardless, as hard and frustrating as it was at points, October was good and full of opportunities to learn…

  • I really don’t like conflict.  I think perhaps I knew this, but it was never really so obvious to me as it has been lately.
  • IKEA is the best.  Although, if we’re honest, I think I already knew this.  So maybe I learned that they have an excellent assortment of miniature trees and succulents for sale.  My mom and I met there this past weekend, and for under $30 I came away with five (house) plants, five pots for said plants, and four frames.  Frames because a friend gave us a One Direction poster last week and the first thing that came to mind was: I need to frame this and display it prominently in our home.  Thankfully Danny was on the same page.
  • Take directions and/or a map when hiking.  And water.  We tried a new trail at Garden of the Gods this past Sunday with such high hopes and with so much faith in what we knew about the trail: 2.5 miles round trip with the expectation it should take about an hour.  Three hours later, with a desire to throw the Toms I had been wearing in a nearby dumpster and a desperate need for water, we found our car.  I had never been so happy.  It is important to note that the EXACT same thing happened to me back in February when my friend Kaci came to visit – same trail, same fiasco – except then I was wearing boots, which were only slightly more appropriate.




  • Something I learned that wasn’t something I wanted to learn: Bass Pro Shops’ opening has been delayed.  Until November 21st.   So obviously I have been sad about that lately.
  • Not having internet at home is okay.  It has been annoying and even tough at times, but overall, it has really been okay.  Previously, we’ve had sketchy internet at home, but never absolutely no internet, which is what we have now.  And it really hasn’t been as ‘tragic’ as I had anticipated.  In fact, at times it has been really great.
  • I don’t really like Halloween.  Not the candy, not the witches, and especially not the costumes.  But I DO like an excuse for a party.  We went to a Halloween party with some friends at a local Mormon church, and while I didn’t wear a costume, I found out that coming straight from work makes for a convenient excuse of a costume.  For example, people kept saying “Are you a librarian?” and while it’s not really true, I could claim it as my costume.


  • Christening gowns look kind of bizarre on male babies.  Like, for example, Prince George.  If you’d like to see what I mean, look here.
  • Sometimes it’s really okay to say “That’s more than I can handle right now.”  We decided to renew our lease because moving would just be way too much for us right now.  So we’re staying where we’re at until (at least) next August.  So, if you haven’t come to visit us yet, you now have ten more months to do so instead of a few hours (we were supposed to be out by tonight).
  • Babysitting/playing with kids can be really great.  Right after our friends Joe and Anya had a baby this past month, I got to watch one of their boys.  I was worried about what we would do for four hours together, but the time really flew by.  I mean, how could it not…we spent over an hour and a half playing Play-doh and 40 minutes making a peanut butter sandwich.


  • Working is really different from volunteering.  I can’t call in and cancel at the last minute if a friend is coming into town or we want to attend a wedding.  The hours are longer and more demanding than my volunteering hours ever were but here’s the good news: I HAVE A JOB.  That I get paid to do.  Which is something I’ve been wanting since I finished college last December.  Also, the information about my job I mentioned lately isn’t true anymore!  A week after I started my job at East Library, I interviewed for and was offered a job at the Monument Library.  I started yesterday and I am so excited.  Closer to home, better hours, smaller library…also a duck pond.  And I am responsible for feeding the residents of said pond throughout the winter.  Which if you know me, is bad news.
  • Things can change so suddenly, both for good and for bad.  I saw multiple times in October, but most significantly this past week.  Danny got in a serious car accident on his way to work on Wednesday and all of a sudden, we have one car.  But the wonderful news is that Danny is 100% okay, as well as the other people involved.

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